Germany (Schleswig-Holstein) - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the timetable in force until 14 December 2013, unless otherwise stated. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

In the heading to each entry the map reference for the line in the Schweers+Wall Eisenbahn Atlas (2007/2008 edition) is shown, in italic, in addition to the reference to M.G. Ball's European Railway Atlas.

Obscure services

Flensburg avoiding line: Padborg (Flensburg Friedensweg) – Flensburg Weiche

(10A3, 3C2) DE13/001

This north to south curve is used by trains between Padborg and Schleswig not booked via Flensburg.

There are no such passenger trains in the 2013 timetable, but on Sunday mornings from May to December the night train to Denmark will be diverted via Kiel and reverse at Flensburg Weiche:

D SuO CNL1272 Basel SBB – 06:38 Flensburg – København H

D: From 11 May 2013.

Niebüll – Niebüll neg

[130, 136] (9B3, 1D3) DE13/002

DB and neg Niebüll GmbH have separate stations in Niebüll. The only passenger service over the section of the branch to Dagebüll between the neg station and the junction with the main line is provided by a few through workings which do not operate during the winter. Through trains are indicated in Kursbuch table 130 by IC trains which start or terminate at Niebüll.

Kiel Hbf (Kiel Süd) - Schönberg (Holstein)

(102B-112A, 3C4-3D4) DE13/003

Tourist trains run every Saturday and Sunday during the summer between Schönberg (Holst) and Schönberger Strand. On some days there are through trains between Kiel Hbf and either Schönberg (Holst) or Schönberger Strand. See the Schönberger Museumsbahnen timetable.

Kiel Hbf avoiding line: Flintbek (Abzw Meimersdorf) – Kiel-Hassee Cittipark


This north to west curve allows trains from Neumünster to continue directly towards the Rendsburg or Flensburg lines.

It is not normally used by passenger trains, except for diversions when the main line from Neumünster to Flensburg is closed.

D SuO CNL1272 Basel SBB – 04:55 Neumünster – København H

D: From 11 May 2013.

Burg (Fehmarn) West

[140] (11B2 not shown; 4C3 partially shown) DE13/005

This triangular junction connects Fehmarn-Burg to the main line between Puttgarden and Lübeck.

The N <=> S leg is used by EC and ICE trains between København and Hamburg via the Rødby–Puttgarden train ferry. These trains call at Puttgarden after leaving the ferry.

All RE and RB trains between Puttgarden and Lübeck call at Fehmarn-Burg, and so use the N <=> E and E <=> S legs of the triangle in sequence.

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