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National railway system

Chemins de fer Luxembourgeois CFL

Official Website



Letzebuergesch, French and German



UIC code

numeric 82; alpha L


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Journey Planner: <a href=""></a>
Downloadable Timetable: <a href=""></a>
Printed Timetable: Indicateur Officiel, printed in French and issued annually. It has

an introduction in English, French and German. There is a separate timetable of bus services. The international timetable is published in separate sections, to reflect the differing timetables change dates of

adjacent countries. A route diagram in the timetable shows all stations
Engineering Information:

<a href=""></a>




Sterpenich/Kleinbettingen to Luxembourg (used by SNCB) is 3 kV dc; the rest is at 25 kV 50 Hz. All CFL passenger routes are electrified.

Rule of the road

Right (except for the Sterpenich - Luxembourg section which is used by SNCB and has left hand running).

Other Railways


Tourist Lines

  • <a href="">L'Association des Musee et Tourisme Ferroviaires (AMTF) [Train 1900]</a> (standard gauge, 8km length): Pétange (close to CFL station) to Bois de Rodange with reversal at Fond de Gras. A connection with the CFL network at Pétange sees occasional through excursion trains.
  • <a href="">Minièresbunn Doihl asbl (MBD)</a> (700 mm gauge): a preserved mining line, from Fond de Gras via Doihl and through a 1400 m long tunnel to Lasauvage. Thence are two branches: to Saulnes [France] and to Lasauvage Eglise. Part (including the tunnel) is electrified at 500 V dc while other sections are worked by steam or diesel.
  • <a href=""> Musée National de Mines de Fer</a> (700 mm gauge 4.2 km circuit): a preserved mining line at Rumelange .
  • Special Notes

    Locomotives of four countries (Belgium, France, Luxembourg, and Germany) regularly work into Luxembourg City station. CFL provides the only passenger service to Audun-le-Tiche and Volmerange les Mines (France).

    Recent and Future Changes

    The extension of the line across the border from Dudelange to Volmerange-les-Mines in France opened to public traffic on 15 December 2003.

    Future plans (see <a href="">brochure</a>) include:

    • Double tracking of the line from Rodange to Longwy
    • A new tunnel to be built between Belval to Oberkorn
    • A new line to be built from Belval Universite to Belval Mairie
    • Modernisation of the Luxembourg to Kleinbettingen line
    • Double tracking of the line from Hollerich to Petange (just east of Dippach to Petange already open) to be completed by 2012.
    • A new direct line to be built from Cessange to Esch
    • A new line to be built from Howald to Bettembourg
    • A new parallel viaduct to be built at Pulvermuhle
    • Modernisation of the Dommeldange to Ettelbruck line
    • Double tracking of the line from Hamm to Sandweiler
    • A new line to be built from Hamm (west curve) and Sandweiler (east curve) to Findel Airport and Kirchberg Expo
    • Double tracking and a new platform to be built at Michelau.
    • 4 new 'peripherique' gares to be constructed at Howald, Cessange,
      Kirchberg and Dommeldange and linked by tramway.
    • Maps

      There does not appear to be a published map of the Luxembourg railways, though the system is sometimes included on maps of the French, Belgian or German railways.