Border Crossings: Poland - Ukraine

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(Chełm -) Dorohusk PKP - Yahodyn UZ (- Kovel')

[D] PKP operates on 1435mm gauge tracks to Yahodyn. 1435mm tracks continue to a cargo shipment yard at Kovel'. Prior to June 2000, there had been broad gauge cross border passenger services to/from Chełm, but now only standard gauge long-distance passenger (Berlin - Warszawa - Kyïv) remains, plus freight traffic. Confirmation of continuing broad gauge cross-border freight would be welcomed as it is known a few Broad Gauge passenger specials ran to Chełm during the Euro 2012 Football Championship.

(Sławków -) Hrubieszów LHS - Izov LHS

[D] This 1520mm gauge line is the "Linia Hutnicza Szerokotorowa" (Broad-Gauge Steel Line) between Sławków near Katowice and Vladimir in Ukraine. A limited passenger service ended a number of years ago, so current use is just freight and "road-train" services and [in 2009] cross border staff trains ran to the railway carriage works at Hrubieszów Towarowy from Izov. Timings appear based on shift patterns but it is not recommended to attempt to travel due to Ukraine Border controls. This line was formerly part of PKP and was called "Steel and Sulphur Railway".

Hrebenne PKP - Rava Rus'ka UZ

[D] The PKP-operated 1435mm gauge through service to/from Warszawa was withdrawn after 3 June 2005. No freight traffic can operate, as the tracks to the interchange sidings at Rava Rus'ka have been lifted.

Werchrata PKP - Rava Rus'ka UZ

[D] A Broad gauge freight only crossing, now worked by UZ only and in 2006 with just a daily freight to a factory at Werchrata. The 1520 mm lines on the Polish side serving transhipment sidings are all out of use.

(Przemyśl -) Medyka PKP - Mostys'ka 2 UZ (- Lvov)

[E] Starting from 1st June 2009, PKP operates a daily night train Kraków - Lviv, using the 1435mm gauge line to/from the SUW2000 gauge changing facilities at Mostys'ka 2. The 1520mm daytime passenger trains use the gauge changing facilities at Przemyśl. UZ works freight trains to Medyka. On the Polish side the 1520mm gauge continues to Zurawica, on the Ukrainian side 1435mm gauge track ends at Mostys'ka 1.

(Przemyśl) Malhowice PKP - Nyzhankovychi UZ (- Dobromyl' - Khyriv)

[D] Closed as a through route, formerly interlaced dual gauge 1435/1520mm. Until early 1995, PKP operated 1435mm gauge corridor trains through Ukraine via this route and the Krościenko - Star'iava crossing. By July 2004, significant lengths of the 1435mm gauge track within Ukraine had been lifted north of Dobromyl', but a 1520mm UZ passenger service still runs between Khyriv and Nizhankovichi where 1520mm gauge tracks now abruptly end. No PKP 1435mm gauge freight now remains on the stub from Przemyśl to Hermanowice.

(Sanok - Ustrzyki Dolne -) Krościenko PKP - Star'iava UZ (- Khyriv)

[D] This line has been closed to all traffic since 9 November 2010. Prior to this, PKP had operated 1435mm gauge local passenger services between Sanok (Zagórz before 2004/2005) and Khyriv. Now only freight trains run between Sanok and Ustrzyki Dolne. A 1520mm gauge track is interlaced with the 1435mm gauge track between Stariava and Khyriv for the internal UZ passenger service of two trains per day. See also the Malhowice - Nizhankovichi crossing.

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