Border Crossings: Belarus - Latvia

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All rail routes between this pair of countries are 1520mm gauge.

(Vitebsk -) Bihosava[1] BČ - Indra LDz (- Daugavpils)

[D] The passenger service on this route ceased as from 27 May 2007 [2]. Throughout the 2010 timetable period Hafas showed Train 388 running on even dates from Riga to Gomel and Train 387 running on even dates from Gomel but it is doubted these actually ran. A service was reintroduced by this route between Riga and Minsk from 1 June 2011. The LDz journey planner showed this as running on alternate days (whereas Hafas showed it running daily) during the summer and also on certain dates at holiday times. From 1 June 2012 these trains run daily.


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