Germany (Sachsen) - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the timetable dated from 11 December 2022 to 9 December 2023, unless otherwise stated. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

Map references for each route entry are given in parentheses ( ). References prefixed "ERA-E" refer to the European Railway Atlas (All-Europe Edition) by M.G. Ball. References prefixed "ERA-R" refer to the European Railway Atlas (Regional Series - Germany) by M.G. Ball. References prefixed "S+W", or in italic, refer to Eisenbahnatlas Deutschland by Schweers + Wall.

Obscure services

Kyhna (Delitzsch Gbf) – Delitzsch unt Bf

[501.9] (ERA-E 49B2; ERA-R 102A2; S+W 58B2) DE22/301

This west to north curve connects the Halle (Saale) – Eilenburg and Leipzig – Bitterfeld lines.

SSuO S37930 05:57 Delitzsch unt Bf – Halle (Saale) Hbf
S37929 Halle (Saale) Hbf – 22:58 Kyhna – Delitzsch unt Bf

This line is also used occasionally by diverted ICE services between Bitterfeld and Halle (Saale) Hbf when the line via Landsberg (b. Halle) is closed for engineering work. This occurs, mainly on Saturday evenings, between 7 and 24 January 2022. S8 services are also diverted during this period.

Leipzig-Gohlis – Leipzig Hbf

[501.3] (ERA-E 57B5-57B4; ERA-R 84C5; S+W 131C3) DE22/302

All trains via Leipzig Olbrichtstraße run to and from the low level platforms at Leipzig Hbf, including the short workings to/from Schkeuditz on Mondays to Fridays only which now run to and from Geithain. There is therefore no longer any use of the connection between the Olbrichtstraße line and the main station at Leipzig Hbf.

Leipzig Hbf (tief) (Leipzig Berliner Straße) – Leipzig Messe (Leipzig Nordkopf)

[501.2, 501.5, 501.6] (ERA-E 57B4-57B5 not shown; ERA-R 84C5; S+W 131C3-131C2) DE22/303

There are two routes available for S-Bahn trains between Leipzig Hbf (tief) and platforms 1 and 2 on the Bitterfeld line at Leipzig Messe. These are via Leipzig Nord on the Eilenburg line (6396) or via the main line to Bitterfeld (6411). All S2 and S6 trains to and from Leipzig Messe or beyond run via and call at Leipzig Nord and so use line 6396 and the connections between Leipzig Nordkopf, on line 6411, and Leipzig Nord in both directions. The southbound connection, in particular, follows a separate alignment of its own. The only S-Bahn trains to use the southern end of line 6411 are S5/S5X services to and from the Leipzig/Halle Flughafen line, via platforms 3 and 4 at Leipzig Messe.

Mügeln (b Oschatz) Bf – Glossen (b Oschatz)/Kemmlitz (b Oschatz) (Döllnitzbahn GmbH)

(ERA-E 50A1-49C1; ERA-R 102B1; S+W 59B3) DE22/304

The Döllnitzbahn operates a limited service beyond Mügeln over this 750mm gauge line. The following diesel trains are the only regular services to run to Glossen or Kemmlitz:

Schooldays only:

SSuX DBG106 Oschatz Hbf – 13:47 Mügeln (b Oschatz) Bf – Glossen (b Oschatz)
SSuX DBG101 06:48 Glossen (b Oschatz) – Oschatz Hbf
SSuX DBG107 14:14 Glossen (b Oschatz) – Oschatz Hbf

School holidays only:

MTWX DBG102 Oschatz Hbf – 11:30 Mügeln (b Oschatz) Bf – Glossen (b Oschatz)
MTWX DBG104 Oschatz Hbf – 14:50 Mügeln (b Oschatz) Bf – Kemmlitz (b Oschatz) Bf
MTWX DBG105 11:52 Glossen (b Oschatz) – Oschatz Hbf
MTWX DBG109 15:25 Kemmlitz (b Oschatz) Bf – Oschatz Hbf

Steam trains operate to Glossen and Kemmlitz on certain weekends, replacing the diesel timetable.

