Border Crossings: Poland - Slovakia

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Łupków PKP - Medzilaborce mesto ŽSR

[D] ŽSSK worked to Łupków when passenger services ceased on 29 August 2010, but reopened SSuO 1 July 2017. These summer only train pairs, one SSuO and the other SO are worked by PKP DMU's.

(Muszyna -) Leluchów PKP - Čirč ŽSR (- Plaveč)

[E] PKP works to Plaveč. After serious flood damage washed away a bridge north of Muszyna on 4/5 June 2010 the line was completely closed until 17 January 2011 but only freight traffic resumed. A summer only SSuO passenger service resumed on 29 June 2019 until 01 September and a similar winter skiing service will run SSuO from 28 December 2019 to 23 February 2020. The 2020 summer dates are from 6 June to 6 September. The service is two return trips between Poprad-Tatry and Muszyna worked by ŽSSK DMU's.

(Nowy Targ -) Podczerwone PKP - Sucha Hora ŽSR (- Trstená)

Line closed and lifted. A bridge was blown up at the beginning of World War 2, thereby closing the border crossing. Czarny Dunajec - Podczerwone closed to all traffic in 1989 and Trstená - Sucha Hora in 1973.

Zwardoń PKP - Skalité-Serafínov ŽSR (- Čadca)

[E] ŽSSK works services to Zwardoń. Electrification was completed in December 2002. Long distance trains via this route have ceased as the four train pairs across the border in 2018-19 all start/terminate at Zwardon.

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