Belgium - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is being updated based on the timetable period commencing 10 December 2017. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information. References to IC and a number refer to the IC services which use that number as a prefix, for example, 'IC22' means ICs 2205 to 2221 and 2227 to 2244.

Unless otherwise noted, it may be assumed that high speed trains (TGV, DB ICE, Thalys, Eurostar and domestic IC) make maximum use of high speed lines on their line of route: Bruxelles/Brussel - Lille, Leuven - Ans (- Liège ) and (Liège -) Chênée - Hergenrath (- Aachen).

Obscure services: Lines with regular use

Bruxelles/Brussel — Antwerpen via line 27

[25] (ERA 59C3-C5) BE19/1

This line is effectively four-tracked throughout. However, the two pairs of tracks follow different alignments over some sections, to the extent that they are accorded different line numbers by NMBS/SNCB: the "fast" route is line 25, the "slow" route line 27. By default and in the absence of engineering work, IC services use line 25 and S services use line 27. Noteworthy exceptions are as follows;

  • Line 27 between Schaarbeek / Schaerbeek and Y Machelen may be used by S1 services that do not call at Buda on line 25. These are alternate service SSuX and all services SSuO.
  • IC34 (Binche-Turnhout SSuX) and P trains to/from stations beyond Lier use line 27 between Mechelen-Nekkerspoel and Y Duffel (see line 27B below)
  • Line 27 between Y Drabstraat and Antwerpen is used, under normal circumstances, by all services between Antwerp and Lier and beyond

Engineering work may result in ICs using line 27 or S using line 25.

Related to line 27 are the following;

  • line 27A which runs north from Y Liersesteenweg through Antwerpen Berchem platforms 1 and 4 to Antwerpen Docks. This has no regular service but parts of it may be used due to engineering work, see BE19/55 and BE19/56.
  • line 27B is used SSuX from Y Sint-Katelijne-Waver to Mechelen-Nekkerspoel by southbound IC34 and P trains from Lier to Mechelen as part of crossing from line 27 to line 25 in order to call at the high level platforms at Mechelen. From Mechelen-Nekkerspoel to Y Muizen see BE19/3. From Y Muizen to Y Weerde is used SSuX by S7.

Mortsel-Liersesteenweg (Y Liersesteenweg) — Mortsel (Y Drabstraat)

[15, 25] (ERA 61C1) BE19/2

This route (part of line 27) acts as a connecting spur between the Antwerpen - Lier line (the middle line of the three between Antwerpen-Berchem and the Mortsel area) south of Mortsel, and the Antwerpen - Bruxelles/Brussel main line north of Hove. It is used by S1 services between Mechelen and Antwerpen which call at both Hove and Mortsel (believed to be all of them).

Mechelen-Nekkerspoel- Y Muizen - Muizen

[27B] (ERA 59C4) BE19/3

This route is a connection between line 27 north of Mechelen and line 53 to Leuven. Since the Antwerpen - Leuven ICs were diverted via Brussels Airport - Zaventem it is used only by two trains provided for students returning to Leuven university on Sunday evenings.

D1 SuO P8219 Mol - 19:32 Mechelen-Nekkerspoel - Heverlee
D1 SuO P8220 Hamont - 20:32 Mechelen-Nekkerspoel - Heverlee

D1: From 9.XII 2018 to 23.VI except for 23. & 30.XII, 7. & 14.IV; From 8.IX to 8.XII 2019; Not on public holidays 25.XII 2018, 1.I, 15.VIII.

Aarschot avoiding line: Begijnendijk (Y Noord Aarschot) — Langdorp (Y Oost Aarschot)

[16, 35] (ERA 60A4) BE19/4

A west to east link (part of line 16) avoiding Aarschot station.

