Poland - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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Updating to reflect the 2012/13 timetable is work in progress as the national printed timetable book and on line PDF’s are no longer available. As a consequence it is no longer possible to check all PKP IC and PKP PR service routing in one table by | or > markers so especially on IC tables there is an element of assumption based on previous years use and station calling points. Entries will initially be updated randomly and numbered PL13/.. Standard abbreviations used are explained in General Information. Map references to pages in the "Mały Atlas Linii Kolejowych Polski 2011”, ISBN 978-83-931006-3-7, published by Wydawnictwo Eurosprinter are shown eg R14.

For details of recent and near future route openings and closures, please refer to Poland - General Information.

Obscure services

Psary – p.odg. Starzyny – (Kozłów)

[100] (ERA78C3&C4, F8) PL12/1

A north-to-southeast link between the CMK (Central main line) and the Koniecpol - Kozłów line, for those trains shown between Warszawa and Kraków/Kozłów with | or timings in the column between Psary and Kozłów.

Czarnca – Psary (p.odg. Knapówka)

[100/109] (ERA78C4, F8) PL12/2

A 3.8km east-to-south link between the Kielce - Częstochowa line and the CMK (Central main line) for those trains in table 100 marked with a wavy line at Włoszczowa Północ and cd. or z. tab 109, and in table 109 with a wavy line at Żelisławice and cd. or z. tab 100.

IR R-62122 Wrocław Gł. - 10:04 Zawiercie – Lublin
TLK I-62102 Wrocław Gł. – 14:04 Zawiercie – Lublin
FSuO IR R-62120 Wrocław Gł. – 19:00 Zawiercie – Kielce
MSO IR R-26121 Kielce - 08:23 Włoszczowa – Wrocław Gł.
TLK I-26103 Lublin - 12:29 Włoszczowa – Wrocław Gł.
IR R-26123 Lublin - 17:24 Włoszczowa – Wrocław Gł.

Idzikowice – p.odg. Zapowiedź – Dęba Opoczyńska

[100/113] (ERA78C5, E9) PL12/3

A 4.5km west to south link between the CMK and the Tomaszów Mazowiecki - Radom line for those trains in table 100 marked with a wavy line at Grodzisk Mazowiecki and cd. or z. tab 113, and in table 113 with a wavy line at Radzice and cd. or z. tab 100.

TLK I-53507 Gdynia Gł. - 00:40 Dęba Opoczyńska - Zakopane/Krynica
TLK I-73105 Poznań Gł. - 10:44 Dęba Opoczyńska - Kraków Plaszów
E TLK I-83107 Świnoujście Port/Szczecin Gł. - 20:57 Dęba Opoczyńska - Kraków Plaszów
TLK I-35506 Zakopane - 03:14 Włoszczowa Połnoc - Gdynia Gł.
TLK I-38106 Kraków Plaszów - 07:25 Włoszczowa Połnoc – Świnoujście Port/Szczecin Gł.
TLK I-26103 Kraków Plaszów - 16:43 Włoszczowa Połnoc – Poznań Gł.

Szeligi – p.odg. Marków – Pilawa

[100/604] (ERA75C1, E9) PL12/4

A south to east curve between the CMK (Central main line) onto and then using a large part of the south of Warsaw freight avoiding line.

42/409 I-41017 Praha hl.n. - 5:02 Katowice – Moskva Belorusskaja
41/408 I-41016 Moskva Belorusskaja – 05:45 Brest – Praha hl.n.

Chrusty Nowe (p.odg. Bęzelin) – Żakowice (p.odg. Pękowice)

[102/601] (ERA78C5, R11) PL12/5

A south-to-west link to reach Łódź from the DZWW (Warszawa-Wien) line avoiding Koluszki, for trains shown on table 102 between Łódź and Piotrków Trybunalski with a wavy line at Koluszki.

Sosnowiec Dańdówka – Sosnowiec Maczki

[105/140] (ERA77C1, G7) PL12/6

A 10.901km otherwise freight route north of the Katowice - Kraków main line that has reopened to through passenger services in December 2011 after many years no service.

IR R-36121 Przemyśl Gł. – 10:52 Jaworzno Szczakowa – Jelenia Góra
TLK I-38205 Kraków Gł. – 19:43 Jaworzno Szczakowa – Świnoujóście
TLK I-83206 Świnoujóście – 07:55 Katowice – Rzeszów Gł.
IR R-63124 Jelenia Góra – 17:05 Sosnowiec Południowy – Rzeszów Gł.

Kraków north-east avoiding line Kraków Batowice - Kraków Przedmieście- Kraków Olsza - Kraków Plaszów

[107] (ERA78C3 , R15) PL11/6.1

Reduced track capacity during engineering works at Kraków Główny during 2011 led to two southbound trains being diverted via this line and omitting the stop at Kraków Główny before calling at Kraków Plaszów. The train can be identified by a wavy line against Kraków Główny or a footnote saying it does not call at Kraków Główny on certain dates. The diversions lasted from 4/4/11 until 31/7/11.

