Germany (Hamburg) - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services 2019


Obscure services

Hamburg-Altona avoiding line: Pinneberg (Hamburg-Langenfelde Bbf) – Hamburg Dammtor (Abzw Rainweg)

[103, 130] (119A3) DE19/051

This north to east curve is used by trains between Elmshorn (or north thereof) and Hamburg Dammtor which are not booked to call at Hamburg-Altona. Most trains between Hamburg Hbf and Kiel Hbf or Flensburg use this route. Westerland trains, other than IC ones, and Itzehoe local services mostly start and terminate at Hamburg-Altona. It is intended to close Hamburg-Altona station, replacing it with a new through station to the north, which may open in December 2023. That will result in this curve being replaced by a new line to the south.

Pinneberg (Hamburg-Eidelstedt En) - Hamburg Hbf (via Hamburg-Lokstedt and Hamburg-Rothenburgsort)

[131] (120B1-119C3) DE19/052

This route comprises the Hamburg Ring line from the Elmshorn line around the north and east sides of the city.

D1 SO IC1130 Københavns Lufthavn - 01:35 SuO Fredericia - Hamburg Hbf

D1: 30 March to 14 September 2019, not 22 and 29 June.

Trains between Hamburg Hbf and Elmshorn are diverted this way 25 December 2018 to 2 January 2019.

Hamburg-Wandsbek – Hamburg Hbf (via Horn and Hamburg-Rothenburgsort)

[104] (119D2-119C3) DE19/053

This is an alternative route between Hamburg Hbf and the Lübeck line, using part of the Hamburg Ring line.

D IC2221 16:37 Lübeck Hbf - Frankfurt am Main Hbf
D FSSuO IC2415 Fehmarn-Burg - 16:38 Lübeck Hbf - Hamburg-Altona
D IC2220 Frankfurt am Main Hbf - 12:19 Hamburg Hbf - Lübeck Hbf

Hamburg-Wandsbek – Hamburg-Harburg (Abzw Oberhafen) (via Horn and Hamburg-Rothenburgsort)

[104] (119D2-119C3) DE19/054

This route, via part of the Hamburg eastern ring line, allows trains to run between the Lübeck and Hamburg-Harburg lines without reversal at Hamburg Hbf. It is common with route DE19/053 between Hamburg-Wandsbek and Hamburg-Rothenburgsort and with route DE19/056 between Hamburg-Rothenburgsort and Abzw Oberhafen.

D FO IC2417 Fehmarn-Burg - 10:19 Lübeck Hbf - Köln Hbf
D SSuO IC2413 Fehmarn-Burg - 11:03 Lübeck Hbf - Köln Hbf
D IC2411 Fehmarn-Burg - 17:03 Lübeck Hbf - Köln Hbf
D IC2302/2410 Köln Messe/Deutz - 11:51 Hamburg-Harburg - Fehmarn-Burg
D SO IC2418 Köln Hbf - 11:51 Hamburg-Harburg - Fehmarn-Burg

Hamburg-Bergedorf (Rothenburgsort Rop) - Hamburg Hbf (via Abzw Ericus)

[100, 102] (119C3-119D3) DE19/055

This is an alternative route between Hamburg Hbf and the Büchen line, and is the only one available for trains using platforms on the west side of Hamburg Hbf (numbered 11 and higher). The following trains are scheduled to use this route:

D2 SuX ICE1577/1745 Stralsund Hbf - 07:21 Schwerin Hbf - Hamburg Hbf/Karlsruhe Hbf
D2 IC2217 Züssow/Stralsund Hbf - 09:21 Schwerin - Stuttgart Hbf
D FO ICE1604/1704 Nürnberg Hbf/Jena Paradies - 09:50 Berlin-Spandau - Hamburg Hbf
D2 ICE1671 Stralsund Hbf - 11:21 Schwerin Hbf - Karlsruhe Hbf
D2 IC2213 Ostseebad Binz - 13:39 Schwerin Hbf - Koblenz Hbf/Stuttgart Hbf
SuO IC1909/2409 Stralsund Hbf - 15:09 Schwerin Hbf - Köln Hbf
D IC2091 Stralsund Hbf - 15:22 Schwerin Hbf - Hannover Hbf
D2 ICE1675/1749 Ostseebad Binz/Stralsund Hbf - 15:21 Schwerin Hbf - Hannover Hbf/Karlsruhe Hbf
D2 ICE1677 Stralsund Hbf - 17:21 Schwerin Hbf - Hamburg Hbf/Frankfurt am Main Hbf
D2 SuO ICE1679 Stralsund Hbf - 19:21 Schwerin - Göttingen
D ICE1676 Frankfurt am Main Hbf/Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe - 09:43 Hamburg Hbf - Stralsund Hbf
D SuO IC2182 09:43 Hamburg Hbf - Stralsund Hbf
D2 SX IC2212 Koblenz Hbf - 11:18/11:42 Hamburg Hbf - Ostseebad Binz
D3 FO ICE1285 Hamburg-Altona - 11:41 Hamburg Hbf - München Hbf/Schwarzach St Veit
D ICE1672 Karlsruhe Hbf/Kassel-Wilhelmshöhe - 13:43 Hamburg Hbf - Stralsund Hbf/Ostseebad Binz
D ICE1748 13:43 Hamburg Hbf - Stralsund Hbf/Ostseebad Binz
D2 IC2216 Offenburg/Stuttgart Hbf - 15:17 Hamburg Hbf - Stralsund Hbf/Greifswald
D2 ICE1578/1744 Karlsruhe Hbf/Hannover Hbf - 17:42 Hamburg Hbf - Stralsund Hbf/Greifswald
D SuO ICE1596 Karlsruhe Hbf/Hamburg-Altona - 19:42/19:43 Hamburg Hbf - Stralsund Hbf
FO IC2404 Köln Hbf - 19:43 Hamburg Hbf - Stralsund Hbf
FSSuX IC2188 Hamburg-Altona - 19:44 Hamburg Hbf - Rostock Hbf
ICE905 Hamburg-Altona - 21:51 Hamburg Hbf - Berlin Südkreuz