SSuX P8214 Antwerpen-Centraal - 17:18 Heist-op-den-Berg - Hasselt
SSuX P8215 Antwerpen-Centraal - 18:18 Heist-op-den-Berg - Hasselt
SSuX P7214 Hasselt - 06:22 Diest - Antwerpen-Centraal
SSuX P7215 Hasselt - 07:22 Diest - Antwerpen-Centraal

Schaarbeek (Y Albertbrug) — Y Machelen-Noord — Mechelen (Y Abeelstraat) via line 25N

[25] (ERA 59C3-C4) BE19/5

This high speed line Between Schaarbeek and Mechelen, opened in June 2012, follows the course of the A1 motorway, to the east of the existing line 25. Only Thalys and Eurostar services use the entire line. The section north of Y Machelen-Noord is used also by trains between Brussels Airport - Zaventem and Mechelen or Antwerpen. The section south of Y Machelen-Zuid is also used by trains between Brussels Airport - Zaventem and Brussels Nord - see some of the services listed in the next entry.

Schaarbeek (Y Machelen-Zuid) — Brussels Airport - Zaventem (Y Brucargo)

[25, 36, 36C] (ERA 62B2) BE19/6

This is the south curve of the Machelen triangle of the high speed line between Schaarbeek and Mechelen. It is used by:

  • IC services between Bruxelles Nord/Brussel Noord and Leuven (and beyond) via Brussels Airport - Zaventem.
  • IC services between Brussels Airport - Zaventem and Mons, which take 10 minutes between Brussels Airport - Zaventem and Bruxelles Nord/Brussel Noord.
  • IC40 services from Brussels Airport - Zaventem to Charleroi-Sud (SSuX, in that direction only).
  • IC25 services from Brussels Airport - Zaventem to Dinant (SSuX, in that direction only).
  • IC40 services between Leuven and Braine-l'Alleud / Eigenbrakel (SSuO: in both directions)

It is not used by IC services to/from Amsterdam, taking 13 minutes for the journey, as these run non-stop via Zaventem.

Brussels Airport - Zaventem (Y Machelen-Zuid) — Haren (Y Keelbeek Nord)

[26, 124, 161] (ERA 62B2) BE19/7

This east <=> south curve links the high speed line between Brussels Airport - Zaventem and Schaarbeek with line 26 (the through Mechelen - Halle line avoiding central Bruxelles/Brussel on the east side). It is used by:

  • IC40 services from Brussels Airport - Zaventem to Charleroi-Sud (SSuX, in that direction only).
  • IC25 services from Brussels Airport - Zaventem to Dinant (SSuX, in that direction only).
  • IC40 services between Leuven and Braine-L Alleud (SSuO: in both directions)

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map

Brussel Luchthavn.jpg

Haren (Y Harenheide) — Diegem (Y Diegem West)

[26, 36, 161] (ERA 62B2) BE19/8

This connection (line 36C) links line 26 (the through Halle - Mechelen line avoiding central Bruxelles/Brussel on the east side) with line 36, the main Bruxelles/Brussel - Leuven - Liège-Guillemins line. Note that it forms a grade separated junction at Y Diegem West.

It is used by:

  • IC40 services from Charleroi-Sud to Brussels Airport - Zaventem (SSuX, in that direction only).
  • IC25 services from Dinant to Brussels Airport - Zaventem (SSuX, in that direction only).
  • S9 between Leuven and Braine-l'Alleud (hourly SSuX since the December 2016 timetable change, previously peak-hour only)

Delta (Y Etterbeek) — Boondaal (Y Boondaal)

[26] (ERA 62B1) BE19/9

This line, part of line 26 (the through Halle - Mechelen line avoiding central Bruxelles/Brussel on the east side), forms the third side of a triangle, avoiding Etterbeek station. It is used by an hourly service of S7 trains, SSuX, shown in table 26 as not calling at Etterbeek.

St. Job (Y Linkebeek-Halle) — Linkebeek

[26, 124] (ERA 62A1) BE19/10

This flying connection (line 26/5) enables trains from the east side stations in Bruxelles/Brussel to proceed direct, via Etterbeek, to the Charleroi line. On SSuX it is used by hourly IC40 trains between Brussels Airport - Zaventem and Charleroi Sud via Bruxelles/Brussel-Luxembourg and by hourly S9 service between Leuven/Louvain and Braine l'Alleud. On SSuO it is used used by the hourly IC40 services that only run between Leuven/Louvain and Braine l'Alleud.

