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These entries are based on the timetable from 15 December 2019 to 12 December 2020. However, it should be noted it is completely reissued about four times per year with "adjustments" due on 15 March, 14 June, 30 August and 18 October 2020. In addition, there are frequent amendments within timetable periods.

Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information. Map references relate to the 2019 Polish Regional version of the European Railway Atlas published by M.G. Ball ISBN: 978-1-9161212-1-8 and the Mały Atlas Linii Kolejowych Polski 2011 published by Eurosprinter ISBN: 978-83-931006-3-7

Obscure services: Lines with regular use

Connections to and from the CMK (Centralna Magistrala Kolejowa: Warszawa – Katowice/Kraków high speed main line)

Tomaszów Mazowiecki – Dęba Opoczyńska – p.odg. Zapowiedź – Idzikowice

[100,114] (ERA183A5, E9) PL20/101

Shared as far as p.odg. Zapowiedź with PL20/112, the TLK services shown in Table 114 with stops at Opoczno Poludnie are the only services covering the 4.5 km west to south curve to/from the CMK.

Radzice – Idzikowice (Line 573)

[100/113] (ERA183A5, E9) PL20/102

All year use scheduled. These services reverse at Idzikowice to/from the CMK and also use line 113 beyond Drzewica where the passenger service from Radom ends at the Regional Boundary. Note they do not appear in table 100

Note A SuX KM Os21104 Radom - 06:00/06:16 Drzewica - Warszawa Wschodnia
IC3526 Kraków Główny - 08:06 Radom – Olsztyn Główny
IC3522 Kraków Główny - 11:55 Radom – Olsztyn Główny
IC3524 Kraków Główny - 13:49 Radom – Olsztyn Główny
IC3126 Kraków Główny - 17:23 Radom – Warszawa Wschodnia
IC5327 Olsztyn Główny - 07:55 Warszawa Zachodnia - Kraków Główny
IC5325 Olsztyn Główny - 12:26 Warszawa Zachodnia - Kraków Główny
IC5323 Olsztyn Główny - 14:31 Warszawa Zachodnia - Kraków Główny
Note B SX KM Os12101 16:09 Warszawa Wschodnia - Warszawa Zachodnia - Radom

Notes: A Does NOT run between 27 June - 31 August 2020 B FROM 15 March 2020

[Częstochowa –] Żelisławice – Włoszczowa Północ [– Warszawa]

[100/109/P200/175] (ERA183C3, F8) PL20/103

This 7.7 km west to north link between the Częstochowa - Radom line and the CMK northwards is used by EIC Pendelinos and limited IC's running between Warszawa Zachodnia and Częstochowa Stradom plus a pair of TLK's to/from Radom reversing at Żelisławice.

Czarnca – Psary (p.odg. Knapówka)

[100, 109] (ERA182C3, F8) PL20/104

This 3.8 km east - south link with the Kielce - Częstochowa line is used by services marked in table 109 with a '<' at all stations between Żelisławice and Częstochowa plus a timing at Katowice or Wroclaw.

Psary – p.odg. Starzyny – Kozłów

[100] (ERA182C3, F8) PL20/105

This north - southeast link with the Koniecpol - Kozłów line is used by all trains using the CMK between Warszawa and Krakow with a vertical bar '|' against Kozłów.

End of connections to and from the CMK

Chrusty Nowe (p.odg. Bęzelin) – Żakowice (p.odg. Pękowice)

[102, 601] (ERA177C1, F9) PL20/106

This south-to-west curve avoiding Koluszki is used by trains between Łódź and Piotrków Trybunalski/Częstochowa that do not call at Koluszki.

Częstochowa (Częstochowa Towarowa) – line 703 – podg Kucelinka – line 155 - Poraj

[102] (ERA182B3; F7 R15) PL20/107

An alternative to the main line between Częstochowa and Poraj. Unexpectedly after major engineering work has completed on the main line there is still limited use shown by a '<' symbol against Korwinów. Line 703 is non-passenger which diverges at the north end of Częstochowa Towarowa (marshalling yard) and runs on the west side of the yard to Częstochowa Raków where a temporary platform has been provided on the goods lines. It then climbs to go over the main line to Katowice to join T109 between Częstochowa Stradom and Koniecpol at podg Kucelinka. The non-passenger Line 155 to Poraj diverges here and note there is no connection at podg Kucelinka between the east side line 701, the Częstochowa - Kielce main line and Line 155; all trains using Line 155 to/from Częstochowa Raków must therefore use Line 703.

KS40673 13:27/13:20 Częstochowa - Gliwice
A KS40667 14:44 Częstochowa - Gliwice
KS40685 17:51 Częstochowa - Gliwice

Notes: A From 16 March 2020

Koniecpol – Kozłów (p.odg. Starzyny)

[107, 109] (ERA182C3, F8) PL20/108

This 11 km line reopened in the 2012 timetable. Not identifiable in its own table, this is used by services in Table 109 with a timing at Częstochowa/Częstochowa Stradom and Kraków not running via Kielce. Much increased use since 2017 with the closure of Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice to Jaworzno Szczakowa.

