Germany (Berlin and Brandenburg) - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the timetable in force until until 14 December 2013, unless otherwise stated. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

In the heading to each entry the map reference for the line in the Schweers+Wall Eisenbahn Atlas (2007/2008 edition) is shown, in italic, in addition to the reference to M.G. Ball's European Railway Atlas.

Obscure services

Routes are listed generally in the following order: (i) Berlin central area; (ii) the Berlin Outer Ring (Außenring) and connections to or from it, in clockwise order starting from Abzw Hennigsdorf; (iii) all others fully outside the Außenring.

Berlin central area

Berlin-Charlottenburg – Berlin-Halensee (Halensee Kurve)

[200.41, 200.42, 200.46, 200.47] (31B2, 128B3) DE13/251

The limited scheduled service over this south to east S-Bahn curve, withdrawn in June 2002, was reinstated from 29 May 2006. Departures are:

  • From Halensee: 00:34 Daily, 00:54 Daily
  • From Berlin-Charlottenburg: 04:19 Mon-Fri, 04:39 Mon-Fri, 05:39 Sat, 05:59 Sat, 06:59 Sun, 07:19 Sun

The Halensee curve is also used on the Panorama S-Bahn unit Berlin sightseeing tours where the route is described as Stadtbahn or Stadtring. However, this service is at present suspended until further notice, because of lack of capacity in the S-Bahn depots to maintain the special train that is used.

Berlin-Lichtenberg – Berlin-Gesundbrunnen

[209.54] (32A2-32A3 not shown, 129C3-128D1) DE13/252

This is the north-eastern quadrant of the Ringbahn Ferngleis.

IC61259/CNL1259 Erfurt Hbf – 07:43 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen – Berlin-Lichtenberg
MThSuO EN452 Moskva Belorusskaja (as train 23J1) – 21:15 Brest Centralnyi – Paris Est

This route is also used when international trains to/from Poland are diverted via Kostrzyn

Berlin-Gesundbrunnen (Abzw Berlin-Wedding) – Berlin-Jungfernheide (Berlin-Moabit)

[203] (32A2, 128D1-128C2) DE13/253

This section of the Ringbahn Ferngleis connects the routes from Berlin Hbf to Stralsund and to Hamburg:

D SO IC2422 Köln - 12:47 Berlin Spandau - Wolgast/Seebad Heringsdorf
D FO IC2426 16:51 Berlin Spandau - Seebad Heringsdorf
RE37341 Rathenow - 23:45 Berlin Spandau - Berlin Gesundbrunnen ( from 12 Jan 2013)
D SO IC2423 Seebad Heringsdorf/Wolgast - 13:58 Berlin Gesundbrunnen - Köln
D SuO IC2427 Seebad Heringsdorf - 17:55 Berlin Gesundbrunnen - Köln
D SuO IC1932 Stralsund – 19:42 Berlin-Gesundbrunnen – Oldenburg (Oldb) Hbf
MThSuO EN452 Moskva Belorusskaja (as train 23J1) – 21:15 Brest Centralnyi – Paris Est

Berlin-Spandau (Berlin Wiesendamm) – Berlin-Wannsee (Grunewald Gds)

(31B2 not shown in full, 128A2-128A3) DE13/254

This section of the Ringbahn Ferngleis, and connections off it, link the routes from Berlin to Potsdam and to Hamburg. It has been used by a winter AutoZüge service between Hamburg-Altona and Schwarzach-St Veit via Berlin-Wannsee, but this does not run in the current timetable.

Berlin-Spandau – Berlin-Staaken

[202] (31B2, 124D4-124C4) DE13/255

There are two routes between Berlin-Spandau and Staaken. The more northerly route makes a junction with the line from Falkensee about 1 km to the west of Berlin-Spandau. The southern route, mostly following the alignment of the Lehrter Bahn, converges with the main line at the west end of Berlin-Spandau station. Trains using the southern route can call only at platform 6, or use a non-platform track outside the station roof. IC, ICE and EC trains use the northern route. Eastbound RE and RB trains using platform 6 at Berlin-Spandau may use either route. If a train is to use the northern route, signal 8942 at Staaken (just east of the station) displays speed restriction ‘6’ (= 60 km/hr) above the main aspect. Westbound trains from Berlin-Spandau platform 6 can only use the southern route.

Berlin Outer Ring and connections

Hohen Neuendorf West – Birkenwerder

[209.20] (31B3, 125A1) DE13/256

There are two routes between Hohen Neuendorf West and Birkenwerder. The Lange Kurve branches south from and then passes below the Außenring having described three-quarters of a circle. It no longer sees regular use. Local trains between Oranienburg and Hennigsdorf use connections to and from the northbound S-Bahn track at Birkenwerder in order to call at the station, so always use the direct Kleine Kurve.