Leuven avoiding line: Herent (Y Wilsele) — Wezemaal (Y Holsbeek)

[34, 35] (ERA 60A3) BE19/11

This west <=> north curve (line 35/2) links the Bruxelles/Brussel - Leuven "slow" line (line 36) and the Aarschot line, enabling direct trains to avoid reversal at Leuven. It is used SSuX by all trains running non-stop between Bruxelles/Brussel-Nord and Aarschot - the hourly IC22 and a few P trains. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Leuven North 2.jpg

Herent — Leuven via "fast" line viaduct

[36] (ERA 60A3, not shown) BE19/12

Between Herent and Leuven, the "fast" line (part of line 36N) follows a route on a viaduct to the west of the "slow" line (the original line 36). Line 36 makes a burrowing junction with line 36N at each end of this section. "Fast" line 36N is typically traversed by trains using Leuven platforms 1-4, including Thalys, DB ICE and IC services. "Slow" line 36 is typically used by trains to or from Leuven platforms A-C and 5 upwards, including S and L services. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Leuven North 1.jpg

Schaarbeek — Diegem (Y.Diegem-West) via line 36N

[36] (ERA 62A2) BE19/13

This "fast" line viaduct rises up on the west side of the main lines at Schaarbeek, but to the east of Schaarbeek-Vorming/Formation (yard), and flies over the eastbound “slow” line (the original line 36) and the Antwerpen line (line 25) to form the centre tracks of the four track main line to Leuven.

It is typically used by trains using Leuven platforms 1-4, including IC K (Gent - Genk) services but not normally IC A (Oostende - Eupen) services. In the peak a number of P-Trains also use the line, those using the low numbered platforms at Bruxelles-Nord/Brussel-Noord. Confirmation of any specific service routed this way would be welcomed by the compilers.

Leuven — Heverlee (Y Tivoli) via diveunder line

[139] (ERA 60A3, not shown) BE19/14

There are two routes between Leuven and the line towards Ottignies. The diveunder line (line 139/1) is generally much rarer than the direct route into platforms D or 1 (line 139). At the time of writing, the hourly S20 services between Leuven and Ottignies all use line 139 and platform D. However they have used line 139/1 and higher numbered platforms at times - probably due to the continuing engineering work at Leuven station. Through trains from the Brussels direction to the Ottignies line are more likely to use line 139/1. The Sunday P trains to Heverlee are booked from high numbered platforms and are likely to use line 137/1. Other trains that are likely to use line 193/1 include Brussels/Namur services when these are diverted via Leuven due to engineering work on the direct route and any trains through Leuven to Wavre for the Walibi theme / amusement park (none of the latter are in the current timetable or have been found in the journey planner).

Bruxelles/Brussel-Schuman (Y Josaphat) — Schaarbeek

[26, 124, 161] (ERA 62A2) BE19/15

Trains running north-west of Bruxelles/Brussel-Schuman normally use the line into Bruxelles-Nord/Brussel-Noord. However, dated peak-hour only route S81 runs to/from Schaarbeek via this route (part of line 161). Note that this line is accessible only from platforms 3 and 4 at Schaarbeek. It is used by the following trains.

D SSuX S81 7658 07:50 Schaerbeek - Louvain-la-Neuve
D SSuX S81 7659 Ottignies - 07:17 Brux.-Schuman - Schaerbeek
D SSuX S81 7665 Ottignies - 07:51 Brux.-Schuman - Schaerbeek
D SSuX S81 7660 Ottignies - 07:17 Brux.-Schuman - Schaerbeek
D SSuX S81 8659 16:36 Schaerbeek - Ottignies
D SSuX S81 8660 17:36 Schaerbeek - Ottignies

D - Not 22.XII.18 to 05.I.19 ; 06.IV.19 - 20.IV.19 ; 29.VI.19 - 01.IX.19

Bruxelles/Brussel-Schuman (Y Josaphat) — Bockstael (Y Zennebrug)

[50, 161] (ERA 62A2) BE19/16

Most trains running north-west of Bruxelles/Brussel-Schuman use the line into Bruxelles-Nord/Brussel-Noord, but this route (line 161/1) provides a direct connection to the Jette line. On SSuX it is used by hourly S4 local trains between Vilvoorde and Aalst via Schuman and Jette.

