Border Crossings: Belarus - Russia

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All rail routes between this pair of countries are 1520mm gauge.

(Polock -) Alešča/Alioshcha (Алёшча/Алёща) BČ - Kliastitsa (Клястица) RZD (- Neveľ)

[D] Freight only. Cross-border RŽD services between Alešča and Velikie Luki were discontinued in 2015 and RŽD services cut back to Neveľ. However, there are two local BČ train pairs between Polock and Alešča.

The Kaliningrad-Sankt Peterburg train pair, formerly reported as running via this route, was diverted via the Jeziaryšča - Zaverzh'e crossing in May 2003.

(Viciebsk -) Jeziaryšča/Ezerishche (Езярышча/Езерище) BČ - Zaverzh'e (Завережье) - (- Neveľ) RZD

[D] In 2019/2020 timetable, several international long distance trains toward or from Sankt-Peterburg except the trains pair 065Б Murmansk - Minsk and 066Б Minsk - Murmansk.

(Viciebsk -) Zayoľša/Zaol'sha (Заольша/Заольша) BČ - Rudnya (Рудня) RZD (- Smolensk)

[D] Daily long distance trains 039Б Polack - Moskva and 039Щ Moskva - Polack and on some days 239В Sankt-Peterburg - Bryansk, 229М Smolensk - Sankt-Peterburg and 229Ч Sankt-Peterburg - Smolensk. Plus two local train pairs Viciebsk - Rudnya, one daily, one Mon, Fri, Sat, Sun.

(Orša -) Asinaŭka/Osinovka (Асінаўка/Осиновка) BČ - Krasnoe (Красное) RZD (- Smolensk)

[E] This is the main route between Minsk and Moskva. Several long distance trains plus two daily local train pairs Orša - Krasnoe.

(Kryčaŭ -) Šascioraŭka/Shestiorovka (Шасцёраўка/Шестёровка) BČ - Ponyatovka (Понятовка) RZD (- Roslavľ)

[D] Line is freight only between Kryčaŭ and Šascioraŭka, closed between Šascioraŭka and Ponyatovka.

(Kryčaŭ -) Žurbin/Zhurbin (Журбін/Журбин) BČ - Surazh (Сураж) RZD (- Unecha)

[D] Only one daily local train pair remains between Kryčaŭ and Surazh, no other passenger train reach this last station from Unecha, making it isolated for passengers from the rest of Russia.

(Homieĺ -) Zakapyccie/Zakopyt'e (Закапыцце/Закопытье) BČ - Zlynka (Злынка) RZD (- Bryansk)

[D] Daily long distance trains 075Б Moskva - Homieĺ and 076Б Homieĺ - Moskva, 302Б Minsk - Adler on even days, 302С Adler - Minsk on odd days and on some days trains Minsk - Anapa and Mineralnye Vody and vice-versa on some days. Plus two daily local train pairs Homieĺ - Novozybkov.

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