Border Crossings: Moldova - Romania

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(Chişinău -) Ungheni CFM - Cristesti Jijia CFR (- Iaşi)

[D] The track is dual 1435/1520 mm gauge between Ungheni and Socola marshalling yard on the eastern outskirts of Iaşi. CFR operates 1435mm gauge local trains twice daily to Ungheni. CFM introduced a daily 1520 mm gauge train between Chişinău and Socola on 30 September 2015 during weekends; see Obscure Services for details. There is also a through train 3 times a week (MWFO eastbound; TThSuo westbound) between Chişinău and Bucuresti, which changes gauge at Ungheni.

(Basarabeasca -) Prut-2 CFM - Fălciu CFR (- Bârlad)

[D] The track between Prut-2 and Fălciu was dual 1435/1520 mm gauge. The 1435 mm gauge lines are reported as disused and cut in places, but a service was re-introduced on the 1520 mm gauge line in 2010. No service in the 2011-2012 timetable or the 2012-2013 timetable. This crossing was previously officially permitted only to Romanian and Moldovan citizens, but was reported in 2010 as available to citizens of other countries.

(Reni (Ukraine) -) Giurgiuleşti CFM - Galaţi CFR (- Barboşi)

[D] A 1520mm gauge freight-only line runs from the Danube port at Galaţi (Romania) to the transhipment area of Giurgiuleşti (Moldova) and continues to Reni (Ukraine). The Galaţi - Giurgiuleşti section was converted to dual 1435/1520 mm gauge in 2014, with a gauge changer at Giurgiuleşti, and the first through train (conveying fuel tanks) ran in September 2014.

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