Border Crossings: Italy - Slovenia

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Gorizia Centrale FS - Vrtojba SŽ (- Nova Gorica)

[D] FS works to Nova Gorica. Freight only.

(Trieste -) Villa Opicina FS - Kreplje SŽ (- Nova Gorica)

[D] Freight only. SŽ works to Villa Opicina.

(Trieste -) Villa Opicina FS - Sezana SŽ (- Ljubljana)

[E] SŽ works to Villa Opicina. The one night passenger train pair which ran through from Venezia via Villa Opicina ceased on 11 December 2011. Five pairs of SŽ trains between Sežana and Villa Opicina were reinstated on 5 January 2015 replacing substitute bus services, following approval for the 312 'Desiro' units by the Italian authorities. Note there are currently no rail services further into Italy from Villa Opicina but a Slovenian blog suggests two daily Ljubljana - Trieste EMU pairs will run from sometime in June 2018.

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