Border Crossings: Belarus - Ukraine

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All rail routes between this pair of countries are 1520mm gauge.

(Homieĺ -) Cierachoŭka/Terekhovka (Церахоўка/Тереховка) BČ - Khorobychi (Хоробичі) UZ (- Bakhmach)

[D] This route carries one daily BCh train pair between Homeľ and Snovsk (formerly named Shchors). There is also one long distance train pair: 100Д Zaporizhzhya - Minsk and 100Ф Minsk - Zaporizhzhya on even days.

(Homieĺ -) Cierachoŭka/Teryoukha BČ - Hornostaïvka (Горностаївка) UZ (- Chernihiv)

[D] This route carries several long distance services, there is no more local train crossing the boundary.

(Yaniv / Semykhody -) Jolča/Iolcha BČ - Slavutych (Славутич) UZ (- Chernihiv)

[E] No passenger train anymore. Yaniv and Semikhody being in the Chernobyl zone. UZ operates a train pair Kyiv - Nedanchychi 6 days a week, Nedanchychi being the last station before the border on Ukrainian side.

(Chernihiv -) Pasudava/Posudovo (Пасудава/Посудово ) BČ - Semykhody (Семиходи) UZ

[E] No passenger train anymore. Formerly carried UZ trains between Chernihiv and Ovruch, the line westward of Semykhody is now abandonned.

(Kalinkavičy -) Slaviečna/Slovechno (Славечна/Словечно) BČ - Berezhest' (Бережесть) UZ (- Ovruch)

[D] This route carries the train pair 361Щ Chisinau - Sankt-Peterburg and 361Ь Sankt-Peterburg - Chisinau on even days plus the four capitals train (Kyiv - Minsk - Vilnius - Riga and vice-versa) on some days. No more local train.

(Luniniec -) Haryń/Goryn' (Гарынь/Горынь) BČ - Udryts'k (Удрицьк) UZ (- Sarny)

[D] This route sees only one pair of BČ long distance trains: 371Б Mahilioŭ - Lviv on even days and 372Л Lviv - Mahilioŭ on odd days.

(Brest -) Chacislaŭ/Khotislav (Хаціслаў/Хотислав) BČ - Zabolottya (Заболоття) UZ (- Koveľ)

[D] Two local train pairs run between Brest and Zabolottya. The long distance service between Brest and Chernovtsy ceased in May 2007.

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