Germany (Bayern) - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the timetable in force until 14 December 2013, unless otherwise stated. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

In the heading to each entry the map reference for the line in the Schweers+Wall Eisenbahn Atlas (2007/2008 edition) is shown, in italic, in addition to the reference to M.G. Ball's European Railway Atlas.

For bookings and other information about DZ trains on this page, see

Obscure services

Burgsinn Bbf Schnellfahrstrecke connection

[800.1] (51B2, 78C3) DE13/651

There are north- and south-facing connections from the Schnellfahrstrecke to the old main line at Burgsinn Bbf. The southern connection is used by day trains running non-stop between Fulda and Gemünden (Main), but calling at the latter.

SO IC1987 Hamburg-Altona – 12:32 Fulda – Passau Hbf
SO IC1986 Passau Hbf – 14:47 Gemünden (Main) – Hamburg-Altona

Gemünden (Main) (Wernfeld) – Waigolshausen

[800, 810] (51B1-51B2, 78A4-79B4) DE13/652

This line, which is about 35 km long, provides a more direct route between Gemünden (Main) and Schweinfurt than the main line via Würzburg or the branch lines via Bad Kissingen. It is likely to be used by excursions, particularly steam trains, between the Frankfurt area and Meiningen or Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg, because it is a suitable place for photographic stops and run-pasts.

E SSuO RE58331 Aschaffenburg Hbf – 09:06 Gemünden (Main ) – Bamberg
E SSuO RE58332 Bamberg – 18:21 Schweinfurt Hbf – Aschaffenburg Hbf

Fürth (Bay) Hbf – Nürnberg-Eibach (Abzw Muster)

(65B3, 162B3-162B4) DE13/653

This is part of the Nürnberg ring line. The following AutoZüge service runs via this route between Fürth (Bay) and Treuchtlingen in order to avoid reversing at Nürnberg Hbf.

E WO AZ13387 Hamburg Altona – 17:09 Hildesheim Hbf – Bolzano

E: 31 July to 28 August

Hersbruck (rechts Pegnitz) – Pommelsbrunn

[820] (60A3, 90A3) DE13/654

This spur links the lines leading east from Nürnberg on each bank of the Pegnitz. It is used by trains between Nürnberg Hbf and Neukirchen (b Sulzbach-Rosenberg) that call at Hersbruck (rechts Pegnitz) or are non-stop. Principal use is by RE services between Nürnberg, Schwandorf and Neustadt (Waldnaab).

Trebgast (Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg Süd) – Marktschorgast (Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg Ost) (Schlömener Kurve)

[860] (53A2 not shown, 81B3) DE13/655

This south to north curve, opened in 2001, connects the Bayreuth and Hof lines, avoiding Neuenmarkt-Wirsberg. It is used by IRE trains between Nürnberg and Chemnitz or Dresden via Bayreuth. These mostly run every two hours (four hours at weekends).

Feuchtwangen - Dombühl

(59A2, 96B1) DE13/656

The Bayerisches Eisenbahnmuseum Nördlingen operates regular, if occasional, trains over the Nördlingen - Dinkelsbühl - Feuchtwangen line. However the section northwards to Dombühl has in recent years seen trains only for the Dinkelsbühler Weihnachtsmarkt (Dinkelsbühl Christmas market) on Sundays in Advent. These services tend to be advertised only at relatively short notice. They may be advertised on the home page but users should also click on the "Termine" tab on the left of the page.

Ingolstadt Hbf – Weichering and Schrobenhausen (Seehof Bbf)

[983,993] (60A1 not shown, 97D4) DE13/657

The lines to Ingolstadt from Augsburg and from Donauwörth join at Seehof Bbf and then split into two independent single tracks forming a flying junction with the main line from München. Crossovers south of Ingolstadt Hbf mean that all platforms are accessible from both routes, but the branch trains do not normally cross the main line on the flat. Trains to platforms 5, 6 and 7, on the east side of Ingolstadt Hbf use the flyover, but those to platforms 1, 2 and 2a on the west side do not. The hourly trains to and from Augsburg mostly use platforms 1, 2 and 2a, and the direct spur from Seehof Bbf. Trains to and from Donauwörth depart from both sets of platforms. Booked departure platforms can be ascertained from the DB Hafas journey planner (see General Information).