Zajezierze k. Dęblina – Zarzeka

[111/550] (ERA79A5, E11) PL12/7

A west-to-south link avoiding Dęblin, for those trains between Radom and Lublin shown on table 111 with a wavy line at Dęblin.

Gałkówek – Mikołajów

[114/601] (ERA78B5&C5, E8) PL12/8

There are two possible routes avoiding Koluszki between Łódź and Tomaszów Mazowiecki. The indicators are either a < or | against Słotwiny in table 114. Trains shown with a < are scheduled via this route [the southernmost double track avoider], and trains with | at Słotwiny are scheduled via PL12/9 below).

Słotwiny – Żakowice Płd.

[114/601] (ERA78B5&C5, R11) PL12/9

If shown with | at Słotwiny it is scheduled via the line Słotwiny – p.odg. Żakowice Płd.

Grzęska (p.odg. Przeworsk Zach.) – Przeworsk Gorliczyna

[116/121] (ERA78B3, G11) PL11/12

A west-to-north line avoiding Przeworsk. No service since 2010/11 timetable period.

Kraków northern loop line via Nowa Huta - p.odg. Wisła – Podłęże

[120] (ERA78C3 , R15) PL12/10

€D SO IR-33170 Kraków Główny - Kraków Batowice 08:20 - Tarnów

The workers service to serve the Steel works complex at Nowa Huta is believed to still run to serve this line and Podłęże. These are from the 2008 working timetable period and note the evening and weekend services are worked by a Track Maintenance Draisine so may be difficult to travel on.

SSuX 9930/1 Kraków Plaszów 06:06 - Kraków Główny 06:17 - Kraków Nowa Huta 06:43 - Podleze 07:09 - Kraków Główny 07:38 (EN57) N
SSuO 9940/1 Kraków Główny 06:17 - Kraków Nowa Huta 06:43 – Podleze 07:09 - Kraków Główny 07:38 (MS29) N
Daily 9944 Kraków Główny 18:44 - Kraków Nowa Huta 19:12 – Podleze ?? - Kraków Główny 20:00 (MS29) N

Hurko - Medyka

[122] (ERA79B2 not shown, H12) PL12/11

Between these points the broad and standard gauge tracks follow separate routes. The internal PKP service was withdrawn on 31 March 2004 but a limited service via the Broad gauge line has continued at all times. The standard gauge tracks saw no scheduled passenger use following an incident with the Kraków – Kiev service at the Mostiska 2 gauge changer in the Ukraine in October 2006 but reports since it resumed running daily from 1 June 2009 show varying gauge changer use. A westbound traveller in summer 2009 used the broad gauge line and Przemyśl gauge changer, whilst in Spring 2010 the eastbound service changed there and the westbound service used the standard gauge line and Ukrainian gauge changer. Internal PKP Staff trains may continue on the standard gauge as there were non-timetabled halts serving transhipment yards. A report of usage following the introduction of the new gauge changing service would be welcomed.

Kraków west-east avoiding line Kraków Mydlniki - Kraków Olsza - Kraków Plaszów

[140] (ERA78C3 , R15) PL11/13.1

There are still one and a half island platforms out of use at Kraków Główny. Until the end of the 2010/11 timetable period three trains from the Katowice direction were diverted via the flyover at Kraków Mydlniki to Kraków Olsza and Kraków Plaszów, avoiding Kraków Główny. Check the online journey planner at http://rozklad-pkp.pl/?q=en/node/143 for any updated information.

Goczałkowice Zdrój (p.odg. Most Wisła) – Zabrzeg (p.odg. Ochodza)

[150/151] (ERA78B2, H7) PL12/12

The north-to-west curve avoiding Czechowice Dziedzice is the main line for those trains to and from the Katowice line shown on table 150 with a wavy line at Czechowice Dziedzice.

Katowice – flyover departure line – Katowice Brynow

[146/151] (ERA77B2 not shown, R17) PL12/13

Westbound departures from Katowice platforms 1-4 can run via a separate route via a flyover but pointwork also allows access to the main line. From observations all trains departing from platform 1 at Katowice seem to use this route.

Oświęcim station avoiding line: Oświęcim OWC - Oświęcim OWC1

[149] (ERA , ) PL12/13a

A curve avoiding Oświęcim station. Usage not identified before temporary engineering works started on 29/6/12 which is due to finish on 4/10/12.

E TLK I-36201 Przemyśl Gł. – 23:30 Kraków Plaszów - Wrocław Gł.
E TLK I-63200 Wrocław Gł. – 03:40 Mysłowice – Przemyśl Gł.