(Kraków Batowice –) podg Kraków Przedmieśie – Line 602 – Kraków Olsza – Line 100 – Kraków Plaszów

[107, Lines 100/602] (ERA171A5 not shown, R15) PL20/109

Enter 107 in the Search by Table section and look for trains with a < at Kraków Glowny and a time at Kraków Plaszow.

Note A TWThFO TLK38108 11:22 Kraków Plaszow - Świnoujście

Note A 16-20 December 2019, 8 January - 13 March 2020

Dęblin: Zajezierze k. Dęblina (p.odg. Wisła R2) – Zarzeka (p.odg. Wisła R1)

[111/550] (ERA183C5, E10) PL20/110

This west-to-south curve avoiding Dęblin is used by direct services between Radom and Lublin which appear in table 111 with a '<' symbol against Dęblin.

(Kielce –) Sitkowka Nowiny – Busko Zdroj

[112] (ERA183A2/3, F9/G9) PL20/111

A two pairs summer SSuO service resumed in 2018 on a 43.5km line which closed to passenger services on 10 October 2004. For those wishing to visit the Town/Spa note the station is some way away, but the PR webpost advises a connecting bus will be laid on. For 2019/20 a Table 112 PDF appears and again two pairs will run SSuO 27 June and 30 August 2020

(Tomaszów Mazowiecki – Dęba Opoczyńska –) p.odg. Zapowiedź – Radzice

[100, 113, 114] (ERA183A5, E9) PL20/112

Shared as far as p.odg. Zapowiedź with PL20/101, these are the only services to cover the short section onwards to Radzice. There is all year use scheduled in 2019/20 shown in 113 PDF after five pairs of TLK's between 9 June and 31 August 2019.

TLK83171 Kołobrzeg - 04:50 Tomaszów Mazowiecki - Kraków Główny
TLK38170 Kraków Główny - 23:36/23:51 Radom - Kołobrzeg

[Łódź –] Gałkówek – Mikołajów [– Tomaszów Mazowiecki]

[114/601] (ERA177C1, E8, R11) PL20/113

There are two possible routes between Łódź and Tomaszów Mazowiecki avoiding Koluszki - both routes are scheduled during 2019/20.

The first is a direct double track line 25 from Gałkówek via Żakowice Połudnowie to Mikołajów indicated by a '<' at Słotwiny and used by more frequent express services or

single track Line 537 via Słotwiny, podg Zielen and Żakowice Połudnowie indicated by calls at Słotwiny in the 114 PDF. Note Interrail and PR Regional tickets are not valid on local ŁKA trains and Gałkówek to podg Zielen is common with part of PL20/603.

Note no Żakowice Połudnowie station listing appears in the PDF for table 114 or 601. Additional confirmation of use of the alternative via line 537 would be obtained via the station's departure sheet.

Skarżysko Kamienna avoiding line: Lipowe Pole (p.odg. SKA) – SKB – Skarżysko Kościelne (p.odg. SKE)

[115] (ERA183A4, F9) PL20/114

This route (line 566), ca 5 km long, provides a direct connection between the Radom and Sandomierz lines.

TLK53103 Warszawa Wschodnia – 10:23/10:19/10:39 Radom – Przemyśl Główny
TLK13107 Warszawa Wschodnia – 19:19 Radom – Przemyśl Główny
TLK31106 Przemyśl Główny - 18:08 Skarżysko Kościelne - Warszawa Wschodnia
TLK35102 Przemyśl Główny - 16:56/17:01 Skarżysko Kościelne - Warszawa Wschodnia

Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski – Sandomierz – Grębów

[115] (ERA183B5-B5,C3, F10-G10) PL20/115

Used by same daily TLK pair as PL20/113 plus Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski to Sandomierz by a limited dates SSuO PR pair. Also note Sandomierz – Grębów is covered by the entry below in PL20/116.

Sandomierz – Sobów (– Tarnobrzeg)

[126] (ERA183C3, G10) PL20/116

A limited service was re-introduced in summer 2017 and partial timings now appear in the PDF for table 126 without clearly indicating they travel the above route.

R23433 Stalowa Wola Poludnie – 05:06/05:14 or 05:30-05:38 Sandomierz - Rzeszów Główny
R32436 Rzeszów Główny - 17:10* Tarnobrzeg - Sandomierz 17:24/17:32 - Stalowa Wola Poludnie
  • Timings towards Sandomierz from Tarnobrzeg vary greatly through the year so please check the journey planner before travelling

Przeworsk avoiding line: Przeworsk Gorliczyna – podg Przeworsk Zachodnia

[116, 121] (ERA184A1, G11), PL20/117

This curve enables trains between Stalowa Wola and Rzeszow to avoid reversing at Przeworsk. All year use as indicated by no timing at Przeworsk in either PDF.

Kraków northern loop line: (Kraków Główny –) Kraków Batowice – podg Dłubnia – Kraków Nowa Huta – Podłęże

[120] (ERA171B5, R15) PL20/118

Diversions continue throughout the 2019/20 TT period with "<" markers on table 120 between Kraków Główny and Podłęże.

