Border Crossings: Slovakia - Ukraine

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(Veľké Kapušany -) Maťovce ŽSR - Pavlovo UZ (- Uzhorod)

[E] The route across the border is dual gauge 1435/1520mm, however the 1435mm gauge tracks are out of use. There is no passenger service across the border. The majority of the cross-border traffic is 1520mm gauge freight to the VSŽ (now U.S. Steel) Steelworks near Košice, though there are gauge-changing and transfer facilities in the Maťovce area.

(Košice -) Čierna nad Tisou ŽSR - Chop UZ

[E] This route and the station area at Chop are dual gauge 1435/1520mm. Passenger services are 1435mm gauge, operated by ŽSR; on through services, gauge-changing is performed to the east of Chop station, carriages being shunted out of and into the station for this purpose. Freight traffic uses the 1520mm gauge tracks to and from the gauge-changing and transfer facilities in the Čierna nad Tisou area. There is 1435mm gauge freight traffic from Čierna nad Tisou via Chop to both Mukachevo in Ukraine and Halmeu in Romania.

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