Tour & Taxis (Y Pannenhuis) - Y Laken/Laeken - Y Zennebrug/Pont-de-la-Senne - Schaerbeek/Schaarbeek

[28, 50] (ERA 62A2) BE19/17

One Thalys is booked this way M-F since the timetable change in December 2018. This is believed to be due to lack of paths on the tunnel through the city centre. To note its next stop after this diversion is Liège-Guillemins

SSuX THA9403 Paris Nord - 07:55 Bruxelles Midi - Köln Hbf

Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid (Y Sint-Katherina-Lombeek) — Gent (Y Welle) ("new" main line between Bruxelles/Brussel and Gent)

[50] (ERA 59B3) BE19/18

This route is used by trains between Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid and Gent-Sint-Pieters not calling at Denderleeuw. This line has been upgraded to 4 tracks between Brussels and Y Sint-Katherina-Lombeek although the centre track heading away from Brussels is not fully in use at the time of writing.

Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid (Y Sint-Katherina-Lombeek) — Liedekerke

[50] (ERA 59B3) BE19/19

This flying junction (line 50A/2) is the connection between the east end of Denderleeuw station and the "new" main line to Bruxelles/Brussel. It is used by trains shown non-stop on table 50 between Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid and either Denderleeuw or Liedekerke.

Denderleeuw — Gent (Y Welle)

[50] (ERA 59B3) BE19/20

This flying junction (line 50A/3) is the connection between the west end of Denderleeuw station and the "new" main line to Gent. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.It is used by the following trains:

Denderleeuw — Gent (Y Welle).jpg

SSuX P7973 Geraardsbergen - 06:53 Denderleeuw - Gent St Pieters
SSuX P7975 Geraardsbergen - 07:51 Denderleeuw - Gent St Pieters
SSuX P8972 16:44 Gent St Pieters - Geraardsbergen
SSuX P8974 17:44 Gent St Pieters - Geraardsbergen

This connection is also used by non-stop services between Bruxelles Midi and Gent St. Pieters when those services use line 50 from Bruxelles to Denderleeuw for any reason and then line 50A for the remainder of the journey.

Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid or Denderleeuw (Y Meulewijk) — Melle (Y Melle, Blok 27)

[50] (ERA 59B4) BE18/21

This flying junction (line 50A/4) is the connection between the "new" main line towards Bruxelles/Brussel and the Zottegem line, at the eastern end of the Gent area. It is used by trains shown non-stop between Bruxelles/Brussel or Denderleeuw and Melle on table 50. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Y Meulewijk to Y Melle.jpg

SSuX P8013 Schaarbeek - 17:30 Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid - Gent-Dampoort - Sint-Niklaas
SSuX P7013 Sint-Niklaas - Gent-Dampoort - 08:02 Melle - Schaarbeek

This flying junction is also used when engineering work blocks line 50 between Denderleeuw or Melle (less frequently) line 50A at the east end of Gent-Sint-Pieters station.

Merelbeke (Y Oost Ledeberg) — Gent-Dampoort (Y Noord Ledeberg, Blok 29)

[50, 59] (ERA 59B4) BE18/22

This curve (part of line 58) allows trains to run direct between the Bruxelles/Brussel and Antwerpen directions, avoiding Gent-Sint-Pieters station. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Y Oost Ledeberg to Y Noord Ledeberg.jpg

SSuX P8013 Schaarbeek - 18:03 Merelbeke - Sint-Niklaas
SSuX P7013 Sint-Niklaas - 07:51 Gentbrugge - Schaarbeek

Gent-Sint-Pieters — Drongen (Y Assels)