Augsburg-Oberhausen – Neusäß (Augsburg-Hirblinger Straße)

[980] (70B3, 163C3) DE13/658

There are two routes, that from the east side of (and flying over) the Donauwörth line being used by most trains. The other, from the west side of the Donauwörth line, is used by trains between the Ulm line and platforms 7, 8 or 9 at Augsburg Hbf.

Leienfelsstrasse (Abzw. Pasing West) – München Hbf (Abzw München Kanal) (via Pasing and Abzw Pasing Nord)

[970] (66A2, 164B3-164D3) DE13/659

The normal route for trains between Buchloe and München Hbf is by a flyover over the Gauting (S6) S-Bahn tracks west of Pasing, through platforms 1 to 3 there and thence to the northern side platforms at Hauptbahnhof by the Fernbahn line (from Starnberg). The following EC trains between München and Zürich via Lindau are booked to use an alternative route. From Abzw Pasing West this dives under S-Bahn tracks from Nannhofen (S8) and the Augsburg main line, passes north of Pasing station and joins the Ingolstadt main line at Abzw Kanal. It should be noted that, during the period 18 May - 5 July 2012, some of the aforementioned EC services run via Kempten rather than via Memmingen and, as a result, either arrive at Buchloe at the later time stated below or leave München at the earlier time.

EC191 Zürich HB - 10:43/11:00 Buchloe - München Hbf
EC193 Zürich HB - 12:43/13:00 Buchloe - München Hbf
D EC1293 Zürich HB - 15:03 Buchloe - München Hbf
EC195 Zürich HB - 16:43/17:00 Buchloe - München Hbf
EC194 12.12/12.33 München Hbf - Zürich HB
EC192 16.00/16.33 München Hbf - Zürich HB
EC190/EC1298 18.33 München Hbf - Zürich HB
FO IC2017 Hannover Hbf - 20:47 Augsburg Hbf - München Hbf

München-Pasing (Abzw Landsberger Straße) – München Ost (München Süd) (via Abzw Friedenheimer Brücke)

[980] (66A2, 164B3-165A4) DE13/660

Most trains from the Augsburg direction not calling at the Hauptbahnhof follow the main line from München-Pasing as it dives below the S-Bahn and Starnberg tracks. They branch south on to the avoiding line at Abzw Landsberger Straße and continue via Abzw Friedenheimer Brücke to join the main line from München Hbf to München Ost at München Süd.

E WFSO AZ1389 AA Hamburg-Altona – 23u08 Hildesheim Hbf – München Ost
IC2083 Hamburg-Altona – 13:59 München-Pasing – Berchtesgaden Hbf
E SuO AZ13313 AA 17:13 Düsseldorf Hbf – Villach Hbf
E FO AZ13321 AA 21:54 Düsseldorf Hbf – Innsbruck Hbf
E FO AZ13381 AA 18:20 Hamburg-Altona – Bolzano/Bozen
E WO AZ13387 AA 14:33 Hamburg-Altona – Bolzano/Bozen
E SuO AZ13397 AA 15:52 Düsseldorf Hbf – Villach Hbf
H FO DZ13411 20:14 Utrecht C – 23u28 Köln Hbf – Landeck
H FO DZ13413 20:44 Utrecht C – 23u56 Köln Hbf – Bischofshofen
H FO DZ13415 21:14 Utrecht C – 00u43 Köln Hbf – Zell am See
E FO NF13419 A 13:17 's-Hertogenbosch – Trieste Centrale
IC2082 Berchtesgaden Hbf – 11:17 München Ost – Hamburg-Altona
E MThO AZ13312/AZ13326/AZ13396 AA 17:34 Villach Hbf – Düsseldorf Hbf
E SO AZ13380 AA 21:09 Bolzano/Bozen – Hamburg-Altona
E MO AZ13382 AA 18:47 Bolzano/Bozen – Hamburg-Altona
E MO AZ13386 AA 16:47 Bolzano/Bozen – Hamburg-Altona
H SO DZ13410 Landeck – 21u02 Kufstein – Utrecht C
H SO DZ13414 Zell am See – 22u49 Kufstein – Utrecht C
H SO DZ13416 Bischofshofen – 21u34 Kufstein – Utrecht C
E SO NF13418 A 15:08 Trieste Centrale – Utrecht C

München-Pasing – München-Ost (München Süd) (via Laim Rbf and Abzw Friedenheimer Brücke)

[980] (66A2, 164B3-165A4) DE13/661

As an alternative to DE13/660, trains from Augsburg may branch north at München-Pasing, cross over the Ingolstadt and Landshut lines, pass München-Laim Rbf and (east of Laim S-Bahn station) cross under the lines serving München Hbf to join route DE08/659 at Abzw Friedenheimer Brücke. Some AutoZüge to and from München Ost or Austria use this route.

