Border Crossings: Poland - Slovakia

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Łupków PKP - Medzilaborce mesto ŽSR

[D] ŽSSK worked to Łupków when passenger services ceased on 29 August 2010, but reopened SSuO 1 July 2017. These summer only train pairs, one SSuO and the other SO are worked by PKP DMU's. In 2020 ŽSSK announced in early March that the two pairs this year will run FSSuO between 26 June - 6 September.

(Muszyna -) Leluchów PKP - Čirč ŽSR (- Plaveč)

[E] PKP works to Plaveč. After serious flood damage washed away a bridge north of Muszyna on 4/5 June 2010 the line was completely closed until 17 January 2011 but only freight traffic resumed. A summer only SSuO passenger service resumed on 29 June 2019 until 01 September and a similar winter skiing service will run SSuO from 28 December 2019 to 23 February 2020. The 2020 summer dates are from 6 June to 6 September. The service is two return trips between Poprad-Tatry and Muszyna worked by ŽSSK DMU's.

(Nowy Targ -) Podczerwone PKP - Sucha Hora ŽSR (- Trstená)

Line closed and lifted. A bridge was blown up at the beginning of World War 2, thereby closing the border crossing. Czarny Dunajec - Podczerwone closed to all traffic in 1989 and Trstená - Sucha Hora in 1973.

Zwardoń PKP - Skalité-Serafínov ŽSR (- Čadca)

[E] ŽSSK works services to Zwardoń. Electrification was completed in December 2002. Long distance trains via this route have ceased as the four train pairs across the border in 2018-19 all start/terminate at Zwardon.

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