France (Île-de-France) - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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Obscure Services

The LGV Interconnexion runs through the country to the east of Paris and links LGVs Nord, Est, Sud-Est and (by a connection via the southern part of the Grande Ceinture) Atlantique; it is used by all TGVs between these routes. The Petite Ceinture which ran around central Paris is mostly closed, while the Grande Ceinture, which runs round the outer suburbs, is partly closed, partly freight-only and partly used for suburban services; it only carries regular passenger services transferring from one main line to another as shown below.

St.Denis – Pantin (Villette Poste 2) (via La Chapelle Poste 6)

(ERA-E 24B3; ERA-R 66A4-66A3; S+W 31B:A2) FR151

This is a combination of the links between the Paris Nord and Paris Est main lines via Evangile signalbox. It is used only by the weekday Calais Ville - Venezia Santa Lucia (or elsewhere) VSOE trains between Calais and Paris Est: visit the VSOE website for dates and times. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Garges-Sarcelles (Bifurcation Pierrefitte Sud) – Noisy le Sec

(ERA-E 24A3-B4; ERA-R 66C4-66C3; S+W 31B:A1-B2) FR152

This is a section of the Grande Ceinture circular freight route round Paris, linking the Paris Nord and Paris Est main lines. It is used only by the VSOE train between Paris Est and Calais Ville on Sunday mornings, instead of route FR151. Visit the VSOE website for dates and times. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Raccordement de Lieusaint: Le Creusot-TGV (Bifurcation de Crisenoy) – Combs-la-Ville-Quincy

(ERA 24C4; ERA-R 66B1; S+W 31C4-31D4) FR153

This is the former northern end of the LGV Sud-Est, now little used (a few trains are routed this way for engineering works or pathing purposes) as most TGVs to and from Paris Gare-de-Lyon run via Triangle de Coubert (Bifurcation Sud – Bifurcation Ouest), joining the main line from Gare-de-Lyon at Bifurcation de Creteil, north of Villeneuve Triage.

Marne-la-Vallée-Chessy or Le Creusot-TGV (Bifurcation de Valenton) – Les Saules

[ERT 11, 335 & 391] (ERA-E 24B4; ERA-R 66A2; S+W 31B:B3-B4) FR154

This connection between LGV-Interconnexion and the Grande Ceinture is used by all TGVs between LGVs Sud-Est, Est or Nord and LGV Atlantique. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Massy TGV – Chemin d'Antony (Bifurcation km 23,4)

[ERT 11, 335 & 391] (ERA-E 24C3; ERA-R 65C2; S+W 31A:D4) FR155

This connection between LGV Atlantique and the Grande Ceinture is used by all TGVs between LGVs Sud Est, Est or Nord and LGV Atlantique. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Paris-Bercy-Bourgogne-Pays d'Auvergne

[ERT 371] (ERA-E 24B3; ERA-R 66A3; S+W 31B:A2) FR156

This station is an annexe to Paris Gare-de-Lyon, being located behind carriage sidings outside the station. Few trains used to make use of the facility, but there are now various regular services, particularly stopping trains and and from Dijon. Trains also use the goods lines (M1 and M2) to access the station.

Paris Gare de Lyon Banlieue – Villeneuve St.Georges

(ERA-E 24B3-24B4; ERA-R 66A3-66A2; S+W 31B:A2-B4) FR157

Between the throat of Gare de Lyon and Villeneuve St.Georges there are three sets of tracks - not always following exactly the same alignment - in passenger use: 1. fast lines (1 and 2); 2. suburban or slow lines (1bis and 2bis), and 3. erstwhile goods lines (1M and 2M). The M tracks - which have platforms at most stations - have been observed being used by passenger stock but no definitive information of regular loaded workings is available - reports welcomed.

Villeneuve St.Georges – Vigneux sur Seine

(ERA-E 24C4; ERA-R 66A2; S+W 31B:B4) FR158

Between Villeneuve St.Georges and Vigneux sur Seine there are three pairs of tracks: 1. 1B and 2B; 2. 1C and 2C, and 3. 1M and 2M. The B tracks are used by RER line D trains, the M tracks by through trains between LGVs north or east of Paris and the Orléans main line via Valenton [the last were TGVs between Brive-la-Gaillarde and Lille, withdrawn in June 2016]. No definitive information of other regular loaded use is available - reports welcomed.

Vigneux sur Seine – Juvisy

(ERA-E 24C3; ERA-R 66A2; S+W 31B:A4) FR159

Between Vigneux sur Seine and Juvisy there are two pairs of tracks: 1. 1C and 2C, and 2. 1M and 2M. The northbound track 1M crosses over the Orléans main lines and back again by two bridges north of Juvisy. The C tracks are used by RER line D trains. The M tracks were used by through trains between LGVs north or east of Paris and the Orléans main line via Valenton, but not since June 2016. Reports welcomed.