Nędza Wieś – Kuźnia Raciborska (p.odg. Turze)

[153/160] (ERA78A3, G6) PL12/14

An east-to-north chord avoiding Nędza station for trains shown on tables 153 and 160 between Rybnik and Kędzierzyn Koźle with a wavy line at Nędza.

Rybnik - Sumina

[153] (ERA77A1, G6&H6) PL12/15

Trains with a wavy line at intermediate stations run direct; those with intermediate timings use the longer route via Rybnik Towarowy and Rydułtowy.

Kędzierzyn Koźle - Kędzierzyn Koźle Azoty

[153] (ERA78A3 not shown, R14) PL12/16

The table 101 route to/from Gliwice dives between what appears to be separate northbound/southbound routes to/from Kędzierzyn Koźle Azoty, but the majority of trains on table 153 use the easternmost track to/from Kędzierzyn Koźle platforms 1 or 1a on a 4km reversible line via a staff halt at the PKP depot. The north and south-bound lines are up to 0.5km apart and departures from Kędzierzyn Koźle platform 4 to Rybnik and Racibórz must use the route on the west side of the yard. 2012 usage unknown.

Żory – Chybie

[154] (ERA78A2, G6&H7) PL12/17

E TLK I-48501 Bielsko Biała Gł. – 18:29 Chybie – Świnoujście
E TLK I-84500 Świnoujście – 09:15 Żory – Bielsko Biała Gł.

Częstochowa Aniołow – p.odg. Wyczerpy - Rząsawa

[173] (ERA78B4, F7&R15) PL12/18

Line 173 splits from line 102 at a grade separated junction and they remain apart and at different levels for 3km.

Herby Stare – Herby Nowe

[175/315/320] (ERA78B4, F7) PL12/19

A 2.42km east-to-north curve.

TLK I-38501 Zakopane – 02:15 Częstochowa Stradom – Szczecin Gł.
TLK I-83500 Szczecin Gł. – 01:14 Herby Nowe – Zakopane

Lisów – Herby Stare

[175] (ERA78B4 not shown, F7) PL12/20

The east and westbound routes take significantly different routes through a forest between these points.

Lubliniec - Paczyna

[180/320] (ERA78A3 Lubliniec not shown correctly, G6) PL12/21

Scheduled use of a 36.503km section of an otherwise freight only line. The east part from Lubliniec is common with PL11/27.1.

IR R-83120/83520 Świnoujście/Szczecin Gł. – 17:24 Lubliniec – Kraków Gł.
IR R-38121/38521 Kraków Gł. – 11:24 Gliwice– Szczecin Gł./Świnoujście

Lubliniec - Toszek Pólnoc - Rudziniec Gliwicki

[180/320] (ERA78A3 Lubliniec not shown correctly, G6) PL11/27.1

Engineering diversions from 27/4/11 until at least 31/5/11 used this otherwise freight only line. The east part from Lubliniec is common with PL12/21.

Dąbrowa Oleśnicka – Oleśnica Rataje – Oleśnica

[200/321] (ERA77C4, F5) PL12/22

The north-to-east chord is for trains from tables 200 or 321 calling at Oleśnica. Trains are shown in table 200 or 321 with timings at both Dąbrowa Oleśnicka and Oleśnica. This curve and the line avoiding Oleśnica run as separate single lines from Dąbrowa Oleśnicka.

Dąbrowa Oleśnicka – Oleśnica Rataje – Borowa Oleśnica

[200/321] (ERA77C4, F5) PL12/23

The north-to-west chord to avoid Oleśnica station for trains on table 200 is shown with a wavy line at Oleśnica but this north to east curve has a limited service. This curve and the line to Oleśnica station run as separate single lines from Dąbrowa Oleśnicka.

Opole Groszowice - Opole Wschodnie

[215] (ERA78A4, R14) PL11/28.1

A normally freight-only line for trains from the south heading towards Jelcz Miłoszyce. This line was used for a month until 9/11/11 by the once daily passenger train between Opole Głowne and Jelcz Miłoszyce due to engineering works on the direct curve from Opole Głowne and Opole Wschodnie.

Gutowo Wlkp. (p.odg. Sokołowo Wrzesińskie) – Podstolice (Pd box)

[300] (ERA75A1, D5) PL12/24

The east-to-west main line avoids Września station for those trains on table 300 shown with a wavy line at Września.

Barłogi – Ponętów

[300/315] (ERA75B1, M2011-D7) PL12/25

A west to south curve where T315 crosses over T300. The 2011/12 printed timetable shows a pair of trains via this curve, but an amendment cancelled them before running.