D MThSO AZ1388 AA 22:30 München Ost - Hamburg-Altona
E SO AZ13320 AA Innsbruck Hbf - 21:45 München Ost – Düsseldorf Hbf
E MO AZ13322 AA Schwarzach St Veit - 22:53 München Ost - Düsseldorf Hbf
H SO AZ13324 AA Bolzano/Bozen - 19:18 Innsbruck Hbf – Düsseldorf Hbf
H FO AZ13325 AA 20:02 Düsseldorf Hbf – Bolzano/Bozen
E MO AZ13332 AA Schwarzach St Veit - 22:53 München Ost - Düsseldorf Hbf
H SO AZ13384 AA Bolzano/Bozen - 20:21 Innsbruck Hbf – Düsseldorf Hbf
H FO AZ13385 AA Hamburg-Altona - 21:57 Hildesheim Hbf - Bolzano/Bozen
H FO NF13417 A 19:44 Utrecht C – 22u58 Köln Hbf – Bischofshofen

München Nordring: Olching - Abzw München-Waldtrudering via Rbf München Nord

(66A2-66B3, 166B2-167B3) DE13/662

This line runs round the north and east sides of München from Olching (on the Augsburg line) to Abzw München-Waldtrudering (east of Trudering on the Rosenheim line). There are connections to the Ingolstadt and Landshut lines, and to the main station at München Ost. The section between München-Johanneskirchen and München-Daglfing is used by S-Bahn trains on route S8, but otherwise no use is made of this line by passenger services, except for:

Via Olching (Augsburg line) and München-Waldtrudering (Rosenheim line)

E SuO AZ13323 AA 21:55 Düsseldorf Hbf - Schwarzach St Veit
E SuO AZ13333 AA 21:55 Düsseldorf Hbf - Schwarzach St Veit
E SuO AZ13383 AA Hamburg-Altona - 18:58 Hildesheim Hbf - Bolzano/Bozen
H FO NF13423 A Bruxelles Midi - 21:41 Verviers Centrale - Zell am See
H FO NF13427 A Bruxelles Midi - 21:41 Verviers Centrale - Saalfelden

Bayerisches Eisenbahnmuseum usually runs Nikolausfahrten rund um München in December, although none are currently advertised for 2013. These run via the Nording and in past years have usually been routed via München-Moosach.

München-Feldmoching – Olching (via München Nord Rbf)

(66A1-66A2 shown incorrectly, 166B2-167D2) DE13/663

This route splits from the Regensburg line (coming from the north) at München-Feldmoching and joins the Nordring at the east end of München Nord marshalling yard. From there trains continue west along the Nordring (see previous entry) to join the Augsburg line at Olching. Most of the Nordring is not traversed.

D SO NF13460 Budapest-Nyugati – 14:00 Wien Westbf – Calais Ville

D: Only on 25 May and 26 October 2013. The train is timetabled to reach Feldmoching (via Passau and Plattling) at 20:46. For prices and reservation see

Rosenheim avoiding line: Bad Endorf (Abzw Rosenheim Ost) – Pfraundorf (Inn) (Abzw Rosenheim Süd)

[ÖBB 300] (71A2, 112A) DE13/664

This east to south curve linking the Salzburg and Wörgl lines provides a through route between Salzburg and Kufstein for Austrian Korridorzüge, which run non-stop through Germany. They are not included in the DB Kursbuch, but are those shown in the ÖBB Fahrpläne (table 300) calling at both Kufstein and Salzburg Hbf.

Prien Bahnhof – Stock Hafen

(Chiemsee-Schifffahrt Ludwig Feßler) (72A2, 116D1) DE13/665

Trains operate over this line during the summer in connection with cruises on the Chiemsee. There is a weekend service in May and daily thereafter. For further information see

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