[50a] (ERA 59A4) BE18/23

This is the more northerly route (line 50A/6) between the west end of Gent-Sint-Pieters station and the Oostende main line, running to the north of the line 75 tracks. It is used by trains to/from Brugge which use the low numbered platforms at Gent-Sint-Pieters, notably IC services to/from Antwerpen. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Gent Sint Pieters to Y Assels.jpg

Oostkamp (Y Oostkamp) — Brugge

[50a] (ERA 58C5) BE18/24

This is a grade separated junction (line 50A/5) linking the Gent main line to the northern platforms at Brugge, in common with part of the Kortrijk line and allowing multiple simultaneous arrivals and departures to/from the Gent direction. This is likely to be used by services using the low numbered platforms at Brugge particularly the local services to and from Gent. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Oostkamp - Brugge.jpg

Mouscron (Y Bethune) — Ingelmunster (Y Leiebrug)

[66/1] (ERA 58C3) BE18/24a

This curve avoiding Kortrijk station (line 66/1) is used by one train in each direction during the summer holidays from 30.VI.18 to 02.IX.18.

D SSuX ICT6704 Charleroi-Sud - 09:25 Mouscron - Blankenberge
D SSu ICT6704 Charleroi-Sud - 09:20 Mouscron - Blankenberge
D ICT6754 Blankenberge - 19:08 Lichtervelde - Charleroi-Sud

Saint-Ghislain — Ville-Pommeroeul via Ligne 78, Voie 1bis

[78] (ERA 59B1, not shown) BE18/25

This spur from Saint-Ghislain's Quiévrain line platforms (3, 4 and 5) to the Tournai line runs independently on the south side of the main lines. Note that there is another spur from Saint-Ghislain yard to the Tournai line, which runs further south (with a separate level crossing west of the station) and also connects to these platforms. On the basis of the layout plans, it seems likely that trains will use the connection closer to the main line. However, there have been reports of the train using the connection further south when a freight train occupied the connection closer to the main line.

The following train is booked to use the platforms at Saint-Ghislain shown below. The compilers would greatly appreciate receiving confirmation of the route taken by this train. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Saint Ghislain.jpg

SSuX IC943 Namur - 22:55 Saint-Ghislain (platform 3) - Tournai

Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid — Liedekerke (Y Petite Ile/Klein Eiland) via line 50A/1

[50] (ERA 62A1, not shown) BE18/26

This line, to the west of the main line, provides an alternative route at the south end throat of Midi station for trains to and from the "new" main line to Gent (line 50A/line 50C) which use the lower numbered platforms at Midi. It is only available for trains from Brussels towards Gent. In the 2016 timetable, some IC28 services were known to do this on a daily basis except when delayed (e.g. IC2829 and IC2831) and it is likely that all IC28 services towards Gent still go that way.

Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid — Forest-Midi/Vorst-Zuid via line 96N

[96] (ERA 62A1, not shown) BE18/27

This flyover (the saut de mouton du Midi) provides a connection between the low numbered platforms at Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid and the main line towards Halle (line 96). It is used by Eurostar, Thalys and TGV services and also by some services on Table 94 [Tournai and Mouscron] and Table 96 [Mons, Quiévrain and Quevy] - those leaving the low numbered platforms at Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel Zuid - although their routing will be determined by operational circumstances and they may run straight on to Line 96. The next entry (line 96A) provides another alternative.

Bruxelles-Midi/Brussel-Zuid — Forest-Midi/Vorst-Zuid via line 96A

[96] (ERA 62A1, not shown) BE18/28

This line, to the west of the main line, round the back of the yard at Forest/Vorst, provides an alternative route at the south end throat of Midi station for trains to and from Halle which use the lower numbered platforms at Midi. Part of the route is common with Line 50A1. There is a flying junction at the south end. The route is used by some IC37 between Mons to Brussels Airport. IC3707 (07:20 Mons - Brussels Airport) has been seen on this route several times SSuX and often uses platform 3 at Brussels Midi, as do some later trains. In the other direction, IC3735 (14:30 Brussels Airport - Mons) has used this route at least once SSuX even though it is booked from platform 9 at Midi. The route is occasionally used by Eurostar and Thalys although the previous entry (via line 96N) is much more common.

