France (Nouvelle Aquitaine) - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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Obscure Services

Raccordement Juillé and Raccordement Villognon (north of Angoulême)

(ERA 28B3, not shown correctly - see this schematic plan instead) FR725

These two links north of Angoulême between LGV SEA and the 'classic' line are about 7.25km apart but function as a single grade separated junction. The more northerly raccordement (Juillé) is normally used by northbound TGVs serving Angoulême and the more southerly (Villognon) by southbound TGVs. These came into service 2 July 2017.

Raccordement de la Grave: St.Loubès (La Grave d'Ambarès Supérieure) – Ste.Eulalie-Carbon-Blanc (Bifurcation de la Grave)

(ERA 28C2 not shown ) FR19/50

An east <=> south curve linking the high level (Angoulême) and low level (Saintes) lines. In the past this curve was used by late evening trains southbound to Bordeaux and by early morning and late evening ones northbound from Bordeaux. This pattern probably still applies but details of individual trains are no longer available to the compilers.

The following train had been identified as using this route in previous years. The compilers would greatly appreciate confirmation they still do and details of any other trains observed taking this route, another train previously reported as using this route has been observed not doing so on the real time train location website.

SSuX 865021 Angoulême - 13:33 Libourne - Bordeaux St Jean

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.

Raccordement de la Grave.jpg

Raccordement de Port de Piles: north of Châtellerault

(ERA 27C3 not shown correctly 18 I 10 ) FR19/51

This provides a link from the LGV SEA for TGVs serving Châtellerault as well as Poitiers. It probably came into service at the end of 2017. Usage by the two trains shown, which are the only ones non-stop between Paris and Châtellerault, has been confirmed on the real time train location website. It is not certain if TGVs calling at St Pierre des Corps and Châtellerault use the LGV and this connection or remain on the old main line

SX TGV8489 17:10 Paris Montparnasse - Châtellerault - Poitiers/Bordeaux St Jean
FSSuX TGV8344 Poitiers - 17:35 Châtellerault - Paris Montparnasse