Juvisy (PLM-side) – Athis-Mons (via TER tracks)

(ERA 24C3, not shown; ERA-R 66A2; S+W 31B:A4, not fully shown) FR160

Through RER line C trains use Orléans-side platforms (Quais F, G and H). Juvisy RER line C turn-back trains generally use PLM-side platforms (Quai C), reached by tracks 1 TER (inbound - train codes JILL and JADE) and 2 TER (outbound via overbridge). Together, these save such trains having to make the flat crossing movement which would be necessary if Quai E were used.


(ERA-E 24C2, not shown; ERA-R 65B1 not shown; S+W 31A4) FR161

Dourdan-la-Forêt is a dead-end single platform beyond Dourdan station, on a track parallel to the Vendôme line but separated from it by carriage sidings. It is used by those RER line C4 trains so advertised. Note that there is no service from mid July to late August.

Paris Montparnasse Vaugirard

(ERA-E 24B3; ERA-R 65C3; S+W 31B:A2) FR162

This station is an annexe to Paris Montparnasse and comprises additional platforms adjacent to the main running lines about 0.5km from the main station. TGV Ouigo services between Paris and Nantes or Rennes are among the trains normally using Vaugirard.

Versailles Chantiers – St.Cyr l'École

(ERA-E 24B3-B2, not shown; ERA-R 65C3-65B3; S+W 31A:C3-B3) FR163

Main line trains from Paris Montparnasse to Plaisir Grignon or beyond (including Granville line trains) do not use the main lines between Versailles and St.Cyr but a separate alignment (tracks M1/M2 - formerly freight) via Versailles-Matelots, to the north. The east end access to this route - at the west end of Versaille Chantiers - is for westbound trains to use the diveunder, from platforms G, H or J, and for eastbound trains to use the curve on the north side to the RER line C (B1/B2) tracks (rather than the diveunder); there are, however, exceptions to both these general practices.

No trains have been identified as using the flat junction (Bifurcation de Granville), just west of St.Cyr station, to gain access to the Granville line. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Épluches (Bifurcation d'Épluches) – St.Ouen-l'Aumone-Liesse (Bifurcation de Liesse (Nord))

(ERA-E 24A2; ERA-R 65C5; S+W 31A1) FR18/164

Some TER line H trains between Paris Nord and Persan Beaumont (usually for Beauvais or beyond) with a non-stop journey time of 35 or more minutes (instead of the normal 27-30 mins) use this route to avoid a conflicting movement on the route via Montsoult-Maffliers.

Each summer in recent years a single SSuO round trip between Paris Nord and Auvers-sur-Oise has operated via this route, advertised locally

D1 SSuO RER20601 09:38 Paris Nord - Auvers sur Oise (arr 10:22)
D1 SSuO RER20606 18:32 Auvers sur Oise - Paris Nord (arr 19:05)

D1: 7 Jul to 14 Oct 2018; also 15 Aug, not 1 to 23 Sep, 6, 7 Oct

Raccordement de Piquettes: Mantes la-Jolie – Rosny-sur-Seine

(ERA-E 24A1, not shown; ERA-R 65A4 not shown; S+W 30B2) FR165

This curve connects the south side of Mantes-la-Jolie station (Rouen platforms) and the Le Havre line. It may be used if a train from Paris to the Le Havre line needs to be overtaken by a fast service from Paris to the Rouen line, though this may be necessary only if the ‘slow line’ Rouen platforms are occupied by terminating trains. Any train to the Rouen line calling at platforms F to H must use the Raccordement. The following train has been observed using this route and appears to be booked to use platform H.

D SuX TER13103 Paris St. Lazare - 06:48 Mantes la-Jolie - Rouen

The compilers would welcome further observations on use of this curve.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Provins - Villiers-St.Georges

(ERA-E 31A1; ERA-R 71A3; S+W 32C4) FR22/166

AJECTA resumed occasional excursions over this 15 km section of SNCF freight line in 2020. Note these services may start from/terminate at the AJECTA Depot at Longueville where all tracks on its 0.5km branch by-pass the station platforms.

Lines used on an occasional basis for engineering work diversions

Raccordement de Bezons and Raccordement de la Folie: Houilles Carrières sur Seine (Bifurcation de Bezons) – Puteaux (Bifurcation de Puteaux)

(ERA-E 24B3; ERA-R 65C4-65C3; 31A:D2) FR181

This west to south connection is an alternative to the Mantes la-Jolie - Plaisir Grignon - Versailles line during engineering work.

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