Border Crossings: Germany - Netherlands

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Vetschau DB - Simpelveld NS (- Schin op Geul)

[D] This is part of the line used by passenger trains between Aachen and Maastricht until they were diverted to run to Heerlen via Herzogenrath. The junction at Aachen West has been removed. Zuid Limburgse Stoomtrein Maatschappij now runs tourist steam trains between Schin op Geul and Kerkrade via Simpelveld, in addition to a branch service from Simpelveld over the border to Vetschau.

(Aachen -) Herzogenrath DB - Landgraaf NS (- Heerlen)

[ED] Until summer 2001 NS worked to Aachen Hbf; since then, the German company Dürener Kreisbahn has operated the Aachen - Heerlen service. This crossing replaced Aachen West - Simpelveld [Maastricht] on 31 May 1992 - see previous item.

(Mönchengladbach -) Dalheim DB - Roermond NS

[D] This line, the so-called "Iron Rhine Route", is proposed for reopening for freight trains between Belgium and Germany.

(Mönchengladbach -) Kaldenkirchen DB - Venlo NS

[E*] DB works passenger services to Venlo; there are very few through services. Voltage switching is provided in Venlo station area.

(Kleve -) Kranenburg DB - Nijmegen NS

Line closed.

Emmerich DB - Zevenaar NS (- Arnhem or Kijfhoek)

[E*] NS works to Emmerich, where various tracks have switchable catenary. The only daytime passenger trains across the border are ICE services, worked by dual-system units, which run non-stop between Arnhem and Oberhausen. The freight-only 25 kV ac Betuwe line from Kijfhoek yard joins the Arnhem line just east of Zevenaar station.

Borken DB - Winterswijk NS

Line closed.

Gronau (Westf) DB - Enschede NS (- Hengelo)

[DE] This railway re-opened for advertised passenger traffic on 18 November 2001 (formal opening was on 16 November). There is no through running connection between this line and the NS network at Enschede, so there is no freight traffic; all trains are operated by DB.

Bad Bentheim DB - Oldenzaal NS (- Hengelo)

[E*] NS works passenger services to Bad Bentheim, where various tracks have switchable catenary.

(Bad Bentheim -) Laarwald BE - Coevorden BE

[D] The Bentheimer Eisenbahn AG owns and operates this freight line.

(Leer -) Weener DB - Nieuweschans NS (- Groningen)

[D] This line has a DB service of from 5 to 7 train pairs per day between Leer (Ostfriesland) and Nieuweschans, from where regular Noordned connections operate to and from Groningen. This line was rebuilt in 2001; previously, this line was temporarily closed whenever a particularly large new vessel was being delivered from the Meyer Werft shipyard at Papenburg, because this required the main span of the railway bridge over the River Ems at Weener to be removed.

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