Border Crossings: Latvia - Russia

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All rail routes between this pair of countries are 1520mm gauge.

(Riga - Gulbene -) Vecumi LDz - Purvmala RŽD (- Pytalovo - Pskov)

[D] Line closed.

(Rēzekne -) Kārsava LDz - Skangali RŽD (- Pytalovo - Pskov)

[D] This route carries one daily train pair Riga/Vilnius - St. Peterburg.

(Rēzekne -) Zilupe LDz - Posiň RŽD (- Novosokolyniki - Moskva)

[D] This route carries one daily Riga - Moskva train pair with an additional train on a few days at peak periods.

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