Birkenwerder – Berlin-Hohenschönhausen (Abzw Schönfließ West)

[209.12] (31B1, 125A1) DE13/257

There are two routes between Birkenwerder and the east side of the Außenring. The Lange Kurve runs parallel with the S-Bahn via Hohen Neuendorf, passing below the Außenring. The Kleine Kurve is a direct east to north connection from the Außenring to Birkenwerder. Both routes are reversible single tracks. The Kleine Kurve is used by all northbound trains and, when possible, by southbound ones. However, subject to punctual running, southbound RE5 and RB12 trains usually run via the Lange Kurve in order to avoid conflict with northbound services.

During the closure of the main line to Rostock, due to continue until 26 April 2013, a truncated RE5 service runs from Berlin Hbf to Birkenwerder. This service has been observed to use the Lange Kurve in both directions.

Berlin-Hohenschönhausen (Abzw. Berlin-Karow Ost) – Bernau b. Berlin (Berlin-Karow)

[209.60] (32A3, 125C2) DE13/258

This east to north curve links the east side of the Außenring with the line to Bernau and Angermünde. It is used by the trains listed under route DE13/260 and service RB60 hourly between Berlin-Lichtenberg and Eberswalde.

Berlin-Hohenschönhausen (Abzw. Berlin-Karow Ost) - Berlin-Gesundbrunnen (Berlin-Blankenburg)

[209.54] (32A3, 125C2) DE13/259

This east to south curve links the east side of the Außenring with the line to Pankow and Berlin-Gesundbrunnen.

D CNL1259 Erfurt - 07:43 Berlin Gesundbrunnen - Berlin Lichtenberg

Berlin Ostbahnhof (Abzw. Rummelsburg Rgbv) – Berlin-Hohenschönhausen (Abzw. Biesdorfer Kreuz Nord)

[203] (32A2, 129C3-129D2) DE13/260

This route links Berlin Ostbahnhof with the north side of the Außenring.

E SuO D18596 Berlin Zoologischer Garten – 08:46 Berlin Ostbahnhof – Swinoujscie Centrum
E FO D18594 Berlin Zoologischer Garten – 15:03 Berlin Ostbahnhof – Swinoujscie Centrum
E SO D18595 Swinoujscie Centrum – 14:26 Bernau (b Berlin) – Berlin Zoologischer Garten
E SuO D18597 Swinoujscie Centrum – 20:26 Bernau (b Berlin) – Berlin Zoologischer Garten

Berlin-Lichtenberg (Abzw. Biesdorfer Kreuz West) – Erkner (Abzw. Stadtforst) (via Wuhlheide Rbf.)

[201] (32B2, 129C2-36C3) DE13/261

This route connects Berlin-Lichtenberg with the line to Frankfurt (Oder) via the Außenring.

MThSuO EN452 Moskva Belorusskaja (as train 23J1) – 21:15 Brest Centralnyi – Paris Est

Services between Rzepin and Berlin which are diverted via Berlin-Lichtenberg with a stop at Frankfurt(Oder) also run this way. If the train is booked non-stop between Rzepin and Berlin–Lichtenberg, it runs via Küstrin.

See DE13/263 for notes on routing between Biesdorfer Kreuz West and Biesdorfer Kreuz Süd.

Berlin Ostbahnhof (Abzw. Rummelsburg Rgbv) – Berlin-Lichtenberg (Abzw. Biesdorfer Kreuz West) (via Abzw. Biesdorfer Kreuz Süd West)

(32A2, 129C3-129C2) DE13/262

Main line trains running between Berlin Ostbahnhof and Berlin-Lichtenberg have to do so via the Außenring. Only the S-Bahn tracks run directly between the two stations.

CNL1247 20:30 Berlin-Lichtenberg – München Ost
CNL1246 München Ost – 22:47 Augsburg Hbf – Berlin-Lichtenberg

Berlin-Lichtenberg (Abzw. Biesdorfer Kreuz West) – Königs Wusterhausen (Eichgestell Stw Egb)

[209.36] (32A2, 125B-125D) DE13/263

This is the route for trains between Berlin-Lichtenberg and the Königs Wusterhausen line via the Außenring. It joins the main line from Berlin Ostbf at Eichgestell. At present the route via Berlin-Schöneweide is not available, because the Ferngleis (main line tracks) between Baumschulenweg and Ostkreuz is closed.