Note east and westbound services may take different routes to/from Kraków Nowa Huta east, plus to the west of Podłęże potentially should use a flyover route eastbound and ground level route westbound although the flyover route was closed for works in Autumn 2019. Any reports re use of the flyover and of a route taken at Kraków Nowa Huta apart from what appears to be the usual longer loop on the north side would be appreciated by the Compilers.

There is also allegedly an ongoing workers' service via the above route to the closed PKP stations serving the steel works complex at Nowa Huta but no timings have been available since the 2008 working timetable. At that time the evening and weekend services were worked by a track maintenance draisine with very limited capacity.

Kraków Glówny avoider via Kraków Olsza

[120/140] (ERA182, R15) PL20/119

All year use planned in 2019/20 after some Rzeszów to Katowice Regional Trains were diverted this way between 29 November and 14 December 2019 during major works at Kraków Glowny.

Note A PR 34300 03:04 Kraków Płaszów - Wodzislaw Slaski

Note A: Until 14 March 2020

Also part used between Kraków Płaszów and Kraków Olsza only as per a 120 PDF footnote by

Note A SSuX KM33408 Tarnów - 07:10 Kraków Płaszów - Kraków Olsza

Note A: Until 13 March 2020

(Przemyśl Główny –) Hurko – Medyka (– Mostys'ka 2)

[122] (ERA184B1, H12, R35) PL20/120

There are three routes between these points; from south to north they are:

  • Line 91, a cross border 1435 mm gauge line which ends east of Mostys'ka 1 in Ukraine.

This is used between Przemyśl Główny and Medyka by the PKP local service shown in Table 122 and usually by the through Wroclaw - L'viv service, plus LEO Express have applied to run through to Mostys'ka 2.

  • Line 989, a 1435 mm gauge line through the marshalling yards, re-joining Line 91 at Medyka.

No passenger services use this line. Note that page H12 of the "Atlas Linii Kolejowych Polski" is incorrect in showing passenger stations on this line; they are on Line 91 and the enlarged page R35 shows the situation correctly.

  • Line 92, the 1520 mm gauge line into Ukraine.

This route is used by the daytime services between Kyiv/L'viv and Przemyśl Główny, and from 2017/18 the night service to/from Odessa, all operated by Ukrainian railways. Note such trains terminating at Przemyśl Główny are no longer shown in PKP 122 so are listed below.

Up until the 2016/17 TT change it was believed Lines 91 and 92 were used on alternate days by the overnight L'viv/Lvov services, with either a manual gauge change at Przemyśl (with a longer stop) or an SUW2000 gauge change at Mostys'ka 2 (with a relatively short stop at Przemyśl). The gauge changer at Mostys'ka 2 was noted out of use as at October 2017 but an April 2018 traveller confirms his overnight L'viv/Lvov services used Line 91 and the Mostys'ka 2 gauge changer.

This of course does not preclude use of the gauge changer at Przemyśl and further reports would be appreciated by the Compilers although the Beta version of the PKP Journey planner route map clearly shows the 2019/20 services booked via Line 91 and the Przemyśl Główny Peron sheets that a Standard gauge platform is used in both directions by the overnight through service.

IC-MP 33021/51 Wrocław Główny/Warszawa Wschodnia - 00:41 Przemyśl Główny - Lviv/Lvov
SSuO 33001/59 10:18 Przemyśl Główny - Lviv/Lvov
D715/33013 13:10 Przemyśl Główny - Kiev Passajirskii (via Khmelnytskyi)
D705/33017 15:45 Przemyśl Główny - Kiev Passajirskii (via Korosten)
D35/33025 18:39 Przemyśl Główny - Odessa
IC-MP 52/33016 23:40 Lviv/Lvov - Przemyśl Główny - Wrocław Główny/Warszawa Wschodnia
D36/33026 Odessa - 07:10 L'viv - Przemyśl Główny
D706/33010 Kiev Passajirskii - 11:20 L'viv - Przemyśl Główny (via Korosten)
D716/33012 Kiev Passajirskii - 13:55 L'viv - Przemyśl Główny (via Khmelnytskyi)
SSuO D90/33002 16:20 L'viv - Przemyśl Główny

(Przemyśl Główny –) Przemyśl Bakończyce [reverse] Hurko – (Medyka)

[122] (ERA184B1, H12, R35) PL20/121

No planned use indicated in 2019/20 after diversions between 19-26 May 2019

Stalowa Wola Rozwadów Towarowy – Pilchów

[126, 555] (ERA183C3, G11) PL20/122

This curve (line 565) is used by any direct services between Lublin and Tarnobrzeg (- Rzeszow). They can be identified by a '<' symbol against Stalowa Wola Rozwadów in 126 and 555. There had been no services after 11 March 2018 when the Lublin line was closed for electrification but they resumed from 15 December 2019 following a period after the line reopened when they were diverted to serve Stalowa Wola Rozwadów.