Bracquegnies (Y La Paix) — La Louvière-Centre

[118] (ERA 59C2) BE18/29

This curve (part of line 118) has a very limited service:

D SSuX P7774 Manage - 06:54 La Louvière-Centre - Quévy
D SSuX P8775 Mons - 16:41 Bracquegnies - Manage

Note these trains run School Days only. The curve has been used in the past by IC trains between Brussels and Mons when engineering work has closed line 96 between Braine-le-Comte and Mons.

Familleureux (Y Familleureux) — Manage

[117] (ERA 59C2) BE18/30

The L trains that previously used this side of the Familleureux/Manage/La Louvière triangle have been diverted to La Louvière-Sud from the December 2017 timetable change. What remains is 3 P trains from Manage to Braine-Le-Comte in the morning and 3 P trains back in the evening.

SSuX P7740 06:39 Manage - Familleureux - Braine-Le-Comte
SSuX P7742 07:13 Manage - Familleureux - Braine-Le-Comte
SSuX P7743 07:39 Manage - Familleureux - Braine-Le-Comte
SSuX P8740 Braine-Le-Comte - 16:56 Familleureux - Manage
SSuX P8742 Braine-Le-Comte - 17:36 Familleureux - Manage
SSuX P8743 Braine-Le-Comte - 18:02 Familleureux - Manage

Aubange SNCB (Y Aubange) — Rodange CFL

[165] (ERA 63A3 & 63B5) BE19/31

This connections links the SNCB line from Athus to Dinant via Virton and Bertrix with Rodange. Most services to/from Virton run from/to Athus. The following trains use the direct line to Rodange.

SSuX P7617 Virton - 06:46 Aubange - Rodange
SSuX P7618 Virton - 07:46 Aubange - Rodange
SSuX P8617 16:41 Rodange - Virton
SSuX P8618 17:41 Rodange - Virton
SSuX P8619 18:41 Rodange - Virton

According to the "Les travaux des CFL en 2019", complete closure of this section is planned from 26/08/19 to 14/12/19 due to engineering works.

Obscure services: Lines used on an occasional basis for engineering work diversions

Fleurus — Auvelais

[130, 140] (ERA 60A2-A1) BE19/51

This line, line 147, has been used in the past (usually only in one direction) when line 161 is blocked by engineering works between Ottignies and Gembloux where all intermediate stops between between Ottiginies and Namur are deleted but journey time extended. Although such a diversion was advertised for weekends from September 1st to October 7th 2018, trains in both directions were diverted via Charleroi-Sud (i.e. the route used by the normal passenger services between Ottignies and Charleroi-Sud) and not via this route. Some local media coverage that indicated use of line 147 was wrong.

Jemeppe (Y Jemeppe-Froidmont) — Moustier

[130, 144] (ERA 60A2) BE19/52

This line, line 130/1, has been used in the past when line 161 is blocked by engineering works between Gembloux and Namur. Most recently it was used in connection with engineering work between Namur and Rhisnes on line 161 that ran from September 2016 to December 2017. On some days in the middle of the week, the last trains from Brussels to Namur would be diverted this way. There were also two weekends in this period when Brussels to Arlon/Luxembourg services were diverted this way all weekend and other services replaces by buses. Use of this route results in a 20 minute increase in the normal journey time.

Mechelen (Y Keelbeek Zuid) — Brussels Airport-Zaventem (Y Diegem Oost)/Leuven

[25, 36] (ERA 62B2) BE19/53

This line, line 36/1, has been used in the past when engineering work prevents the Amsterdam - Bruxelles/Brussels IC services from reversing at Bruxelles/Brussel Midi/Zuid. Most recently from 29 April to 1 May 2017 these services were diverted from line 25 via lines 26/1, 36/1 and 36 to enter Brussels Airport-Zaventem from the south. The northbound IC services ran directly from the Airport to Mechelen.

