Denmark - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list does not represent the service for any specific timetable period. However, the service pattern in Denmark does not vary much if at all between timetable periods. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

Obscure services

Lemvig – Lemvig Havn

(Vemb-Lemvig-Thyborøn Jernbane: Midtjyske Jernbaner) (1A2, not shown) DK1

The line into the main station continues as a steeply-graded branch to the harbour, with a reversal en route. A tourist service with preserved railbuses operates in the summer between the main station and a quayside platform (constructed 2012).

After Struer Jernbaneklub stopped operating the service after the 2011 season, it was taken over by the newly formed SkinneBusGruppen Vestjylland in 2012. In 2013, trains are planned to run on Mondays to Fridays from 1st July to 9th August - see timetable.

Other seasonal services over freight lines are to be found in Danske Veterantog each year.

Hundested – Hundested Havn

(Frederiksværkbanen: Lokalbanen A/S) (4A1, not shown) DK2

Some but not all Frederiksværkbanen train services continue approximately 0.5 km to the Hundested Havn station, connecting with an hourly vehicle passenger ferry to Rørvig. The Rejseplanen journey planner does know about this service, but for some reason refuses to suggest it when connecting with the ferry and instead advises a walk from Hundested. The trains can, however, be found if you explicitly select "Hundested Havn st." as an endpoint (or even, perplexingly, "Hundested Havn (færge)"). Train times can also be found on the ferry company's timetables. Note that there are seasonal variations.

Fredericia avoiding line: Middelfart (Snoghøj) – Taulov

(6B2) DK3

This east to west curve between the main line from København and routes to Esbjerg and the German frontier, is used by overnight international passenger trains and internal IC or IC-Lyn trains between København and the Esbjerg and Sønderborg lines, not calling at Fredericia.

Valby avoiding line: København H – Høje Taastrup (Hvidovre Fjern) (via Ny Ellebjerg)

(9A2 not shown) DK4

This connection comprises the initial phase of a future line between København and Ringsted, and part of the freight bypass Kalvebod – Hvidovre Fjern. It may be used by mainline trains between København H and Høje Taastrup that do not call in Valby.

In the 2012/2013 timetable, the equivalent of the following trains were scheduled to use this line:

  • All EuroCity to and from Hamburg / Berlin:
EC/ICE hh:42 København H – Høje Taastrup – Hamburg
EC/ICE Hamburg – hh:59 Høje Taastrup – København H
  • "Fast" regional trains to and from Nykøbing Falster/ Rødby Færge that run roughly in the pattern of the EuroCity trains in the hours where there is no EuroCity service:
SuX Re hh:42 København H – Høje Taastrup – Nykøbing F
SuX Re Nykøbing F – hh:59 Høje Taastrup – København H
  • All InterCityLyn towards København, except ones that call in Valby and also except L208 (arriving 08:47). Note: InterCityLyn from København are routed via Valby.
  • Other miscellaneous trains, none of which call at Høje Taastrup, and which will not be listed here.

The compilers would appreciate any information on usage in 2014

Note that local tickets between København H and Høje Taastrup are valid on EuroCity but not on InterCityLyn.

Other sparse services


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