A TLK23103 Lublin Główny - 12:04 Pilchów - Zagórz
TLK83107 Piła Główna - 19:10/19:00 Lublin Główny - Rzeszów Główny/Przemyśl Główny
TLK38106 Rzeszów Główny - 07:12 Tarnobrzeg - Piła Główna
A TLK32102 Zagórz - 14:46 Tarnobrzeg - Lublin Główny

Note A: Until 24 January 2020

Stróże avoiding line: SR4 – SR3

[130, 131] (ERA79A2, H9) PL20/123

Use resumed 1 October 2017.

A FO Os33111 Kraków Glowny - 19:56/20:01 Wilczyska - Jasło
B SuO Os33126 Jasło - 18:58/19:06 Polna - Kraków Glówny

Note A: No service 3 July - 25 September 2020 Note B: No service 5 July - 20 September 2020

Stróże Station – SR3 [East Junction]

[131] (ERA186B5, H9) PL20/124

Services increased to one train a day [with gaps] in 2019/20.

A SuX TLK30167 07:18/07:25 Stróże - Zagorz
B SuO Os33584/33582 Nowy Sacz - 14:34/15:06/15:13 Stróże - Jasło
A SX Os33580 Zagorz - 20:54 Gorlice Zagórzany - Stróże
C FO Os33580 Jasło - 22:48/22:57 Polna - Nowy Sacz

Note A: Does not run 7-24 January 2020

Note B: Does not run 5 July - 20 September 2020

Note C: Does not run 3 July - 25 September 2020

Stróże SR3 [East Junction] – Gorlice Zagorzany (– Jasło)

[131] (ERA186B5, H9 - H10) PL20/125

Used by services listed in PL20/123 and PL20/124.

(Jasło –) Gorlice-Zagórzany – Gorlice

[131/a] (ERA186B5, H10) PL20/126

Jasło - Gorlice-Zagórzany services are listed in table 131. The Gorlice branch service is now shown in table 131a, a new table in in 2019/20, making it much easier to see its complicated operating pattern.

Zagórz – Komańcza – Łupków - Medzilaborce [ZSR]

[131/134] (ERA186C4, 187A5, H11) PL20/127

A limited Bank Holiday and summer weekends service resumed from 11 June 2016 to Łupków. From Summer 2017 some were extended across the border to Medzilaborce in Slovakia and this continues in 2020. Operating dates are 27 June and 30 August to Medzilaborce, one pair to Łupków continuing until out 26, returning 27 September. In Summer 2017 SKPL ran an additional limited Mon-Fri service to Łupków.

Rzeszów Zachodni - Rzeszów Staroniwa (Rzeszów Głowny avoider) - line 611

[132] (ERA183C1, G11) PL20/128

Short term 2019/20 use is in the 126 and 132 PDFs. This curve was used between 25 June - 31 August 2019 by local services and until 14 December 2019 by a TLK train pair to/from Żagorz operated by SKPL due to major Rzeszów Główny station reconstruction works.

A TLK23103 Lublin Główny - 12:59 Kolbuszowa - Zagórz
A TLK32102 Zagórz - 13:56 Rzeszów Staroniwa - Lublin Główny

Note A: Until 6 January 2020

Sucha Beskidzka

[135] (ERA185B5, G8) PL20/129

All services between Kraków and Zakopane had to reverse at Sucha Beskidzka until an avoiding curve opened on 11 June 2017. Since then most Zakopane trains run via the avoiding line, calling at a new station of Sucha Beskidzka Zamek. Use of the North to West and South to West curves can be identified by any train calling at Sucha Beskidzka. In the 2019/20 timetable the north to west service is much reduced to just three pairs.

Kraków Plaszów – Kraków Bonarka (– Skawina)

[135a] (ERA182, R15) PL20/130

All local services between Kraków Plaszow and Skawina are operated by buses in 2019/20 and no TLK use. Running via this route was much reduced once the Kraków Plaszów avoiding curve opened in December 2017 so if this changes during the year enter 135a in the Search by Table section and look for trains starting/terminating/running via Kraków Plaszow.

Oświęcim – Skawina

[141] (ERA182B1/C1 G7-G8) PL20/131

A PDF has reappeared in 2019/20 confirming the Praha - Kraków is rerouted via table 140 and the only complete line use is by a FSSuO summer only PR pair.

Oświęcim avoiding curve: Oświęcim OwC1 – OwC

[120/140/141] (ERA188C4, G7) PL20/132

This north <=> east curve links the Mysłowice and Skawina/Trzebinia lines. Used by occasional diversions in 2019/20 and Leo Express workings until 8 January 2019 but use until at least 14 March 2020 is scheduled in 2019/20 as confirmed by the Route map in the Journey Planner.

Note A TLK63170 Wrocław Główny - 02:09 Katowice - Przemyśl Główny
Notes B & C TLK73100 Poznan Główny - 10:39 Mysłowice - Kraków Główny
Note A TLK36171 Przemyśl Główny - 00:06 Kraków Główny - Wrocław Główny
Note B TLK37101 16:03 Kraków Główny - Poznan Główny

Note A: After 15 March the Journey planner map show this pair reversing in Oświęcim station so any reports would be appreciated

Note B: Only until 14 March 2020

Note C: Does NOT run via 141 from Oświęcim but via Trzebinia

Katowice – flyover departure line – Katowice Brynów (p.odg. Brynów)

[146, 151] (ERA188B3, R17) PL20/133

Westbound departures from Katowice platforms 1-4 towards Katowice Ligota can run either via the main line (line 139) or via a flyover (line 656) over the main line to Gliwice. From observation, all trains departing from platform 1 at Katowice appear to use this route.