On Sundays 14, 21, 28 January, 4 and 11 February and 11th March 2018, due to the direct line between Mechelen and Leuven being closed for engineering work, this line was used by P8219 and P8220. The map in the SNCB/NMBS journey planner showed these services running via Vilvoorde and Diegem making this curve the obvious route.

Voroux (Y Voroux) - Kinkempois - Liege Guillemins (Y Val-Benoît) / Angleur (Y Aguesses)

[36A, 125A/37/1] (ERA 61B4/B3/C3) BE19/54

This route has been used in the past when Liege bank was closed due to engineering work. Most recently, on 27th/28th October 2018, ICE services used this route stopping at Angleur instead of Liège-Guillemins and ran 30 minutes late going to Brussels and left Brussels 30 minutes early. Oostende / Eupen ECs were similarly diverted and did not serve Eupen due to the extended journey times. Thalys however reversed in Liège-Guillemins station. Previously, in August 2016, IC521 ran non-stop from Waremme (0002) to Angleur (0030) and then called at Verviers-Central (0048) and Welkenraedt (0100). (IC522 terminated at Liège-Guillemins (0151) with buses for passengers to/from Ans for both trains as appropriate).

Antwerpen-Berchem - line 27A - Y Krijgsbaan - Y Aubry - Lier

[27A] (ERA 61C1) BE19/55

This line provides an alternate route from Antwerpen-Berchem to Lier to the normal route through Mortsel on line 27. In June 2016, this route was used on Saturdays when line 27 was shut immediately south of Antwerpen-Berchem, i.e. preventing access to platforms 5 and 8 from the South. The IC29 services to/from Liege and the DMUs to/from Hamont used platforms 1 and 4 at Antwerpen-Berchem and then line 27A and the flying junction from Y Krijgsbaan to line 15. Platforms 1 and 4 at Antwerpen-Berchem and line 27A have not had a regular passenger service since the December 2014 timetable change. Previously, in October 2014, this route was used in combination with BE18/58 with trains from Antwerp using this route and trains to Antwerp using that route. Platforms 5 and 8 at Antwerpen Berchem were used with trains joining line 27A at Y Zuid-Groenenhoek.

Antwerpen-Berchem P1/4 - Antwerpen-Oost - Antwerpen-Centraal

[27A,12] (ERA 61C1) BE19/56

This route has been used in the past on Saturdays when line 27 was shut immediately south of Antwerpen-Berchem, i.e. preventing access to platforms 5 and 8 from the South. In June 2016, the IC29 services to/from Liege went between Antwerpen-Berchem P1/P4 and Antwerpen-Centraal via a reversal at Antwerpen-Oost. The line from Antwerpen-Centraal to Antwerpen-Oost lost its regular passenger service at the December 2011 timetable change when the L trains between Antwerpen-Centraal and Roosendaal were diverted to use the new tunnel.

Antwerpen-Berchem P1/4 - Antwerpen-Oost - Antwerpen-Luchtbal

[27A,12] (ERA 61C1) BE19/56A

This route (2 tracks line 12 and 2 other tracks line 27A) may be used if engineering work blocks the tunnel through Antwerpen Centraal. Trains to and from the Netherlands were diverted this way at weekends from 9 February to 3 March 2019 and are planned to be diverted on the following dates;

   16 and 17 March
   6 and 7 April
   13 and 14 April
   11 and 12 May
   18 and 19 May
   25 and 26 May
   8, 9 and 10 June

Thalys run non-stop between Bruxelles and Rotterdam. Other trains call at Antwerpen-Berchem, but not Antwerpen Centraal.

Schaerbeek/Schaarbeek - line 26 - Y Keelbeek-Zuid/Sud

[27,26] (ERA 62A2/B2 ) BE19/57

This route was used during engineering work between Y Josaphat and Bru.-Schuman in August 2017 and again following severe flooding in the same area a few weeks later. Different trains were diverted on the two occasions. From Schaerbeek the route was via line 27D and through the yards to join the remains of line 26 (which no longer connects to line 26A). Towards Schaerbeek, line 27F was used instead of line 27D.

