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== See also ==
== See also ==
* [[Lithuania]]
* [[Russia]]
* [[Border Crossings - General Information]]
* [[Border Crossings - General Information]]

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All rail routes between this pair of countries are 1520mm gauge.

(Kazlų-Rūda -) Kibartai LG - Nesterov RŽD (- Chernyakhovsk)

[E] It is reported that RŽD works passenger trains to Kibartai, and that LG works freight trains to Nesterov, though these arrangements may vary. It is a curiosity that until 1918 eastbound trains entered the Russian Empire at this border, but since 1990 one travels westwards over the same border to enter Russian territory.

(Radviliškis -) Pagėgiai LG - Sovetsk RŽD

[D] Freight only. One train a day each way uses this crossing. LG works to Sovetsk.

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