Czechowice Dziedzice avoiding line: Goczałkowice Zdrój (p.odg. Most Wisła) – Zabrzeg (p.odg. Ochodza)

[146, 147] (ERA188C3, H7) PL20/134

The north-to-west curve avoiding Czechowice Dziedzice is used by all trains in table 146 and also trains to and from Katowice shown in table 147 with a '<' symbol against Czechowice Dziedzice.

Gliwice – Zabrze Makoszowy Kopalnia – podg Mizerów – Gierałtowice – line 149 – Lesczczyny ( – Rybnik)

[156] (ERA182A2, G6, R16) PL20/135

A new PDF for this line as table 156 for 2019/20. Last years Gliwice - Wisła Głębce is now to variable destinations, plus new use by a summer day TLK's. This line reopened with an SSuO service from December 2018. Use confirmed by a booked call at Knurów. Also used by an International overnight…..

Note A SSuO Os44123 06:18/06:28/06:57 Gliwice - Wisła Glebce or Żywiec or Jeleśnia
Note B TLK84070 Świnoujście - 06:35 Gliwice - Bohumin
Note A SSuO Os44112 Wisła Glebce - 20:40 Leszczyny - Gliwice
Note C IC47010 Wien Hbf - 02:22 Chałupki - Berlin-Charlottenburg
Note D TLK48070 Bohumin - 20:29 Rybnik - Świnoujście

Note A: Also runs 26-27 December 2019; 1,6 January, 12 April, 1 May, 11-13 June, 11 November 2020

Note B: 28 June - 1 September 2020

Note C: 15-19 December 2019 & 15 March - 12 December 2020

Note D: 26 June - 30 August 2020

Chybie – Chybie Mnich (p.odg Bieniowiec) (– Skoczów)

[146/147/148] (ERA182A1, H7) PL20/136

This west <=> south chord is in use by

Note A SSuO Os44123 Gliwice - 08:12 Chybie – Wisła Glebce
Note B SSuX KS94656 Wisła Glebce - 11:51 Chybie Mnich - Katowice
Note A SSuO Os44112 Wisła Glebce - 19:19 Skoczów - Gliwice

Note A: Only runs SSuO between 15 XII 2019-14 III 2020, 31 X-12 XII 2020 plus on 26-27 XII 2019, 1 I 2020, 6 I 2020 & 11 XI 2020 Note B: Only runs SSuX between 16 XII 2019-13 III 2020, 2 XI-11 XII 2020 except public holidays

Czechowice-Dziedzice (p.odg Ochodza)- via Zabrzeg Czarnolesie Goods line 693 to (p.odg Bronów) - Chybie

[147] (ERA182A1, H7) PL20/137

There are no local services running west from Czechowice Dziedzice between 11 May and 30 October 2020, they are diverted to/from Pszczyna and the PDF has < markers at Zabrzeg and Zabrzeg Czarnolesie stations. The Journey Planner map view confirms they are booked via approximately 7km of Line 693 as per the heading and run on the south side of the yard which for some distance is out of sight of the parallel main line. The limited Czech IC’s/Leo Express still running this way are also diverted but between 15 March and 14 December 2020.

Nędza Wieś – Kuźnia Raciborska (p.odg. Turze)

[153/160] (ERA188B1, G6) PL20/138

This east-to-north chord avoiding Nędza station is used by trains running direct between Kędzierzyn Koźle and Rybnik. Use is indicated by < markers at stations from Nędza to Chałupki in Table 160. Note these services do not appear in table 153 but should use the direct route to/from Rybnik in PL20/138 which can be confirmed by the Map View in the Journey Planner before travel.

Rybnik – Sumina

[153/154/160] (ERA188B1, G6, H6) PL20/139

There are two routes between Rybnik and Sumina: a direct line and a longer route via Rybnik Towarowy and Rydułtowy used by almost all local services. Any TLK normally takes the direct line to/from Kędzierzyn-Koźle as previously indicated by a '<' symbol against the intermediate stations in table 153, [now confirmed by the Journey Planner Map view] but these trains only appear in tables 154/160 to/from 220. In 2019/20 there is also one pair of Rybnik - Racibórz locals booked the direct line as per < markers in Table 153 and these plus the TLK's may also use the Sumina station avoiding line.

