France (Provence Alpes Côte d'Azur) - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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Provence-Alpes-Côte d'Azur

Raccordement Grand Sud: Avignon TGV (Bifurcation Km 624,0/624,2) – Manduel-Redessan (Suze SEI71 (Bifurcation Km 5,2))

[ERT 355] (ERA 33A2) FR20/750

The third side of the Triangle des Angles, west of Avignon TGV station, is used by direct TGVs (or equivalent) between Marseille and Nîmes or beyond.

AVE9731 Marseille St Charles - 08:40 Avignon TGV - Madrid Puerta de Atocha
AVE9724 Madrid Puerta de Atocha - 20:25 Nîmes - Marseille St Charles

L'Estaque – Marseille St.Charles

[fiche Ligne 07] (ERA 33B3) FR751

There are two routes between [Miramas -] L'Estaque and Marseille St.Charles: the main line running direct and a more indirect line via the dock area. Trains calling at Arenc-Euroméditerranée use the latter route; all other trains use the main line. The trains via the dock area may use lines on either side of Marseille Maritime Arenc yard (north of Arenc-Euroméditerranée station), which are reversible.

Raccordement des Chartreux: St.Berthelmy – Marseille Blancarde

[ERT 350, fiche Ligne 07] (ERA 33B3) FR20/752

This curve bypassing Marseille St. Charles to the north is used by TGVs to/from Toulon and beyond not calling at Marseille St.Charles. The local services which ran by this route in 2018 have been withdrawn owing to issues with line occupation.

Owing to the introduction of Ouigo services, most regular TGV services now call at Marseille, leaving fewer trains taking this route.

TGVO7851 Paris Gare de Lyon – 10:21 Aix-en-Provence TGV – Nice Ville
TGV 6165 Paris Gare de Lyon – 14:06 Avignon TGV – Nice Ville
D FO TGV6163 Paris Gare de Lyon - 18:06 Avignon TGV - Nice Ville
TGVO 7853 Paris Gare de Lyon – 20:26 Aix-en-Provence TGV – Nice Ville
D FO TGV6187 Paris Gare de Lyon - 22:06 Avignon TGV - Nice Ville
SSuX TGV6150 05:47 Toulon - Paris Gare de Lyon
TGVO 7858 Nice Ville/07:47 Toulon - Paris Gare de Lyon
D TGV6188 Nice Ville – 09:47 Toulon - Paris Gare de Lyon
SuO TGV6170 Nice Ville - 12:47 Toulon - Paris Gare de Lyon
TGVO 7856 Nice Ville - 15:47 Toulon - Paris Gare de Lyon
SuO TGV6186 Nice Ville - 19:47 Toulon - Paris Gare de Lyon