Border Crossings: Austria - Italy

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(Villach -) Arnoldstein ÖBB - Tarvisio Boscoverde FS (- Udine)

[E*] At Tarvisio Boscoverde there is a dead section in the catenary; a diesel shunting locomotive propels electric locomotives back to their end of the station.

The one remaining daytime train each way between Wien and Venezia was withdrawn at the December 2009 timetable change but reinstated in December 2013. The overnight service, worked by ÖBB as far as Tarvisio Boscoverde, continued running. A service of 2 daily return workings between Udine and Villach started in June 2012. Italian company FUC supplies the motive power and OBB the coaching stock. The Friuli-Venezia-Giulia region continues to finance the service into 2014. See the Progetto MICOTRA site > MICOTRA_09_06_13_DE.pdf for the timetable.

(Villach - Lienz -) Weitlanbrunn ÖBB - San Candido/Innichen FS (- Fortezza/Franzensfeste)

[E*] There are no longer through Innsbruck to Lienz trains, the main service is Fortezza to/from Lienz worked by FS dual voltage EMU's. Additional ÖBB trains cross the border to terminate at San Candido/Innichen, where the supply voltage changes. When there were Innsbruck trains domestic Austrian tickets were valid via Fortezza with no break of journey allowed, but the current situation now that a change is required at Fortezza is not known.

(Innsbrück -) Brennersee ÖBB - Brenner/Brennero FS (- Fortezza/Franzensfeste)

[E*] ÖBB works to Brenner/Brennero, where the supply voltage changes. There are a few ÖBB through trains between Innsbruck and Lienz via Fortezza. Domestic Austrian tickets are valid on these trains, but break of journey is not permitted. These trains are threatened with withdrawal in December 2013 and all passengers would have to change at San Candido.

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