D2: Not via this route 11 June to 28 July 2019.

D3: 14 June to 13 December 2019

This route is also normally used by RE trains:

From Hamburg-Bergedorf: Mon-Fri 10:37, 12:29, 20:29; Sat 08:29, 10:37, 12:29, 16:26, 19:37, 20:29; Sun 08:32, 12:29, 16:42, 18:37, 20:29

From Hamburg Hbf: Mon-Fri 07:22; Sat 11:21, 13:20, 17:21, 19:21; Sun 09:18, 11:18, 13:18, 17:18, 21:17; Daily 00:30, 22:54.

Hamburg-Harburg (Abzw Oberhafen) – Hamburg-Bergedorf (Rothenburgsort Rop)

[100, 120] (119C3-119D3) DE19/056

This line is used by trains between the Hamburg-Harburg and Büchen lines, if not calling at Hamburg Hbf.

D SO IC2405 Stralsund Hbf – 13:57 Schwerin Hbf – Köln Hbf
D SO IC2408 Köln Hbf – 12:57/12:58 Hamburg-Harburg – Ostseebad Binz

The following trains are diverted via this route, omitting the normal call at Hamburg Hbf, between 11 June and 28 July 2019.

D SuX ICE1745 Stralsund Hbf - 07:21 Schwerin Hbf - Hannover Hbf
D IC2217 Züssow/Stralsund Hbf - 09:22 Schwerin Hbf - Stuttgart Hbf
D ICE1671 Stralsund Hbf - 11:21 Schwerin Hbf - Hannover Hbf
D IC2213 Ostseebad Binz - 13:39 Schwerin - Stuttgart Hbf
D ICE1749 Ostseebad Binz - 15:21 Schwerin Hbf - Hannover Hbf
D ICE1677 Stralsund Hbf - 17:21 Schwerin Hbf - Hannover Hbf
D SuO ICE1679 Stralsund Hbf - 19:21 Schwerin Hbf - Hannover Hbf
D IC2212 Koblenz Hbf - 11:04 Hamburg-Harburg - Ostseebad Binz
D IC2216 Offenburg/Stuttgart Hbf - 15:03 Hamburg-Harburg - Greifswald
D ICE1744 Hannover Hbf - 17:27 Hamburg-Harburg – Stralsund Hbf/Greifswald

Hamburg Hbf – Hamburg-Harburg (Abzw Oberhafen/Abzw Norderelbbrücke) (via goods line)

[110, 120, 121] (119C3-120D4) DE19/057

Between Hamburg Hbf and Hamburg-Harburg there are, in addition to the S-Bahn tracks, two pairs of tracks - one designated Pz-Gl (passenger line) and the other Gz-Gl (goods line), the latter being located between the S-Bahn tracks and the Pz-Gl.

All four tracks are used for passenger trains as operating convenience requires. They share common alignment south of Abzw Oberhafen (where the goods line from Rothenburgsort joins), but north-west of there, the Pz-Gl are at higher level, whereas the Gz-Gl follow a slightly different alignment at ground level via Abzw Ericus. A single-track connection from Abzw Ericus passes under the Pz-Gl and joins the southbound Pz-Gl at Abzw Norderelbbrücke.

The Gz-Gl are used, as required, by passenger trains to avoid conflicting moves at Hamburg Hbf. The connection to Abzw Norderelbbrücke, in particular, enables trains from platforms 8, 11 & 12 at Hamburg Hbf to reach the southbound Pz-Gl without crossing the northbound track on the level.

Route indicators associated with signals at the south end of Hamburg Hbf show the line to be used. 'P' indicates use of the Pz-Gl and 'H' the Gz-Gl.

Hamburg Hbf (Abzw Wilhelmsburg) – Hamburg-Harburg (via harbour line)

[121] (120D3-120D4) DE19/058

South of Abzw Wilhelmsburg an additional pair of tracks, designated Hafen-Gl (harbour line), run broadly parallel to the main line on the approach to Hamburg-Harburg. They are normally used by those Cuxhaven line trains running through to or from Hamburg Hbf.