TLK48104 Bielsko-Biala Głowna - 08:29 Rybnik - Świnoujście
KS44103 Katowice - 12:54 Rybnik - Racibórz
Note A TLK45108 Bielsko-Biala Głowna - 15:55/15:42 Rybnik - Bydgoszcz Główna
TLK46150 Bielsko-Biala Głowna - 19:08/18:56 Rybnik - Wrocław Główny
KS44130 Racibórz - 09:57 Górki Slaskie – Katowice
Note A TLK53158/54108/64108 Bydgoszcz Głowna - 12:26/12:01 Kuźnia Raciborska – Bielsko-Biala Głowna
IC84104 Świnoujście - 19:39/19:07 Kuźnia Raciborska – Bielsko-Biala Głowna
IC84150 Kołobrzeg - 20:40 Kuźnia Raciborska – Bielsko-Biala Głowna

Note A: Variable days of the week throughout the year, please check before travel

Tychy – Orzesze Jaśkowice

[151/155] (ERA188B2/B3, G7) PL20/140

Continued use including by one KS pair in 2019/20 after reopening for 2017.

D TLK54070 Hel - 06:17 Tychy - Bohumin
D TLK84072 Kolobrzeg - 06:48 Tychy - Bohumin
EC 116 Warszawa Wschodnia - 08:32 Tychy - Praha Hlavni Nadrazi
KS44103 Katowice - 12:19 Tychy - Raciborz
EC 105 Przemsyl Glowny - 15:18 Tychy - Graz Hbf
EC 112 Warszawa Wschodnia - 16:33 Tychy - Praha Hlavni Nadrazi
EC 110 Warszawa Wschodnia - 20:38 Tychy - Ostrava Svinov
EC 111 Ostrava-Svinov - 06:51 Rybnik - Warszawa Wschodnia
KS44130 Raciborz - 10:32 Orzesze Jaśkowice - Katowice
EC 113 Praha Hlavni Nadrazi - 10:47 Rybnik - Warszawa Wschodnia
EC 104 Ostrava-Svinov - 11:59 Rybnik - Przemsyl Glowny
EC 130 Budapest-Nyugati - 15:21 Rybnik - Warszawa Wschodnia
D TLK45070 Bohumin - 18:12 Rybnik - Hel
EC 117 Praha Hlavni Nadrazi - 18:56 Rybnik - Warszawa Wschodnia
D TLK48070 Bohumin - 21:29 Rybnik - Kolobrzeg
D TLK48072 Bohumin - 22:30 Rybnik - Kolobrzeg

Żory – Chybie

[154] (ERA188C2, G6-H7) PL20/141

Shown in a new table 146a PDF but booked use in 2019/20 is reduced as this train is diverted for some of the year to Żywiec via Pszczyna.

Note A SSuO Os44123 Gliwice - 07:52 Żory – Wisła Glebce
Note B SO Os44123 Gliwice - 08:08 Żory – Żywiec
Note B SO Os44112 Żywiec - 19:19 Chybie - Gliwice
Note A SSuO Os44112 Wisła Glebce - 19:43 Chybie - Gliwice

Note A: Only runs SSuO 15 XII 2019-14 III 2020, 31 X-12 XII 2020 plus on 26-27 XII 2019, 1 I, 6 I & 11 XI 2020 Note B: Only runs SO 21 III - 9 V 2020 & SuO 15 III - 5 IV, 19 IV - 10 V 2020 plus on 13 IV & I V 2020

Kędzierzyn-Koźle – p.odg. Stare Koźle – Kędzierzyn-Koźle Azoty

[160] (ERA181C2 too detailed to be shown, R14) PL20/142

There are three routes between Kędzierzyn-Koźle and p.odg. Stare Koźle. From east to west they are:

1. Line 709. This line is the normal passenger route. The 4 km single track line flies over the curves to the Gliwice line and runs via a staff halt at the PKP depot to Peron (platform) 1. It resumed use as the normal route for PR local trains with the June 2016 timetable change and is used by all services other than those mentioned below.

2. Line 151 (northbound). From a travellers July 2017 observation, the equivalent of the IC train below used a line initially heading east at podg. Stare Koźle before going underneath Lines 709 and 681 to run alongside southbound Line 151 on the west side of the yard to arrive in Kędzierzyn-Koźle Peron 4 to reverse to head towards Gliwice. This line at its divergence is not shown in the Mały Atlas. This service remains the only arrival into Peron 4 from the Kuźnia Raciborska direction.

SuX IC 4124 Racibórz - 06:27 Kuźnia Raciborska - Warszawa Centralna

3. Line 151 (southbound). This runs on the west side of the yard (Kędzierzyn-Koźle KKD) up to 0.5 km away from Line 709. Services from Kędzierzyn-Koźle Peron (platform) IV towards Rybnik and Racibórz must use this route. The following services are shown in the December 2019 departure sheets: NJ74010 (00:45), TLK64109 (11:44/12:09), R64443 (15:10 from 15 March), R64427 (16:45/16:59), R64429 (18:55/18:41 from 15 March), TLK84105 (19:22/18:50 from 15 March), R64431 (20:56) and IC1425 (21:10).

Kędzierzyn-Koźle avoiding curve

[160/220] (ERA181C2, R14) PL20/143

Use increased during 2019/20 by diversions due to engineering work on 147 near Czechowice Dziedzice.

