Border Crossings: Belgium - Germany


Montzen SNCB - Aachen West DB

[E*] Freight only. Most of the line is electrified at 15 kV 16.7 Hz, with right-hand running throughout. Most trains are worked by dual system SNCB locomotives.

(Liège -) Hergenrath SNCB - Aachen Hbf DB

[E*] Two routes exist between Chênée (4 km east of Liège-Guillemins) and the Hammer viaduct (south of Hergenrath) - the classic main line via Verviers and the new 42 km high-speed line electrified at 25 kV 50 Hz. The line between Liège-Guillemins and Aachen Hbf via Verviers is electrified at the SNCB standard of 3 kV dc, Aachen Hbf having four switchable tracks. SNCB units operate local services between Liège and Aachen but many cross-border passenger services are provided by multi-system high-speed trains (Thalys or ICE3). ICE and Thalys services operate via the high speed line.

The line swaps between left hand and right hand running at a diveunder on the site of a former flying junction just west of the Busch Tunnel.

(Eupen -) Raeren SNCB - Walheim DB (- Stolberg)

[D] Freight only. The line is currently out of use between Raeren and Stolberg Zur Mühlen. Proposals exist for reopening of this line to both passengers and freight.

Raeren SNCB - Lammersdorf (- Monschau) (Vennbahn)

[D] {see next item}

(Weywertz -) Sourbrodt - Monschau (- Lammersdorf) (Vennbahn)

[D] Agreements made pursuant to the Treaty of Versailles designated as Belgian national territory the two sections of the Vennbahn that run through Germany. The line was operated until recently as a tourist railway, but this has now ceased.

(Weywertz -) Losheimergraben SNCB - Losheim (Eifel) DB (- Junkerath)

[D] Closed, and dismantled on the German side.

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