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Coal Trunk Line (Magistrala węglowa) From Herby Nowe to Zduńska Wola Karsznice and Inowrocław, with connecting routes and curves

The Magistrala węglowa (Coal Trunk Line) is a major south - north freight artery which, for EGTRE purposes, cam be considered as running from Herby Nowe through Zduńska Wola Karznice to Inowrocław. The 258 km route was timetable 315, but the sparse regular passenger service over the route ended many years ago, leaving mainly seasonal and diversionary use which is difficult to identify from the timetable pdfs, especially since there is no longer a timetable 315 pdf.

There are numerous curves and connections onto and off the Coal Trunk Line, some used frequently, others much less so or not for many years. For this reason a route-based approach has been taken with diagrams indictaing which connections and sections of the Coal Trunk Line are used by services. Each connection and section are given a number in the schematic diagram below. These are used in the headings for each entry to allow a section of the route which is in use to be readily identified.

Coal trunk Line Master.jpg

All entries timings are given from the last point before travel on any part of the Coal Trunk Line.

(Łódź –) p.odg Gajewniki – p.odg Dionizów – Ponętów – p.odg. Zamków – Klodawa (– Kutno ) 7,9,10

[315/300] (ERA-E 75B1; ERA-R 177A2; D7) PL21/701

This route from/to Lodz uses the Zdunska Wola East to North curve, the northern section of the Coal Trunk Line and the very rare curve from Ponętów to p.odg. Zamków to join line 300 towards Kutno.

Coal Trunk Line 1.jpg

Note B IC3560 Bielsko-Biała Główna - 08:00 Pabianice - Gdynia Główna
Note A IC3531 Kraków Główny - 12:25 Pabianice - Gdynia Główna
Note A IC5330 Gdynia Główna - 12:28/12:33 Włocławek - Kraków Główny
Note B IC5420 Gdynia Główna - 18:26 Kutno - Bielsko-Biała Główna

Note A: 29 August to 6 November and NOTE the station calling pattern means they must run via Kutno but this pair are NOT booked to call! Reports advise this took place in the north side yards, over 2km short of the platforms.
Note B: 29 August to 6 November and note this pair is booked to call at Kutno.

Częstochowa - Częstochowa Aniołow (p.odg. Wyczerpy) – Chorzew Siemkowice - Zdunska Wola Karznice - Ponętów - Inowrocław Rąbinek - Podg. Mimowola - Inowrocław

[102, 173, 315] (ERA-E 78A4; ERA-R 182B4; F7) PL21/303

Coal Trunk Line 2.jpg

The previous booked use of this 48.3km connecting line was by a one day only pair of Turkol operated pilgrimage specials in 2016. More recent timetable PDFs indicated plans to use this route but the trains were re-routed before they started running. Note that, from the grade separated junction at podg Wyczerpy north of Częstochowa, the northbound and southbound tracks remain apart and on significantly different vertical alignments for 3 km as far as Rząsawa.

Note A IC403/45070 Bohumin [ČD] - 22:30 Częstochowa - Hel
Note A IC402/IC54070 Hel - 02:10 Inowrocław - Częstochowa - Bohumin [ČD]

Note A: 25/26 June - 31 August/1 September 2021==== [102, 173, 315] (ERA-E 78A4; ERA-R 182B4; F7) PL21/702