[Kłodawa] - p.odg. Zamków – p.odg. Borysławice – Lipie Góry - Inowrocław Rabinek

[300/315] (ERA75B1, D7/C6) PL13/xx

All services in next two entries

Inowrocław Rabinek – Line 741 – Jaksice – [Bydgoszcz Gł]

[315/405] (ERAxxAx C6/D6) PL13/xx

TLK 15101 Warsawa Wsch. - 07:11 Kutno - Gdynia Gł.
TLK 15117 Warsawa Wsch. - 15:49 Kutno - Gdynia Gł.
TLK 15103 Warsawa Wsch. - 17:13 Kutno - Gdynia Gł.
TLK 51102 Gdynia Gł - 06:59 Bydgoszcz Gł – Warsawa Wsch
TLK 51116 Gdynia Gł - 16:37 Bydgoszcz Gł – Warsawa Wsch
TLK 51100 Gdynia Gł - 19:13 Bydgoszcz Gł – Warsawa Wsch

Inowrocław Rabinek – Line 742 – Inowrocław Towawory - [Inowroclaw]

[315/405] (ERAxxAx D6) PL13/xx

TLK 45100 Katowice - 12:44 Kutno – Gdynia Gł.
TLK 54100 Gdynia Gł - 15:00 Inowroclaw – Katowice

Kłodawa - p.odg. Zamków - Ponętów

[300/315] (ERA75B1, M2011-D7) PL09/34

The east to south curve at the same crossing point as PL10/32. No scheduled use since very short timetabled use between 14.12.08 and 9.01.2009!

Chorzew Siemkowice - Herby Nowe

[315] (ERA78B4, M2011-F7) PL09/35

The southbound route approaching Herby Nowe diverges significantly to cross table 320 tracks on a flyover but no scheduled use since all services withdrawn with 2010 timetable.

Zduńska Wola Karsznice – p.odg. Dionzów - Szadek

[315] (ERA78B5, M2011-E7) PL11/36

A short section of the north – south main line.

E IR R-54516 Gdynia Gł. - 16:28 Szadek - Katowice

Szadek - p.odg. Dionzów - p.odg. Gajewinki - Borszewice

[315/200](ERA78B5, M2011-E7) PL10/37

The north-to-east curve at the same junction as PL11/36 with no scheduled use since one timetable period winter occasional and summer only use.

Kępno (low level) – (p.odg. Hanulin) - Domanin

[320] (ERA78A4 not shown correctly, M2011-F6) PL11/38

Kępno is a two level station. The Poznań - Ostrów - Kluczbork lines passes through the high level platforms whereas the Herby Nowe line runs into the low level platforms. A 1.8km north-to-east outside curve connects the line from the Ostrów direction with the west end of the low level platforms. This curve is used by through services between Szczecin and Kraków via Wieluń Dabrowa and also by trains to and from the Ostrów direction which start or terminate at Kępno, as there is no facility for trains to reverse at the high level platforms.

R-77531 05:18 Kępno - Poznań Gł.
SO R-77549 06:34 Kępno - Ostrów Wielkopolskie
TLK I-48101 Katowice - 17:21 Kępno – Szczecin Gł.
TLK I-84100 Szczecin Gł - 19:41 Ostrzeszów – Katowice
SX R-77549 Ostrów Wielkopolski - 19:40 Domanin - Kępno
R-77534 Poznań Gł. – 21:41 Domanin - Kępno

Wolsztyn – Kęblowo : Wolsztyn – Powodowo – (Sulechów)

[ex332] (ERA74B1, E3) PL10/43

Steam-hauled freights from Wolsztyn no longer carry pre-arranged passengers.


[333/355] (ERA74B1 not shown, E2) PL11/44

Line 333 crosses underneath line 355 to the east of the two-sided station and through trains to/from Zbaszynek to Zielona Góra reversing at Czerwieńsk use the south side platforms and a significant connection at the east end of the station.

Piła - Piła Towarowa - Piła Północ

[340/365] (ERA74C3 not shown correctly, ) PL11/44.1

The are two routes for tables 340 & 365 leaving the west end of Piła station. The route normally used by passenger trains veers to the south and then crosses the line towards Krzyż on a bridge. This, normally freight-only, route splits from the other lines on the north side passes though the freight yard and takes a more direct route to Piła Północ, the junction for the Walcz and Szczecinek routes.

Passenger services to/from Piła's more northerly platforms may use this route if there is a southbound service from Piła Północ at the same time, as both routes are single track.

E MSaSuO IR R-28521 Lublin – 14:01 Piła - Kołobrzeg

Gorzów Wielkopolski

[343/345] (ERA74B2 not shown, D2) PL10/45

Each table has separate platforms [only reached by subways] and this pair run through over a 1km connection between the two tables. No service since 2010.

Rzepin avoiding line

[355] (ERA74A1, D1) PL11/45.1

Through trains were advertised to be diverted using this route between 01-31/03/2011.

Kostrzyn North yard – Küstrin-Kietz

[355/345] (ERA74A2 not shown, R10) PL10/46

Part of a diversionary route for mainly EN trains to/from Berlin and Poznań when diverted from Rzepin via T355 and a reversal in a freight yard north of Kostrzyn station and this north to west curve.

