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* [[Border Crossings - General Information]]
* [[Border Crossings - General Information]]
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[[Category:Border Crossings|Belgium - Netherlands]]
[[Category:Border Crossings|Belgium - Netherlands]]

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(Gent -) Zelzate NMBS - Sas van Gent NS (- Terneuzen)

[D] Freight only.

(Antwerpen -) Essen NMBS - Roosendaal NS

[E*] The voltage change point is just south of Roosendaal. SNCB standard electric multiple-units work to Roosendaal, operating at reduced power under the NS 1500V dc catenary. Conventional locomotive-hauled passenger trains run daily Intercity services between Brussels and Den Haag on this line.

(Antwerpen -) Noorderkempen NMBS - Hazeldonk Breda NS (- Rotterdam Centraal/Breda) NS

[E] This high-speed line is used by Thalys trains to and from France and by Fyra trains to and from Belgium. However, the Fyra service between Amsterdam and Brussel/Bruxelles has been suspended until further notice and that between Breda and Antwerpen, due start on 8 April 2013, postponed.

(Neerpelt -) Hamont NMBS - Budel NS (- Weert)

[D] There is no regular traffic over the whole route, but there is a regular freight train working from Neerpelt to Budel, serving a local zinc factory.

(Liège -) Visé SNCB - Eijsden NS (- Maastricht)

[E*] The voltage change point is at Maastricht Randwijck. SNCB standard electric multiple-units work to Maastricht, operating at reduced power under the NS 1500 V dc catenary. Locomotive-hauled passenger trains are usually worked by SNCB dual-voltage electric locomotives.

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