All trains run via Biesdorfer Kreuz, where there are two routes between Abzw. Biesdorfer Kreuz Süd and Abzw. Biesdorfer Kreuz West. There is a direct south to west curve, but the Lange Kurve from Abzw. Biesdorfer Kreuz Süd joins the Ostbahn (from Kostrzyn) at Abzw. Biesdorfer Kreuz Süd-Ost east of the Außenring. Both lines are reversible, but trains to Berlin-Lichtenberg normally use the Lange Kurve and those in the opposite direction the direct route.

Königs Wusterhausen (Bf Grünau) – Berlin-Schönefeld Flughafen (Abzw Grünauer Kreuz Süd)

[209.14] (32B2, 127D2) DE13/264

This east to south curve links the Außenring and the Königs Wusterhausen line. It is used by RB14 trains (hourly) between Berlin-Schönefeld Flughafen and Senftenberg, some of which reverse and run through to/from Nauen via Berlin Ostbahnhof.

Großbeeren (Abzw. Großbeeren Süd) – Abzw. Genshagener Heide Ost (via Abzw. Großbeeren West and Abzw. Genshagener Heide Nord) and Abzw. Glasower Damm West – Blankenfelde(Kr Teltow-Fläming) (Abzw. Glasower Damm Süd)

[203, 240] (31B1 not shown & 32A1, 127A3 & 127C3) DE13/265

These are, respectively, a 270 degree north to east connection between the Berlin – Leipzig main line and the Außenring, and a west to south curve between the Außenring and the Dresden main line. They are used by EC/IC trains between Berlin Hbf (low level) and Dresden and RE3 trains to Wünsdorf-Waldstadt and Elsterwerda.

Elstal - Priort (Abzw. Priort Nordkopf) and Potsdam Wisschenschaftspark Golm – Werder(Havel)

(31A2 & 31A1, 124A4 & 126A2) DE13/266

These are respectively an east <=> south curve linking the Berlin – Stendal line to the Außenring and a north <=> west curve linking the Außenring to the Berlin – Magdeburg main line.

During the “Baumblütenfest” in Werder(Havel) – normally during the first week of May, including both weekends – special RE1 trains are run over the route: Berlin Ostbf – Berlin-Charlottenburg – Berlin-Spandau – Wustermark Rbf – Priort – Potsdam Wisschenschaftspark Golm – Werder (Havel). Details can usually be found on HAFAS about two weeks before the event.

Potsdam Park Sansoussci – Potsdam Pirschheide (Abzw. Wildpark Süd)

(31A1, 126B2) DE13/266A

This west to south curve connects the Berlin – Magdeburg and Potsdam – Beelitz Stadt lines.

Owing to capacity problems between Potsdam Hbf and Potsdam Charlottenhof on weekdays four pairs of trains (all SSuX) to/from Michendorf in the morning are using Potsdam Park Sanssouci in lieu of Potsdam Hbf until 21 April 2013: from Michendorf at 05:12, 06:12, 07:12 & 08:12 and 05:43; from Potsdam Park Sanssouci at 06:43, 07:43 and 08:43.

Saarmund (Abzw Potsdam Wildpark West) - Werder(Havel)

(31A1, 126A2) DE13/267

This south <=> west curve links the southwestern quadrant of the Außenring to the Berlin – Magdeburg main line.

During the “Baumblütenfest” in Werder(Havel) – normally during the first week of May, including both weekends – RB22 services between Berlin-Schönefeld Flughafen and Potsdam Hbf are diverted to reverse at Werder(Havel) instead of Golm and hence use this curve.

Berlin-Staaken – Stendal – Wolfsburg

[202, 301] (27B3 to 29B3, 124C4 to 32D4) DE13/268

On this route the double track Schnellfahrstrecke runs alongside one or two other tracks for most of the way. Between Berlin-Staaken and Elstal local passenger trains use a double line immediately south of the SFS. There is a single-track local line between Elstal and Wustermark. All passenger trains use the Schnellfahrstrecke between Wustermark and Rathenow. There is no passenger use of the non-electrified parallel track from Wustermark to Abzw Ribbeck (east of Buschow) or from Abzw Bamme (west of Nennhausen) to Rathenow. RB trains between Rathenow and Stendal use the parallel single line. All others use the Schnellfahrstrecke. Between Hämerten (Abzw Staffelde) and Vinzelberg (Abzw Nahrstedt) the Schnellfahrstrecke follows a separate route to the south of Stendal, which is used by all trains not calling there. All RB trains west of Stendal use the single, non-electrified line. The two routes diverge slightly at a number of places, particularly at Oebisfelde.

Other lines fully outside the Außenring

Herzberg(Mark) – Neuruppin Rheinsberger Tor

[209.54] (20A1, 35C1) DE13/269

In 2013, the seasonal RB54 service to Rheinsberg will be diverted over this line due to engineering works between Löwenberg and Oranienburg. Some trains continue from Neuruppin to Spandau coupled with RE6 trains. The normal routing via Löwenberg to Berlin-Lichtenberg is expected to resume from 2014.