Note A IC 40001 Katowice - 05:20/05:05 - Gliwice - Wien Hbf
Note B IC 34001 Kraków Główny - 12:17 Gliwice - Praha Hlavni Nadrazi
IC 34004 Przemyśl Główny - 20:22 Gliwice - Ostrava-Svinov
FO IC 14012/14014 Moskva Belorusskaia - 12:39 Warszawa Zachodnia - Wien Hbf/Nice
IC 301 Ostrava-Svinov - 07:00 Kuźnia Raciborska - Przemyśl Główny
Note C IC 43000 Praha Hl N - 14:52 Racibórz - Kraków Główny
Note D IC 44000 Wien Hbf - 21:42 Racibórz - Katowice
MO IC 41014 Nice Ville - 09:51 Bohumin [CD] - next stop 14:54 Warszawa Zachodnia - Moskva Belorusskaia
Note C IC 41012 Praha Hlavni Nadrazi - 10:33 Chałupki - next stop 15:08 Warszawa Zachodnia - Moskva Belorusskaia

Notes: A - D are shown in Map view as running via Kędzierzyn-Koźle station [without calling] to reverse as per A NOT between 8-22 January 2020 B NOT between 7-23 January 2020 C NOT between 6-22 January 2020 D NOT between 7-22 January 2020

Lubliniec – Paczyna

[165] (ERA182A3, G6) PL20/144

This 36.5 km section of an otherwise freight only line has a substantial grade separated junction at Lubliniec. In 2019/20 it is used daily by two pairs of overnights, plus additional summer services, one pair of which travel this route in daylight.

Lubliniec avoiding line: podg. Jawonica – podg. Droniowiczki

[165/175] (ERA182A3, G6) PL20/145

This north <=> south connection links the Częstochowa line (line 61) with the Paczyna line (line 152). These services do not appear in the 165 PDF. Previously used by services diverted away from their normal route via Fosowskie between 10 - 23 July 2017.

Any intending passengers are strongly advised to check the International Section of the Russian Railways website and the PKP Journey Planner map view as random date searches in 2019/20 found these trains diverted.

MO IC 41014 Nice Ville - 09:51 Bohumin [CD] - next stop 14:54 Warszawa Zachodnia - Moskva Belorusskaia
FO IC 14012/14014 Moskva Belorusskaia - 12:40 Warszawa Zachodnia - Praha Hlavni Nadrazi/Nice

(Lubliniec –) Toszek Północ – Rudziniec Gliwicki (– Kędzierzyn-Koźle)

[175] (ERA182A3, G6) PL20/146

This is the freight line from the Junction of passenger table 165 south towards Kędzierzyn-Koźle. These services do not appear in the 165 PDF. Previously used by diversions in May 2011.

Any intending passengers are strongly advised to check the International Section of the Russian Railways website and the PKP Journey Planner map view as random date searches in 2019/20 found these trains diverted.

MO IC 41014 Nice Ville - 09:51 Bohumin [CD] - next stop 14:54 Warszawa Zachodnia - Moskva Belorusskaia
FO IC 14012/14014 Moskva Belorusskaia - 12:40 Warszawa Zachodnia - Praha Hlavni Nadrazi/Nice

Częstochowa avoiding line: Częstochowa Stradom – Kusięta Nowe (p.odg. Kucelinka) (– Koniecpol)

[109/175/P200] (ERA182B3, R15) PL20/147

This line enables trains between Wrocław/Opole and Kielce, plus to Warszawa (via the CMK) [PL20/103] or Krakow [PL20/108] to avoid reversing at Częstochowa Osobowa (the main station) by calling instead at Częstochowa Stradom. Use can be identified in table 175 by a < at Częstochowa.

Herby Stare – Boronów (p.odg Kalina)

[175/180] (ERA182A3, F7) PL20/148

This 2.2km east <=> south curve, [line 687] regained a local service in 2016 and this continues plus limited IC's only shown in 180.

SSuX PR 44210 Lubliniec - 08:10 Herby Stare - Tarnowskie Góry
SO PR 44210 Częstochowa - 13:31/13:17 Herby Stare - Tarnowskie Góry
IC5423 Olsztyn Główna - 20:48 Częstochowa - Bielsko-Biala Główna
D IC54070 Gdynia Główna - 04:14 Częstochowa - Bohumin
IC4522 Bielsko-Biala Główna - 06:31 Tarnowskie Góry - Olsztyn Główna
D IC45070 Bohumin - 20:10 Tarnowskie Góry - Gdynia Główna
SO PR 44203 Tarnowskie Góry - 11:17 Boronów - Częstochowa
SSuX PR 44505 Tarnowskie Góry - 13:29/13:39 Boronów - Częstochowa

Herby Stare – Herby Nowe

[175/180/315] (ERA182A3, F7) PL20/149

No scheduled use in 2019/20 after two pairs for most of 2019. The Zduńska Wola Karsznice Peron sheet suggested use by a pair on just 15 December 2019 but it is not found in the Journey Planner.

Lisów – Herby Stare

[175] (ERA182A3, F7) PL20/149A

The east and westbound routes take significantly different routes through a forest between these points.

