Germany (Thüringen) - Lines with Obscure or Sparse passenger services 2019

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Obscure services

Grimmenthal – Ritschenhausen

[815] (79C1) DE18/552N

This line is used by RE7 services between Erfurt Hbf, Schweinfurt Hbf and Würzburg Hbf, to avoid reversal at Meiningen. These run every two hours.

Grimmenthal: connections at west and east ends of station

[570] (67D4) DE18/553N

Just west of Grimmenthal station, the Meiningen – Themar line crosses over the Schweinfurt – Suhl line, each route having its own platforms at Grimmenthal. It is not possible for trains to run direct between Schweinfurt and Themar, but connecting spurs at the west and east ends of the station enable through running between Meiningen and Suhl. Most trains between Meiningen and Suhl are scheduled to use the western connection, but the following use the eastern one:

SSuX STB81269/81111 Zella-Mehlis - 06:14 Rohr (Thür) - Eisenach
SSuX STB81272 Meiningen - 04:15 Grimmenthal - Erfurt

The 06:14 Rohr (Thür) runs as STB81269 up to Grimmenthal, thence as STB81111

Obscure services: Lines used on an occasional basis for engineering work diversions

Gotha Ost - Seebergen (Gotha Abzw Gk W)

[604, 605] (68A2) DE18/581N

This north to east curve enables trains to run directly between Bad Langensalza and Neudietendorf without needing to reverse at Gotha. Trains between Göttingen and Erfurt, which normally reverse at Gotha, were diverted via this curve from 19 April until 16 June 2017. This diversion does not happen very often, but the route may also be used on occasions when there is engineering work between Erfurt and Bad Langensalza via Döllstädt.