The three lines into Cottbus from the west all split into separate routes to the south side platforms, 1 to 4, and to the higher-numbered middle and north side platforms.

Cottbus (Stw W10) – Kolkwitz (Cottbus Abzw Cbn)

[202] (30B1, 49B4) DE13/270

This spur links the Lübbenau line to the north side platforms. All arrivals from Lübbenau use the southern platforms at Cottbus. All departures from Cottbus use the middle/northern platforms, and hence this spur, with the exception of those at 03:49, 05:00, 05:36 SuX, 06:01 SuO and 06:05 SuX.

Cottbus (Stw W9) – Kolkwitz Süd (Cottbus Abzw Cfw)

[209.43, 215] (30B1, 49B4) DE13/271

The main line from Leipzig leads to the middle and north platforms at Cottbus but this spur gives access to south side platforms. No trains are booked to use it in the current timetable.

Cottbus (Südseite Stw W20) – Leuthen (b Cottbus) (Cottbus Südwest Stw B2)

[208] (30B1 not shown, 49B4) DE13/272

The main line from Dresden leads to the middle and north platforms at Cottbus but a spur gives access to south side platforms. A slight majority of the trains use the southern platforms, thus:

RE18401 05:15 Cottbus - Dresden Hbf
RE18425 08:08 Cottbus - Falkenberg (Elster)/Ruhland
RE18405 09:15 Cottbus - Dresden Hbf
RE18427 10:08 Cottbus - Falkenberg (Elster)/Ruhland
RE18429 12:08 Cottbus - Falkenberg (Elster)
RE18409 13:15 Cottbus - Dresden Hbf
RE18431 14:08 Cottbus - Falkenberg (Elster)
RE18411 15:13 Cottbus - Dresden Hbf
RE18413 17:15 Cottbus - Dresden Hbf
RE18435 18:08 Cottbus - Falkenberg (Elster)/Ruhland
RE18415 19:15 Cottbus - Dresden Hbf
RE18419 23:08 Cottbus - Senftenberg
RE18402 Elsterwerda – 06:37 Leuthen (b Cottbus) – Cottbus
RE18422 Falkenberg (Elster)/Ruhland – 07:40 Leuthen (b Cottbus) – Cottbus
RE18404 Dresden Hbf – 08:28 Drebkau – Cottbus
RE18424 Falkenberg (Elster)/Ruhland – 09:40 Leuthen (b Cottbus) – Cottbus
RE18408 Dresden Hbf – 12:28 Drebkau – Cottbus
RE18428 Falkenberg (Elster) – 13:40 Leuthen (b Cottbus) – Cottbus
RE18410 Dresden Hbf – 14:28 Drebkau – Cottbus
RE18430 Falkenberg (Elster) – 15:40 Leuthen (b Cottbus) – Cottbus
RE18432 Falkenberg (Elster)/Ruhland – 17:40 Leuthen (b Cottbus) – Cottbus
RE18414 Dresden Hbf – 18:28 Drebkau – Cottbus

Uebigau (Falkenberg (Elster) Stw B3) – Falkenberg (Elster) unt Bf (Stw W17)

[209.43, 215] (43B3, not shown, 59C1) DE13/273

This combination of curves provides an east to north route, on the south side of the Cottbus – Leipzig line, connecting that line with the low level station at Falkenberg (Elster). It is used by all trains to and from Cottbus via Finsterwalde starting or terminating at Falkenberg (Elster).

Bad Liebenwerda (Falkenberg (Elster) Stw W15) – Falkenberg (Elster) ob Bf (Stw W2)

[228] (43B3, not shown, 59C1) DE13/274

This south to west curve connects the line from Elsterwerda-Biehla with the high level platforms at Falkenberg (Elster) and is used by through trains between Leipzig and Hoyerswerda. All other trains between Elsterwerda-Biehla and Falkenberg (Elster) use the low level station.

Falkenberg (Elster) – Glaubitz (b Riesa) (Abzw. Zeithain Bogendreieck)

[240] (43B3, 59C1-59C3) DE13/275 [the southern portion of this line is in Sachsen]

This part of the original rail route from Berlin to Dresden links Falkenberg with the Leipzig – Dresden main line near Riesa. It no longer has a regular passenger service, but the following train is diverted from the Dresden main line.

H1 SX EN476 Budapest Keleti pu – 06:04 (SuX) Decin hl.n. – Berlin Hbf

H1: 9 December 2012 - 6 June 2013; not 24,25,31 December, 28 January, 31 March, 30 April, 8,19 May from Budapest.

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