Obscure services: Lines used on an occasional basis

(Zawiercie –) Łazy – Line 160 south, 186 north – Dąbrowa Gornicza Ząbkowice

[101/102] (ERA188A5/B5, too detailed to be shown correctly, G7 R18) PL20/150

None shown in 2017/18. This is an alternative north and south bound freight route identified by < markers between Łazy and Dąbrowa Górnicza Sikorka. Southbound would use a separate vertical alignment followed by a flyover to join line 186 avoiding Chruszczobród. Any use northbound would again use line 186 avoiding Chruszczobród station, then run on the east side of the first, then in-between parts of two freight yards north of Łazy. Last Southbound use scheduled during 2016, northbound on 11 August 2017.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.


(Radzice –) Wolanow – line 576 [Radom avoider] – Rozki (– Skarzysko-Kamienna)

[100/113/110] (ERA183B5, F9) PL20/151

Last scheduled diversionary use between 10 July - 10 August 2017.

[Sosnowiec Porąbka] - podg Dorota - part line 133 - Dąbrowa Gornicza Ząbkowice

[102, 105] (ERA188A4/B4, R18) PL20/152

Last used from 6 to 12 August 2019.

Kielce avoiding line: Kielce Piaski (podg Piaski k. Kielc) – Kielce Herbskie (line 567)

[100/113/110] (ERA183A4, F9) PL20/153

Last scheduled diversionary use between 10 July - 10 August 2017.

Tomaszów Mazowiecki – Spała

[114] (ERA182C5, E8) PL20/154

PR Łódź sponsored the first passenger service on this branch since 1988 in 2014 which using the 2016 example were one pair SSuO between 9 July and 4 September. From 2017 services ran only on "Harvest" weekend which in 2019 was three pairs on 14/15 September with details here.

Kraków Mydlniki - Line 95 - Kraków Batowice

[107/140] (ERA182, G8 & R15) PL20/155

Last used by one pair of overnights from 2 September - 20 October 2018 as confirmed by a traveller and station entries for Kraków Lobzów and Kraków Mydlniki in table 107. The 2019/2020 PDFs issue dated 13 December 2019 for table 120 implied by its < markers that TLK36170 19:57/20:14 from Przemsyl Glówny to Wroclaw/Berlin/Gdynia would avoid Kraków Glówny after travelling via Nova Huta all year meaning it would potentially use this route. However the Journey Planner and Bochnia Peron sheets show it booked to call at Kraków Glowny 23:30 to 00:06 and the Map View confirms this.

Kraków northern loop line: (Miechów –) Zesławice (podg Raciborowice) – podg Dłubnia – Kraków Nowa Huta – Podłęże

[107/120] (ERA171B5, R15) PL20/156

Last regularly used up to 9 June 2018 plus some 2018 "Woodstock" services.

Żurawica - line 614 - Hurko [Przemyśl avoiding line]

[121] (ERA184B1, H12) PL20/157

Last used between 5 - 9 November 2018 by limited services diverted to/from Przemyśl Glowny via Hurko [reverse].

(Chabowka –) Rabka Zdrój – Nowy Sacz

[136] (ERA185C5, 186A5, H8/9) PL20/158

In 2019 services only ran between Chabówka - Mszana Dolna SSuO from 29 June to 25 August. See the Chabowka Museum website. Services reached Nowy Sacz in 2017.

(Katowice – Mysłówice –) Sosnowiec Jęzor – podg Dorota – Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice

[140/102] (ERA182B1/C1 R18) PL20/159

The section from podg Dorota to Dąbrowa Górnicza Ząbkowice is common with PL20/152 and the last diversions were between 17 April - 8 May 2018. There are two alternative routes as listed below but with no intermediate stop it is impossible to confirm which would be used from the PDFs although travellers reported both in use. They are:-

  • from Mysłówice via Sosnowiec Jęzor and Line 180 to podg Dorota
  • from Mysłówice via Sosnowiec Jęzor to podg Długoszyn (west of Jaworzno Szczakowa), curve 667 and Sosnowiec Maczki to podg Dorota

(Katowice –) podg. Gottwald – podg. Hajduki – podg. Radoszowy – podg. Panewnik – Katowice Ligota

[151/151a/155] (ERA182A1, H7) PL20/160

This line provides an alternative route, further west, between Katowice and Katowice Ligota. Last used between 1 and 10 August 2017 (SSuX). They can be identified by a < marker at just Katowice-Brynów and an extended journey time of more than 30 minutes.

Gliwice - Bytom

[166] (ERA188A2/A3, G7 R16/17) PL20/161

Last scheduled use by diversions were by IC "Szkuner" Katowice - Kołobrzeg on Saturdays and Sundays from 20.7. until 11.8.2019.

Częstochowa Stradom – Poraj

[175,102] (ERA182B3; F7 R15) PL20/162

There are two possible routes between these stations:

  • via line 61 (the normal passenger line) as far as podg Kucelinka and then non-passenger 155 to Poraj via Częstochowa Mirów. Note Line 155 can be travelled as it has scheduled use in 2019/20 as per PL20/107.
  • via line 702 (a short non-passenger curve) to Częstochowa Raków and then the normal passenger line 102 to Poraj.

One 'Woodstock' service in 2016 was identified as being diverted but it is not known which of the two routes was taken.

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