Tunisia - General Information

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Country Name

Tunisia (Tunisie)

National railway system

La Société Nationale des Chemins de Fer Tunisiens (SNCFT)

Official Website

www.sncft.com.tn Note that the English version is marked as "Under construction".


Arabic and French.


Tunisian Dinar, symbol TND.

UIC code

Numeric 91; alpha TN


Journey Planner

Downloadable Timetable

Printed Timetable

No book for the whole network seems to be available, but printed leaflets for individual routes are available at many stations.

Engineering Information



Printed Maps

There is no currently available published map of Tunisian Railways. A hand drawn map of the Tunis area is available.

Web-based Maps

  • A list of lines and rudimentary map are available on the SNCFT web page. This page contains a useful list of lines and their lengths. However, this map predates the construction of the Sousse avoiding line, and the consequent closure of the (former) main line route south from Sousse to Sousse Bab Jedid. Therefore mileages south of Sousse will be correct station-to-station but not cumulatively from Tunis.


Standard and Metre.


  • 25 kV 50Hz SNCFT: Sousse – Mahdia and Tunis Ville – Erriadh.
  • 650V dc? TGM: Tunis Marine – La Marsa.

Rule of the road

Left on SNCFT; right on TGM.

Other Railways

Tunis - Goulette - Marsa (TGM): Electrified standard gauge suburban route from Tunis Marine to La Marsa Plage, owned and operated by the Société des transports de Tunis (Transtu).

Tourist Lines

None, although private tourist services operate over the SNCFT metre gauge line from Metaloui to the scenic Selja gorge.("Le Lezard Rouge").





Recent and future changes

In recent years, there has been considerable investment in the metre gauge lines to the south of Tunis. For example, a line avoiding Sousse was opened in 2004 which eliminates a level crossing and street running in Sousse city centre. A number of cut offs and deviations have also been built e.g. north of Bir Bouregba. The Sahel (= coast) suburban service from Sousse Bab Jedid to Mahdia has been reopened and improved. The overhead lines on the intensively worked metre gauge suburban route from Tunis Ville to Erriadh were energised on 10 August 2011.

The Tinja - Menzel Bourguiba line lost its passenger service some years ago.

There are long term plans to build a standard gauge route from Libya to Gabes in south eastern Tunisia.

The branch from Les Salines, on the Tunis - Kalaa Khasba line, to (Le) Kef was reopened in 2011 after a gap of 19 years, with one Autorail Express each way from/to Tunis Ville.

Passenger services between Tunisia and Algeria over the Ghardimaou - Sidi El-Hémissi border crossing were due to be reinstated on 14 May 2017.

A tourist service (La Rose des Sables) was due to start in February 2015, covering the non-passenger Kalaâ Kasbah - Kasserine line. Other routes are planned to be added in later years.

Special Notes

Note that travel to some parts of Tunisia is not advised; see the UK Government Foreign travel advice website.

Freight services operate over the standard gauge route into Algeria via Ghardimaou but there are no cross-border passenger services as at February 2015; see Recent and Future Changes above.