Border Crossings: Bosnia-Herzegovina - Croatia

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(Sarajevo -) Čapljina ŽFBH - Metković HŽ (- Ploče)

[E] One train pair runs across this border. HŽ operates to Čapljina.

(Bihać ŽRS -) Martin Brod ŽFBH - Knin HŽ

[D] This line crosses the border between Bosnia-Hercegovina and Croatia seven times. Martin Brod has been adopted as the official border station. A ceremonial passenger train, conveying government ministers from both countries, operated over the line on 26 January 2001. The line saw occasional freight traffic, but in 2010 was declared closed by HŽ owing to the poor condition of the track.

(Novi Grad -) Dobrljin ŽRS - Volinja HŽ (- Sunja)

[E] one pair of day trains between Sarajevo and Zagreb run across this border, with ŽRS operating to Volinja. Novi Grad was formerly named Bosanski Novi.

Srpski Brod ŽRS - Slavonski Brod HŽ

[D] This route closed during the break-up of Yugoslavia but re-opened sometime around 2003. It carries a small amount of freight traffic across the Sava river bridge. Originally this line was narrow gauge, and connected into the main Yugoslav narrow gauge system at Doboj, via Derventa.

(Doboj -) Šamac ŽFBH - Slavonski Šamac HŽ (- Strizivojna-Vrpolje)

[E] The Budapest to sarajevo train pair ended 9 December 2012, closing this line to passenger services. ŽFBH operates to Slavonski Šamac. Šamac is referred to as Bosanski Šamac in the Croatian timetable.

(Tuzla -) Brčko ŽFBH - Gunja HŽ (- Vinkovci)

[D] A passenger service was introduced on this route in the 2002/2003 timetable but was withdrawn by the end of the 2009/2010 timetable period.

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