Slovenia - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services

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This list is based on the timetable in force from 09 December 2018 until 14 December 2019. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

Map references for each route entry are given in parentheses ( ). References prefixed "ERA" refer to the European Railway Atlas The Balkans, Regional Series 2016, by M.G.Ball.

Obscure services

Zidani Most avoiding line: Radeče (km 501) – Rimske Toplice (km 502.5)

[10, 30] (ERA 216A2) SI19/1

A south-east to north-east curve avoiding Zidani Most.

D SSuX LP3402 Sevnica - 07:05 Radeče - Celje
EC158 Zagreb Gl. kol. – 08:25 Sevnica - Wien Hbf
EC159 Wien Hbf - 20:56 Laško - Zagreb Gl. kol.

Škofja Loka "avoiding line" (km 585.5 – km 586.8)

[20] (ERA 215B3, not shown) SI19/2

This line, from the south end of the station avoiding the platforms and taking a more direct course northwards, is normally used by trains not booked to call at this station.

Maribor avoiding line: Maribor Tezno – Maribor Tabor

[30, 34] (ERA 216A4) SI19/3

A south to west curve avoiding Maribor. There are no services in the current timetable.

Pragersko avoiding line: Rače – Šikole

[40] (ERA 216A3) SI19/4

This north to east curve avoiding Pragersko station is used by trains between the Maribor and Ptuj lines if not calling at Pragersko. The service is much more regular than it used to be and the following departures take the curve: Maribor depart 07:05, 11:05 SSuX, 13:03, 13:50 SSuX, 15:27, 16:20, 18:45 SSuX and 22:10 SSuX Ormož depart 06:21, 06:55 SSuX, 08:44 SSuO, 12:19 SSuX, 13:02 SSuX and 19:37

If there is a shortage of diesel units, some trains may be locomotive hauled at short notice. In this case, the train uses the avoiding line before reversing into Pragersko station.

Divača avoiding line: Povir (km 670.5) – Rodik (km 0.5)

[50, 60] (ERA 215B2) SI19/5

This west to south curve avoiding Divača was used by a train in each direction between Sežana and the Pula line. In previous years the section between Sežana and Hrpelje-Kozina has not been shown in the timetable PDF but has been shown in the journey planner. There was no service in 2018 and does not appear to be one in 2019.

Other sparse services

The following lines have few trains (relative to service levels generally in this country) - fewer than four trains each way on at least three days a week. Note that the on-line Slovenian timetable pdfs no longer show the former timetable numbers:

32 Rogatec - Sveti Rok ob Sotli - Hromec (Croatia)
34 Ruše - Bleiburg (Austria)
40 Središče - Macinec (Croatia)
Mursko Središće (Croatia) - Lendava
80 Metlika - Rosalnice - Bubnjarci (Croatia) There is a limited SŽ service between Metlika and Rosalnice, and a limited cross-border HŽ service between Metlika and Bubnjarci (- Karlovac). The Karlovac trains do not call at Rosalnice.
F Ilirska Bistrica - Šapjane (HR) - Rijeka (HR)

At weekends, most lines have a very restricted local service, or none at all. This particularly affects the following lines, which have few or no long-distance trains:

21 Ljubljana - Kamnik Graben
31 Celje - Velenje
32 / 33 Grobelno - Stranje - Imeno / Sveti Rok ob Sotli - Ðurmanec (Croatia)
34 Maribor - Prevalje - Bleiburg (Austria)
40 / 41 Pragersko - Ormož - Središče / Hodoš
70 Sežana - Nova Gorica
80 Ljubljana - Novo Mesto - Metlika
81 Sevnica - Trebnje

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