Border Crossings: Romania - Ukraine

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(Satu Mare -) Halmeu CFR - Diakove UZ (- Koroleve)

[D] Freight-only and dual gauge. UZ works to Halmeu on both gauges. 1520 mm gauge traffic runs to and from the gauge-changing and transfer facilities at Halmeu and an oil depot further south. 1435 mm gauge traffic runs via the Ukrainian corridor line to Chop, with links to and from Čierna nad Tisou in Slovakia and Záhony in Hungary.

(Sighetu Marmaţiei -) Câmpulung la Tisa CFR - Teresva UZ

[D] Out of use. Teresva to Câmpulung la Tisa is 1520mm gauge only, with dual gauge 1435 mm/1520 mm from there to Valea Vişeului. This crossing has been out of use since a new road bridge was opened across the Tisa, between Solotvino and Sighetu Marmaţiei. CFR 1435mm gauge freight traffic to Câmpulung la Tisa has ceased west of Sighetu Marmaţiei.

(Sighetu Marmaţiei -) Valea Vişeului CFR - Dilove UZ (- Rakhiv)

[D] The route across the border to Valea Vişeului is 1520mm gauge only and has been out of use since April 2006 owing to serious flood damage.

(Dorneşti -) Vicşani CFR - Vadul Syret UZ (- Chernivtsi)

[D] Carries both freight and passenger traffic. Sofia - Bucuresti - Kyïv / Moskva trains run via this route. UZ carries freight as far as Dorneşti on 1520mm tracks.

(Barboşi -) Galaţi CFR - Reni UZ

[D] The route across the border is 1520mm gauge and extends to the trans-shipment area at Galaţi. There are no passenger services.

Constanţa CFR - Illichivs'k UZ {train ferry}

Freight only. 1520 mm gauge, with bogie-changing facilities to 1435 mm gauge thought to exist at Constanţa.

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