Border Crossings: Lithuania - Russia

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All rail routes between this pair of countries are 1520mm gauge.

(Kazlų-Rūda -) Kybartai LG - Nesterov RŽD (- Chernyakhovsk)

[E] It is reported that RŽD works passenger trains to Kybartai, and that LG works freight trains to Nesterov, though these arrangements may vary. It is a curiosity that until 1918 eastbound trains entered the Russian Empire at this border, but since 1990 one travels westwards over the same border to enter Russian territory. A substantial but totally disused border station exists at Chernyshevskoye immediately on the Russian side of the frontier, all border formalities being handled at Nesterov. Up to 1945, this was Eydtkuhnen, the easternmost station in the former German Empire.

(Radviliškis -) Pagėgiai LG - Sovetsk RŽD

[D] Freight only. One train a day each way uses this crossing. LG works to Sovetsk.

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