Szczecin Główny eastern approaches

[361] (ERA74A3, R1) PL11/47.1

There are alternative routes from Szczecin Zdroje, the shorter via Szczecin Port Centralny, the longer via Regalica - Dziewoklicz - Wstowo. Basic pathing is indicated by a wavy line at Port Centralny for trains scheduled via the longer route but operation is flexible.

Szczecin Główny western approaches

[368/369] (ERA74A3 not shown correctly, R1) PL11/47.2

There are three possible routes from Szczecin Gumieńce, the shortest direct but single track, the second via the southern loop via p.odg. Szczecin Wstowo - p.odg. Dziewoklicz - Szczecin Port Centralny or via Szczecin Wzgórze Hetmańskie and Szczecin Pomorzany. In the current timetable schedules vary from 5-6 which is insufficient time for the southern loop so all should run direct to/from Szczecin Gumieńce.

Szczecin Dąbie Osiedle (SDC box) – (SDA box) - Szczecin Zdunowo

[360/370] (ERA74A3, R1) PL11/48

This north-to-east curve avoids Szczecin Dąbie.

E TLK I-38505 Kraków Plaszów – 06:41 Stargard Szczeciński – Świnoujście
E TLK I-83504 Świnoujście – 21:02 Goleniów – Kraków Plaszów

Poznań Franowo

Poznań Franowo is a large marshalling yard and depot on the south freight ring around Poznań. There had been diversions since March 2007 due to extensive engineering works on the main line but now completed only limited use remains. There were two eastbound routes to reach T300 and T430, either remaining on the north side of the yard or a southside route from p.odg Pokrzywno, splitting past the locomotive depot so that those to/from T430 used a flyover towards p.odj Zieliniec and those on T300 used a line outside this flyover [not shown on Ball or Quail maps] towards Swarzędz. The north side of Franowo Yard route runs via the platforms used by the staff trains prior to withdrawal approx December 2006. Which route the eastbound service takes is not known but westbound services travel on the north side of the yard.

[Poznań Głowny –] Poznań Starołęka – p.odg. Pokrzywno - Poznań Franowo – Poznań Swarzędz

[300/ex398/300] (ERA74C1, R10&D4) PL11/49.1

Travelling this way avoids a reversal in Poznań Gł. Trains can be identified in table 300 as they have a timing or | at Swarzędz and wavy lines at Poznań Antoninek, Poznań Wschód and Poznań Garbary.

TLK I-18201 Warszawa Wschodnia – 01:41 Września – Świnoujście
TLK I-81200 Świnoujście – 02:04 Poznań Gł. – Warszawa Wschodnia

[Poznań Głowny –] Poznań Starołęka – p.odg. Pokrzywno - Poznań Franowo – p.odg. Stary Mlyn - p.odg Zieliniec – Kobylnica

[300/398/430] (ERA74C1, R10&D4) PL10/49.2

No scheduled use in 2011 timetable.

Poznań Swarzędz – p.odg. Stary Mlyn – p.odg Zieliniec – north freight ring - Kiekrz

[300/link to 360] (ERA74C1 not shown, R10&D4) PL10/50

No scheduled use in 2011 after the pair of Warsawa – Szczecin IC’s shown in the 2009 timetable were re-routed to call at Poznan Głowny.

Kołobrzeg Port

[off 375] (ERA, ) PL11/49.3

A normally freight-only branch which passes through the city streets. Every few years the annual Poznań Gł - Kołobrzeg steam excursion terminates in the Port rather than at Kołobrzeg station. The last occasion was on 29/5/11, details of that train were advertised at http://www.przewozyregionalne.pl/aktualnosci,s,8,346.html .

€ Rogoźno Wielkopolskie - Wągrowiec

[395] (ERA74C2, D4) PL11/50.1

A former freight-only line that reopened temporarily to passengers on 1/9/2011 when passenger trains on table 390 between Wągrowiec and Poznań Wschód ceased due to engineering works. Surprisingly the passenger services is continuing in 2011/12 after the Poznań Wschód - Wągrowiec - Golancz route (table 390) reopens. This line is expected to close at the start of the 2011/12 timetable. The current timetable is at http://www.przewozyregionalne.pl/img_in//SRJP/Zmienione%20tabele%20SRJP%202010%20-%202011/Tabela%20390-395%20z%20dnia%2030.08.11-zm.133.xls.pdf and the 2011/12 timetabel at http://www.koleje-wielkopolskie.com.pl/images/rozklady/liniowka395-2012.pdf .