The Döllnitzbahn website has a calendar showing schooldays, school holidays and days with a steam service.

Zabeltitz/Nünchritz (Radebeul Abzw Az) – Radebeul-Naundorf

[500] (ERA-E 50A1; ERA-R 110A3; S+W 72C2) DE22/305

Fast trains between Dresden and Leipzig or Berlin generally run via Radebeul Ost but occasionally the route via Cossebaude is used. No use of the Cossebaude route, and hence this connection, has been identified in the current timetable period; however services may be diverted this way as operating convenience dictates.

Zabeltitz (Großenhain Berliner Bf W16) – Radebeul-Kotzschenbroda

[240] (ERA-E 50A1; ERA-R 102C1; S+W 59D3-59D4) DE22/306

EC/IC trains between Dresden and Berlin run direct via this route, except when engineering work causes diversions via routes DE22/333 or 22/337. RB and RE trains between Dresden and Elsterwerda run via Priestewitz and Großenhain Cottbuser Bf.

Dresden-Plauen (Abzw Freital Ost) – Tharandt

[510, 510.3] (ERA-E 50A1 not shown; ERA-R 110B1-110A1; S+W 72D4-72C4) DE22/307

A single-track goods line runs to the north of the main line, and at lower level, between Freital Ost and Tharandt. At Freital-Hainsberg it is on the far side of the narrow-gauge station and yard from the main line. It is used by all westbound trains not stopping between Dresden Hbf and Tharandt.

Arnsdorf (b Dresden) – Kleinröhrsdorf (Abzw Arnsdorf Nord)

[227] (ERA-E 50B1; ERA-R 110A5; S+W 60B4) DE22/308

Most trains between Dresden and Kamenz use the west to north connecting curve west of Arnsdorf. Trains calling at Arnsdorf reverse there and use the east to north curve. These are departures from Arnsdorf at 03:09, 1 January only (S8 16653) and from Kamenz at 03:43 SSuX (S8 16640) and 04:20 SuX (S8 16642).

Werdau (Werdau Bogendreieck, Werdauer Spitz) – Neumark (Sachsen) (Werdau Bogendreieck, Neumarker Spitz)

[544] (ERA-E 55C5; ERA-R 109A4; S+W 132A4) DE22/309

This north to south side of the Werdau triangle is part of the main line from Leipzig to München via Hof, but most trains now run to and from Zwickau. This side of the triangle is used by Vogtlandbahn trains which run between Zwickau Zentrum and Adorf (Vogtl), Bad Brambach or Cheb via reversal at Werdau, generally every hour.

Kamenz (Sachs) – Hosena

[227.1] (ERA-E 50B1-50B2; ERA-R 103A1-103A2; S+W 60C3-60B2) DE22/310

This freight line is used once again in 2022 by a summer weekend train pair between Dresden and Senftenberg. The north end of this line is within Land Brandenburg.

D3 SSuO RB16657 Dresden Hbf – 10:26 Kamenz (Sachs) – Senftenberg
D3 SSuO RB16656 Senftenberg – 17:07 Hosena – Dresden Hbf

D3: 16 July to 28 August 2022

Note that these services run as S8 between Dresden Hbf and Kamenz (Sachs) and as RB34 between Kamenz and Senftenberg.

Obscure services: Lines used on an occasional basis for engineering work diversions

Kyhna (Delitzsch Gbf) – Zschortau (Delitzsch Abzw Ah)

[501.4] (ERA-E 49B2; ERA-R 102A2; S+W 58B2) DE22/331

This west to south curve connects the Halle (Saale) – Eilenburg and Leipzig – Bitterfeld lines, providing an alternative route between Leipzig and Halle. The opening of the main line via Leipzig/Halle Flughafen in 2003 gave two possible routes between Leipzig and Halle via Gröbers, which has meant that this route has been little used.