Lier - Line 13 - Y Kontich

[13] (ERA 59/C4) BE19/58

This route is used when the direct route between Mortsel and/or Y Aubry and/or Lier is blocked by engineering work or where single line working is in operation but there are not enough paths. In October 2014, this route was used in combination with BE18/55 with trains from Antwerp using that route and trains to Antwerp using this route.

(Mol) - Y Noord Dr. Hasselt - West Dr. Hasselt - (Leuven)

[35/1] (ERA 60/B4) BE19/59

This curve, line 35/1, avoids Hasselt station and enables trains to run direct between Genk or Mol and Aarschot. Most recently, on Sundays 18th and 25th February and 4th March 2018, due to engineering work between Lier and Herentals, P8218 and P8220 were non-stop from Mol to Leuven. The map in the journey planner showed them running on line 15 and line 35 rather than via Hasselt and this curve was used.

(La Louviere-Sud -) Y Ecaussinnes - Y Soignies (- Mons)

[96/1] (ERA 59B2-59C2 ) BE19/60

This curve, line 96/1, has been used when the direct route between La Louviere-Sud and Mons was closed due to engineering work. On weekends in August 2018, while most trains were replaced by buses, ICT 6704 and ICT 6754 were diverted via this curve.

(Liege-Guillemins) Visé - Y Longchamps - Y Berneau - Montzen - Welkenraedt

[24/1, 24/2, 24, 39] (ERA 60C/3, 61A/3 ) BE19/61

When line 37 through Verviers-Central is closed due to engineering work, ICs between Liege-Guillemins and Welkenraedt can be diverted via Visé and the freight line though Montzen yard. From 13th August to 1st October 2018, IC521 was diverted this way. From 18 to 29 March 2019, the last two IC trains Ostend - Welkenraedt have been diverted and will not stop at Verviers Central.

(Ath) - Lens - Y Lens - Y Jurbise - Masnuy-St-Pierre - (Braine-le-Comte)

[96/2] (ERA 59B2) BE19/62

When line 94 was closed between Ath and Halle, P8500, the Sundays Only 1755 Mouscron - Louvain-La-Neuve, has been diverted via this curve avoiding Jurbise / Jurbeke. Tournai / Brussels and v.v. ICs only run between Tournai and either Ath (for buses to Halle) or Jurbise/Jurbeke (for connections).


See Belgium - Tram services over obscure routes

Other sparse services

The following lines have few trains (relative to service levels generally in this country) - fewer than seven trains each way on at least three days a week - or do not run each weekday:

15 [Mechelen -] Duffel (Y Duffel) - Lier No service at weekends.
26 Meiser - Merode - Y Boondaal / Boondael No service at weekends.
26 [Mechelen -] Muizen - Eppegem (Y Weerde) No service at weekends.
50a Zwankendamme – Zeebrugge Dorp or Zeebrugge Strand Different terminal stations located on two different branches are used - Zeebrugge Dorp on Mondays to Fridays outside the tourist season (late June - end of August) but Zeebrugge Strand at weekends and during the tourist season.
82 Aalst - Burst No trains at weekends or during school holidays.
96 Mons - Quévy No service at weekends.
144 Gembloux - Jemeppe-sur-Sambre Four trains each way Monday to Friday; none at weekends.
163 Libramont - Bastogne All services are provided by bus.
165 Virton - Athus No service at weekends.
165 Arlon - Athus No service at weekends; Athus - Rodange has CFL trains at weekends.

Deletions since previous edition

BE17/8 Schuman-Josaphat tunnel: Bruxelles/Brussel Schuman-Josaphat — Meiser Used by 2 ICs per hour and 3 S per hour which are clearly visible in the SNCB/NMBS journey planner based on usage of platforms 3 and 4 at Schuman
[Antwerpen-Centraal -] Antwerpen-Zuid - Puurs Now has a weekend service

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