[400/405/500] (ERA75B3 not shown correctly, B8) PL10/51

There are two routes between Iława station and Działdowo, the Malbork – Warszawa main line diving under the Toruń – Olsztyn line from the north side and a curve from the yard and south side platform. Trains to and from Dzialdowo cannot reach south side platform 3 from the north side curve and the 2003 departure sheets showed use of Platform 3 by three scheduled trains to/from the south on table 400. By mid 2007 there are no similarly timed services so current departure sheet information would be welcomed. It should be noted that is possible to use the south side curve to/from all platforms, but the north side route is the normal route. Olsztyn - Iława - Malbork services use connections at the Olsztyn end of the station to cross to the north side platforms.

Toruń Główny – Suchatówka (Nieszawka)

[405] (ERA75A2, R3) PL10/52

There are two routes: the more northerly climbs over the Bydgoszcz line, the alternative passes through Toruń Kluczyki station. Trains timed at Toruń Kluczyki must use the southerly route, but in practice other trains use either route.

[Inowrocław] – Nowa Wieś Wielka – Bydgoszcz Wschod – Bydgoszcz Głowny

[416/430] (ERA75A2, R3&C6) PL10/53

No scheduled use in 2011 timetable.

Bydgoszcz Leśna – Maksymillianowo

[Ex 420/430] (ERA75A2 not shown correctly, R3&C6) PL11/54

This line avoids a reversal in Bydgoszcz Głowny.

E Ex I-51410 Hel - 16:40 Tczew - Warszawa Wschodnia

Tczew - Rokitki Tczewskie

[426] (ERA75B4 not shown, R2) PL10/55

There are alternative 2km routes approaching Tczew at ground level or on a lengthy embankment over the goods yard access lines. Arrival routes cannot be confirmed as all platforms can be reached from the ground level line but departures from Platforms 1 & 2 must use the ground level route. Through trains to and from Gdynia probably use the high level lines to reduce conflicting movements.

Gdynia Stocznia

[450/451 & 452] (ERA75B5 not shown, R2) PL11/57

The SKM local and main lines take separate routes with Gdynia Stocznia station on an elevated section flying over freight lines leading into the docks. Those avoiding this elevated section are shown with a wavy line on table 452.

Gdynia Główny – Rumia

[450/451] (ERA75A5 not shown, R2) PL10/58

Some trains from Hel on table 450 in previous years have not crossed to the main lines at Rumia, but run via a separate line shown on Quail on the East side of Gdynia Chylonia EMU depot and run on the east side of the SKM local lines. Nearing Gdynia they used a connection down to join lines from the PKP locomotive depot, carriage sidings and docks and a dive-under to arrive at platforms on the west side of Gdynia Glówny. Part or all of this route may also apply to departing trains, but which if any are currently scheduled this way is not known.


[537] (ERA75B4 not shown correctly, B12) PL11/59

The timetable footnote of the southbound Sestokai – Suwałki service again shows it as a through service to Warsawa. After a brief stop at Suwałki to drop arriving passengers, the train engine and stock may continue into a 0.5km headshunt and reverse the coaches onto others already awaiting departure. A traveller reported using the service on three days during the last week of October and no shunt was required there; on a Sunday the seven coaches from Warszawa ran through to Sestokai, and on two other days the rear three coaches were detached and left in Suwałki with the remaing stock going through to Sestokai. 2011 timings are arrive 15:07, depart 15:17.


[541] (ERA76B1, D11 implies this line is removed) PL10/60

Trains eastbound towards Czeremcha used to use a southerly flyover route to p.odg. Ujzanów, westbound services the north side connection. This line may now be lifted - confirmation of its existence would be welcome. Note that the double track electrified line shown on the Quail atlas, from Białki Siedleckie to Stok Lacki does not exist.

Wrzosów (p.odg. Stojadła) – p.odg. Kędzierak - Pilawa

[550/613] (ERA76A1, D10&E10) PL11/61

Part of a ring freight route round the east side of Warszawa, this north-to-south line provides a link between the Lublin and Terespol lines, and is used as an alternative to the single track line via Otwock due to capacity limitations. Trains are marked with a wavy line on table 550 at Otwock or cd/z 550 on table 613.

Dęblin – Stawy

[553] (ERA79A5 not shown, E11) PL10/62

There are two passenger routes from Stawy to/from the Łuków line that arrive at either the north or south ends of Dęblin station with only the route to/from the north end shown in the Ball and Quail maps. Passenger trains from Łuków normally travel in a clockwise direction to approach Dęblin station from the south.


[554/556] (ERA79B3 not shown, G12) PL10/63

The broad gauge Steel & Sulphur Railway can be crossed on the flat in two places approximately 1km apart to the west of Zwierzyniec station en route to and from Belzec on Table 554.

Dąbrowice Skierniewickie (p.odg. Skierniewickie Park) - Mokra (p.odg. Skieniewka)

[601/603] (ERA75C1, E8) PL11/64

This north west-to-south west chord avoids Skierniewice station. It is used by the 2 hourly Warszawa - Wrocław TLK trains and other trains shown in table 603 with a wavy line against Skierniewice.

