Border Crossings: Belarus - Poland

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Note that there is either a one hour or two hour time difference between Belarus and Poland because Belarus does not use Daylight Saving Time.

(Vaŭkavysk -) Bierastavica/Berestovitsa (Бераставіца/Берестовица) BČ - Zubki Białostockie PKP (- Białystok)

[D] Line closed. Broad and standard gauges crossed the border on one interlaced track. It is not known when a passenger service, if any, was withdrawn. Freight traffic was withdrawn from 1 January 1998 and the internal PKP passenger service to Zubki Białostockie ended on 1 April 2000.

(Brest Centraĺny-) Brest Paŭnočny/Brest-Severny (Брэст Паўночны/Брест-Северный) BČ - Terespol PKP

[D] Freight only. Both gauges cross the border, but with interlaced track over the single track bridge spanning the river Bug, which forms the border. Standard gauge track extends in a loop via Brest Paŭnočny to Brest Centraĺny station and connecting with the crossing below.

Brest Centraĺny/Brest-Tsentral'ny (Брэст Цэнтральны/Брест-Центральный) BČ - Terespol PKP

[E] Both gauges cross the border, but with interlaced track over the single track bridge spanning the river Bug, which forms the border. BČ works all freights to substantial yards to the west of Terespol. A gauge-changer was installed at Brest station early in 2015 for use by a new Moskva - Berlin Talgo service which started operation on 17 December 2016.

It was thought only PKP worked the passenger services to Brest, however, a BČ M62 and coaches formed the afternoon departure from Terespol in November 2014. Later sightings were the morning service to Brest in August 2017 formed by a PKP loco hauling BČ coaches, and the same combination for the 7am ex Brest in June 2019 so the compilers would greatly appreciate additional confirmed sightings of loco hauled passenger services at Terespol, and if BČ hauled on which gauge. On 2018-2019 official BČ timetables, local trains Brest - Terespol and vice-versa are described as operated by BČ.

(Brest -) Vysoka-Litoŭsk/Vysoko-Litovsk (Высока-Літоўск/Высоко-Литовск) BČ - Czeremcha PKP

[D] Belarusian Railway has advised of plans to reopen this crossing to freight in the fourth quarter of 2019 as an alternative route for increasing container traffic between China and Europe via Belarus. The article goes on to say cross border facilities had been withdrawn in 2011 which coincides with the cross border passenger service withdrawal at the December 2011 Timetable change. Since then a Polish railtour ran to the Border in April 2013 clearing the tracks of snow confirming it was not un use. Previously one through PKP pair of trains to Brest had been replaced in December 2002 by two pairs and a change of trains from PKP to BČ at Vysoka-Litoŭsk because of problems with smugglers, even though the route has 1435mm gauge tracks to Brest.

(Vaŭkavysk -) Svislač/Svisloch' (Свіслач/Свислочь) BČ - Cisowka PKP (- Hajnówka)

[D] Freight Only. Separate parallel Broad and Standard Gauge tracks cross the border, the Kolej Atlas showing Standard Gauge tracks reaching Svislač BČ and Broad Gauge leading to Transfer yards west of Siemianówka PKP. Current status of the Standard Gauge is unknown but there have been recent announcements of works to improve the cross border tracks and interchange facilities in this area.

(Hrodna -) Bruzhi/Bruzgi (Брузгі/Брузги) BČ - Kuźnica Białostocka PKP (- Sokółka)

[E/D] This route has both 1435 mm (electrified) and 1520 mm (unelectrified) gauge tracks between Grodno and Sokółka. Cross border freight traffic is either regauged at Kuźnica Białostocka or transferred at Sokółka.

PKP PR Kuźnica Białostocka <> Hrodna local trains were discontinued at the December 2015 timetable change as they were to be replaced by PKP IC services between Warszawa and Hrodna. However, these did not start as planned owing to funding issues. Eventually a Kraków <> Hrodna portion of the Krakow <> Suwalki train was reinstated from 4 Sept 2016.

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