It is however occasionally used by diverted S4 services between [Leipzig Hbf (tief) -] Leipzig Nord and Eilenburg, reversing at Delitzsch Gbf.

Horka - Bielawa Dolna (PL) [– Węgliniec]

[PKP260] (ERA-E 50C2; ERA-R 103C1; S+W 61B3-61C3) DE22/332

The weekend Kulturzug trains between Berlin and Wrocław have occasionally been diverted via the curve from the Cottbus line and the recently electrified and reopened freight cross-border line in the last few years. Note that Interrail tickets, etc., are not valid on these services. See PL22/162.

Falkenberg (Elster) – Glaubitz (b Riesa) (Abzw. Zeithain Bogendreieck)

(ERA-E 50A2-50A1; ERA-R 102C2-102C1; S+W 59C1-59C3) DE22/333 [The northern part of this route is in Land Brandenburg]

This part of the original rail route from Berlin to Dresden links Falkenberg with the Leipzig – Dresden main line near Riesa. The local passenger service was withdrawn in 2004, but when there is engineering work on the main line to/from Berlin via Elsterwerda, all EC and IC trains between Berlin and Dresden are diverted by this route. This occurred frequently in the last few years while the main line was upgraded. Although the upgrade has now been completed, further occasional diversions still occur.

Taucha (b. Leipzig) (Leipzig-Heiterblick) – Leipzig-Stötteritz (Leipzig-Schönefeld)

[209.43] (ERA-E 57C5-57C4; ERA-R 84C5; S+W 131B3) DE22/334

This line links the Eilenburg line with the route to Leipzig Hbf (tief) or Markkleeberg via Leipzig-Stötteritz. It is used when the usual route to Leipzig Hbf via Leipzig-Thekla is unavailable. RE10 services between Cottbus, Eilenburg and Leipzig are occasionally diverted this way to/from Leipzig-Stötteritz instead of the Hauptbahnhof.

Schkeuditz (Leipzig-Wahren Westkopf) – Wiederitzsch – Leipzig Hbf (Leipzig-Mockau)

(ERA-E 57B5-57C5; ERA-R 84B5-84C5; S+W 131B3-131C3) DE22/335

This is a longer route between Schkeuditz and Leipzig Hbf via the freight ring line. It is common with route DE22/338 between Wiederitzsch and Leipzig-Mockau. No services have been identified as using this route in the current timetable.

Leipzig Hbf (Leipzig-Mockau) – Rackwitz (Abzw Leipzig Messe Nord)

[250] (ERA-E 57C5-57B5 not shown; ERA-R 84C5; S+W 131C3-131C2) DE22/336

A single line (6388) runs to the east of the flyovers carrying the Wiederitzsch and Flughafen lines. It no longer has regular services, but may be used when the main line is unavailable.

Engelsdorf (b. Leipzig) Hp (Engelsdorf KV Bft) – Rackwitz (Abzw Leipzig Messe Nord)

(ERA-E 57C4-57B5; ERA-R 84C5; S+W 131D3-131C2) DE22/337

This line joins the Dresden and Bitterfeld lines via the eastern end of the Leipzig freight ring line. It connects into DE22/336 at Leipzig-Mockau. It is used by IC/EC trains between Dresden and Berlin when the main line via Elsterwerda is not available, as an alternative to DE22/333.

Leipzig-Leutzsch – Wiederitzsch – Leipzig Hbf (Leipzig-Mockau)

[250, 580] (ERA-E 57B5-57C5; ERA-R 84B5-84C5; S+W 131C3-131B3) DE22/338

This is a longer route between Leipzig-Leutzsch and Leipzig Hbf via the freight ring line. No use of this route has been identified in the current timetable but it may be used when the direct route via Leipzig-Gohlis is not available.

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