Border Crossings: Belarus - Poland

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Brest BČ- Terespol PKP

[E] PKP operates to Brest. This route is 1435mm gauge as far as Brest.

(Brest -) Visoko-Litovsk BČ - Czeremcha PKP

[D] One pair of PKP trains to Brest were replaced by two pairs of PKP trains to Vysoko-Litowsk in December 2002 because of problems with smugglers, but all services ceased at the December 2011 Timetable change. This route is 1435mm gauge as far as Brest.

(Volkovysk -) Svisloch BČ - Cisowka PKP

[D] Freight Only. Separate parallel Broad and Standard Gauge tracks cross the border, the Kolej Atlas showing Standard Gauge tracks reaching Svisloch BČ and Broad Gauge leading to Transfer yards west of Siemianówka PKP. Current status of the Standard Gauge is unknown but there is January 2012 YouTube footage of a BČ powered Broad Gauge freight.

Grodno BČ - Kuźnica Białostocka PKP (- Sokółka)

[E] This route has both 1435mm (electrified) and 1520mm (not electrified) gauge tracks in use between Grodno and Sokółka. Passenger services are operated by PKP with three daily standard gauge Grodno - Kuźnica Białostocka pairs using 1435mm gauge electric multiple units. On freight, cross border traffic is either regauged at Kuźnica Białostocka or transferred at Sokółka.

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