Italy (Friuli Venezia Giulia) - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the timetable in force from 9 June to 14 December 2019. Several companies publish railway timetables in Italy, but table numbers quoted here are from In Treno Tutt'Italia, the official Trenitalia book. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information. Map references relate to the Schweers+Wall Atlante ferroviario d’Italia e Slovenia.

Two useful symbols exist which show the booked route for trains not calling at a station: in the middle of the train column, a vertical bar "|" means that the train passes through the station without stopping, whereas a dot "." means that the train does not pass through that station but instead takes a different route.

Routes used occasionally for diversions

Overnight trains between Padova and Villach have sometimes been scheduled to run via the following two routes, but subject to diversion via Pordenone. Conversely, there may be occasional diversions via these lines by overnight trains normally scheduled to run via Pordenone.

Trains departing on the following evenings are expected to run this way in 2019:

21 to 25 January, 28 January to 1 February

4 to 8, 11 to 15 and 18 to 22 February, 25 February to 1 March

8 March to 4 April

8 to 12 and 15 to 17 April

Udine avoiding line: Tricesimo-S. Pelagio (PM Vat) - Buttrio

[14, 15] (140D1, but not as shown) IT19/41

This route enables trains to run between the Tarvisio and Gorizia lines without reversing at Udine. The curve shown in the Atlante ferroviario d'Italia e Slovenia to Udine Parco scambio estremo lato Gorizia has been replaced by a spur east from the avoiding line to the Gorizia line.

Monfalcone avoiding line: Ronchi dei Legionari Nord - Ronchi dei Legionari Sud

[13, 14] (27B2) IT19/42

This route enables trains to run between the Gorizia and Venezia lines without reversing at Monfalcone.

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