Germany (Niedersachsen and Bremen) - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the timetable dated from 13 December 2009 to 11 December 2010, unless otherwise stated. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

In the heading to each entry the map reference for the line in the Schweers+Wall Eisenbahn Atlas (2007/2008 edition) is shown, in italic, in addition to the reference to M.G. Ball's European Railway Atlas.

Obscure services

Saline – Westen

[10007] (16A3, 9B3) DE09/151

This is a branch off the line from Westanleger to Wangerooge. Passenger trains run to/from Westen when required by pre-booked parties staying at the Youth Hostel or other accommodation there. Occasional passenger trains, locally advertised, sometimes run in connection with special events at the west end of the island.

Bremen-Sebaldsbrück – Bremen Hbf (via Abzw Vahr)

[380] (16B1, not shown, 9C2-9B2) DE09/152

Trains from the Hannover line to platforms 1, 2 or 3 at Bremen Hbf may use this spur, which passes under both the main Hannover line and the Osnabrück line. They may, alternatively, use crossovers at the approach to Bremen Hbf. The route via Abzw Vahr has been used by RE trains from Hannover to Bremen and also by IC trains from Hannover to Oldenburg. The RE trains have been retimed between Achim and Bremen, so may now use the main line; reports will be welcomed. Trains in the opposite direction normally use the flat junction at Hastedt but, if the departure signal at Bremen Hbf platforms 1, 2 or 3 shows speed restriction 4 (= 40 km/h), that may indicate use of this route. There is no passenger use of the connections between Bremen-Hemelingen and Bremen Hbf via Abzw Vahr known to the compilers.

Bremen avoiding line: Sagehorn – Dreye (Gabelung)

[10] (16B1, 9D1-9C3) DE09/153

Most trains between Hamburg and Osnabrück call at Bremen Hbf, but this route enables those that do not to avoid a lengthy detour.

FSSuX ICE1094 Hamburg-Altona – 06:12 Hamburg Hbf – Köln Hbf
FO ICE1101 Hamburg-Altona – 11:22 Hamburg-Harburg – Köln Hbf
FSSuX ICE1095 Köln Hbf – 07:03 Essen Hbf – Hamburg-Altona
D1 SuO IC1816 Köln Hbf – 17:23 Diepholz – Hamburg-Altona
FO IC1806 Köln Hbf – 17:26 Diepholz – Hamburg-Altona
E WO AZ13317 13:43 Hamburg-Altona – Verona Porta Nuova
H TO AZ13329 17:03 Hamburg-Altona – Innsbruck Hbf
H WO AZ13328 17:03 19:08 Innsbruck Hbf – Hamburg-Altona
E ThO AZ13316 17:03 19:08 Verona Porta Nuova – 20:24 Bolzano – Hamburg-Altona

D1: 9 January to 10 May 2009.

Kirchweyhe – Kirchweyhe BTE

(16B1 not shown, 20B4) DE09/153A

This south <==> west curve provides the only usable connection between DB and the Bremen-Thedinghauser Eisenbahn. BTE runs a number of excursions each summer from Leeste to destinations on the DB network. In 2009 these were as follows: 2 3 May Hamburg-Harburg; 7 June Bremen-Vegesack; 12 July Worpswede; 2 August Bederkesa; 16 August Bad Zwischenahn; 11 October Hamburg-Harburg. They are often fully booked and advance reservation is essential. See

Munster (Örtze) – Munster (Örtze) Kaserne Emminger Weg

[17.2] (17B1 not shown, 21D4) DE09/154

This is a branch line which serves an army camp south-west of Munster (Örtze). There is a passenger halt by a level crossing in Emminger Weg, in part of the military area that is open to the public, about 2.5km from Munster (Örtze) station. The following trains start and terminate there for the benefit of Bundeswehr personnel.

FO IC1931 11:50 Munster (Örtze) Kaserne Emminger Weg – Berlin Südkreuz
SuO IC1930 Berlin Südkreuz – 23:05 Munster (Örtze) – Munster (Örtze) Kaserne Emminger Weg

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