Bedon - Łódź Olechów - Łódź Chojny - Łódź Kaliska

[601] (ERA78B5, R11) PL11/65

One of two routes between Łódź Chojny and Bedon identified by a timing at Łódź Kaliska and < at Łódź Widzew.

H 53511 Gdynia – 00:10 Łódź Kaliska – Zakopane

Bedon - Łódź Widzew - Łódź Chojny - Łódź Kaliska

[601] (ERA78B5, R11) PL11/66

Services using this route between Łódź Chojny and Bedon can be identified by a timing at both Łódź Widzew and Łódź Kaliska.

Gałkówek – Żakowice Płd – Koluszki

[601] (ERA78C5, R11) PL11/67

Expresses to/from Łódź to Koluszki and westbound local services run via Żakowice (with a time or |) whereas most eastbound local trains have a timing at Żakowice Płd and use this completely different route to arrive at the east side of Koluszki station. The eastbound local trains that do not take this route but call at Żakowice on the main line are indicated in the timetable by a *.

Łowicz p. odg. Placencja – Bednary

[603/606] (ERA , ) PL11/67.1

This curve avoids Łowicz Gł.. It is used by the 2 hourly Warszawa - Wrocław TLK trains and other trains shown in table 603 with a wavy line against Łowicz Gł..

Czachówek Wschodni - Ustanówek

[604/605] (ERA76A1, E10) PL11/68

A new service commenced via this East to North curve on 1 March 2010 connecting these two tables. Trains are marked cd/z tab 604 on table 605 and do not have a timing at Czachówek Południowy.

Czachówek Wschodni - Czachówek Południowy

[604/605] (ERA76A1, E10) PL11/68.1

A new service commenced via this East to South curve with the 2010/11 timetable. The trains are marked cd/z tab 604 on table 605 and have a timing at Czachówek Południowy.

Ustanówek - Skierniewice

[604/601] (ERA76A1&75C1, E8&E9&E10) PL11/68.2

A new service commenced with the 2010/11 timetable via this north to west curve onto the western half of the Warszawa southern bypass line (which lost its regular stopping passenger service some years ago. The one overnight train is marked cd/z tab 601 on table 605.

Warszawa Praga - p.odg. W-wa Targówek - Warszawa Gdańska – [Sochaczew]

[605/600/608/601] (ERA76C1, R6&R7&R8) PL11/70

A pair of overnights travel a complete circuit of Warsaw. No timings are shown in T608 but station calls are shown in the on-line Journey planner. The timetable | and wavy line markers suggest these services run via Warsawa Wola but they would conflict less with other services if they ran via the freight line via Warsawa Jelonki. Confirmation of the route taken would be welcomed. See also PL11/70.1.

38202/35502 Kraków Plazów - 23:04 Warszawa Wschodnia – Kołobrzeg or [Summer] Heł
53502/83202 Kołobrzeg or [Summer] Heł - 03:52 Warszawa Gdańska – Kraków Plazów

Warszawa Gdańska – p.odg. W-wa Targówek - Warszawa Praga

[608/613 KM2] (ERA76C1, R6&R7&R8) PL11/70.1 The south facing curve at the east end of Warszawa Gdańska has a grade separated junction. See also PL11/70. It was used from 1/6/11 to 24/7/11 by diverted Koleje Mazowieckie trains from Warszawa Gdańska to Sulejówek.

Warszawa Praga – p.odg Michałów – Warszawa Rembertow

[608/613 KM2] (ERA76C1, R6&R8) PL11/71.1

No current service via this curve avoiding Warszawa Wschodnia. It was used from 1/6/11 to 24/7/11 by diverted Koleje Mazowieckie trains from Warszawa Gdańska to Sulejówek.

[Tłuszcz] - Legionowo Piaski – Chotomów

[609/608] (ERA76A1 not shown, D9) PL09/72

Engineering work diverted Tłuszcz – Sierpc services via the north to west Legionowo avoiding curve between 1 March and 31 May 2009. No service since.

Warszawa Wschodnia - Warszawa Wschodnia Towarowa p.odg. Warszawa Antoninów - Warszawa Wawer

[614] (ERA76C1, R8&R6) PL10/73

Alternative route to and from Otwock by trains with wavy line against Warszawa Olszynka Grochowska. None are currently listed although trains in either direction have been known to be diverted this route for operational reasons.

The following sections of line within Poland can be ridden only in the through (corridor) trains of neighbouring administrations:

  • (Hagenwerder [Germany] -) frontier - Ręcszyn - (- Krzewina Zgorzelecka -) Trzciniec Zgorzelecki - frontier (- Hirschfelde [Germany]) (36A2): DB table 220. The section between Ręcszyn and Trzciniec Zgorzelecki is traversed only by trains on DB table 220 (Zittau - Görlitz, presently operated by Connex/Lausitzbahn) as PKP trains on table 260 were withdrawn with the 2000/01 timetable.
  • (Zittau [Germany] -) frontier - frontier (- Hrádek nad Nisou [Czech Republic]) (36A2): ČD table 089. There are no stations in Poland on this line.
  • Głuchołazy - frontier (- Jindřichov ve Slezsku [Czech Republic]) (37A1): Through Krnov – Jesenik trains on ČD table 292 use PKP tracks in and out of Głuchołazy as there is no triangle here and the approximately 13km of PKP tracks east of Głuchołazy are only traversed by ČD services. From 10 December 2006 ČD services call to set down and pick up at Głuchołazy.

Other sparse services

The following lines have few trains (relative to service levels generally in this country) - fewer than three trains each way on at least three days a week - or do not run each weekday.

113 Tomaszow Mazowiecki – Drzewica
115 Ostrowiec Świętokrzyski – Sandomierz
116 Sandomierz – Grębów
122 Przemyśl – Medyka (- Mostyska II [UZ])
123 Horyniec Zdrój – Hrbenne
130 Muszyna – Plavec [ZSSK] [temporarily closed pending bridge repairs in Poland]
134 Zagórz – Łupków [Summer only on FSSuO]
137 Sucha Beskidzka – Żywiec [one train each way on a limited number of dates]
139 Kalwaria Zebrzydowska Lanckorona – Wadowice
148 Skoczów – Bielsko Biała Główna [two trains each way on a few days]
155 Chałupki – Bohumin [ČD]
166 Bytom – Gliwice [one overnight train each way in July and August 2012]
173 Częstochowa – Chorzew Siemkowice
215 Opole Glówne – Biskupice Olawskie – Jelcz Laskowice
247 Sędzisław – Kralovec [ČD]
315 Chorzew Siemkowice – Zdunska Wola – Inowroclaw
320 Kępno – Wielun Dąbrowa
335 Rzepin – Międzyrzecz
370 Świnoujście Port – Świnoujście [Summer only]
381 Słupsk – Ustka [2 pairs daily, increased summer service]
382 Mścice – Mielno Koszaliński [Summer only service since 2008, but nothing apparently scheduled in 2012]
403 Szymankowo – Nowy Dwor Gdanski [2 pairs on summer weekends only]
410 Skępe – Sierpc
440 Lipowa Tucholska – Bąk – Kościerzyna [one train on summer weekends only]
451 Łeba - Lębork [Summer only service]
505 Bogaczewo - Mamonowo (Oblast Kaliningrad) [one train in Summer only]
515 Szczytno – Pisz – Ełk
537 Suwałki – Šeštokai (LG)
550 Dorohusk – Jagodin (UŽ)
556 Zwierzyniec – Stalowa Wola Rozwadów
609 Wieliszew – Tłuszcz

Deletions since previous edition

PL09/7 Koniecpol – Starzyny – (Kozłów) Second year with no service
PL09/13 Kraków northern loop line via Nowa Huta - podg Wisła – podg Rudzice – Węgrzce Wielkie. The timetabled 2009 PKP Cargo Steam specials were cancelled and no scheduled use in 2010 so second year with no service.
PL09/17 [Chabowka] – Rabka Zdrój – Dobra k Limanowej Timetabled dated steam specials operated by the Steam Museum at Chabowka did not run in 2009 and no scheduled use in 2010 so second year with no service.
PL09/48.3 Szczecin Główny – Szczecin Wzgórze Hetmanskie. No staff train use confirmed since October 2005.
PL09/56 Tczew staff shuttles to Zajaczkowo Tczewskie (hump yard). No timings known since 2003.
PL09/68 No confirmed timings for Łódź Fabryczna – Łódź Olechow - Łódź Chojny - Łódź Kaliska staff trains via a non-passenger curve avoiding Bedon since 2003.
PL09/70 Tłuszcz – Grzebowilk. Staff train timings not confirmed since 2002.
PL09/71 Piława - Mszczonów - Puszcza Mariańska. No timings for staff trains confirmed since 2002.
PL10/4 Szeligi – Mszczonów p.odg. – Pilawa. Praha - Moskva trains run via a different route in 2011.

The following lines with sparse services had lost their service:

131 Jasło – Zagórz
132 Rzeszów – Jasło
133 [Sanok] Nowy Zagórz – Krościenko – Chirow (Ukraine)
147 Skoczów – Bielsko Biała Główna
203 Nowy Świętów – Gluchołazy
230 Kłodzko Miasto – Kudowa Zdrój
250 Lwówek Śląski – Zebrzydowa
358 Żagan – Niegoławice
514 Czerwonka – Mragowo
536 Olecko – Suwałki
543 Czeremcha – Vysokolitovsk (Belarus)

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