Poland (North (Central)) - Lines with Obscure passenger services



This list is based on the timetable from 10 December 2017 to 8 December 2018, but it should be noted it is completely reissued around four times per year, the current version covering from 11 March to 9 June 2018 plus there are frequent amendments within periods. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information. Map references relate to the Polish Regional version of the European Railway Atlas 2016 published by M.G. Ball ISBN: 978-0-9955070-1-2 and the Mały Atlas Linii Kolejowych Polski 2011 published by Eurosprinter ISBN: 978-83-931006-3-7

Obscure services: Lines with regular use


[400/405/500] (ERA172B1, B8) PL18/400

There are two routes between Iława station and Działdowo, the Malbork – Warszawa main line diving under the Toruń – Olsztyn line from the north side, plus Line 968, a curve from the south side platform also serving a freight yard. Trackwork means trains to/from Działdowo booked at platform 3 cannot reach the diveunder line so these must use line 968. Much increased use from March 2018 with temporary closure of direct Działdowo - Olsztyn line.

SSuX PR 90623 Działdowo – 07:06 Smolniki - Iława
IC 1513 Warszawa Zachodnia – 06:33 Warszawa Wschodnia - Olsztyn Główny
IC 1519 Warszawa Centralna – 10:47 Warszawa Wschodnia - Bydgoszcz Główna
PR 90625 Działdowo – 16:36 Smolniki - Iława
PR 90630 06:21 Iława - Działdowo
TLK 56100 Olsztyn Główny - 08:03 Iława - Wrocław Główny
IC 5120 12:17 Iława - Warszawa Zachodnia
SSuX PR 90632 13:10 Iława - Działdowo
IC 5320 Olsztyn Główny - 14:08 Iława - Kraków Płaszów
SSuX PR 90634 15:03 Iława - Działdowo
PR 90654 16:18 Iława - Działdowo
IC 5118 Bydgoszcz Główna - 17:08 Iława - Warszawa Zachodnia
IC 5112 Olsztyn Główny - 20:20 Iława - Warszawa Zachodnia

It should be noted in addition to the above that departures from Iława Peron 1 & 2 can also reach Line 968 but the regular non-conflicting route for Malbork - Iława - Działdowo services is the diveunder. Additionally all Olsztyn - Iława - Malbork services use connections at the Olsztyn end of the station to cross to the north side platforms. Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.


Toruń Główny – podg Nieszawka (Suchatówka)

[405] (ERA177A4, R3) PL18/401

There are two routes: the more northerly via Toruń Towarowy yard climbs over the Bydgoszcz line whereas the alternative passes through Toruń Kluczyki station. Trains calling at Toruń Kluczyki (all PR services) must use the southerly route. TLK services, which have a "<" marker against Toruń Kluczyki, are booked to take the northerly route but in practice may use either.

Lipusz - Bytów

[424] (ERA171C2/C1, B5) PL18/402

For the last few years private operator SKPL has run trains on this 24km branch [PKP Line 212] on Saturdays and Sundays from July to September plus a few other dates. Timetables will appear at their website nearer these dates if the service continues.

Czersk - Bąk - Kościerzyna

[429] (ERA171C2, B6) PL18/403

The all year PDFs showed two PR train pairs on three days in 2018 but Arriva Poland has published timings suggesting two pairs each Saturday and Sunday from 23 June to 1 September.

D1 AR55247 Bydgoszcz Glówna – 08:33 Czersk - Kościerzyna
D1 AR59989 Bydgoszcz Glówna – 16:25 Czersk - Kościerzyna
D1 AR55272 09:31 Kościerzyna - Bydgoszcz Glówna
D1 AR59920 17:31 Kościerzyna - Bydgoszcz Glówna

Note: D1 SSuO 23 June - 1 September 2018

Lipowa Tucholska - Bąk - Kościerzyna

[429] (ERA171C2, B6) PL18/404

This route overlaps with PL18/403 between Bąk and Kościerzyna. A steam trip ran over the line in 2017 and an excursion organised by SMK Chojnice will run this way on 21 April 2018

Tczew - Rokitki Tczewskie (podg Malinowo) via line 727

[426] (ERA172A2, R2) PL18/405

There are alternative routes to/from the Chojnice line: the double track main line which runs on a lengthy embankment to fly over the Gdansk lines to the east side platforms of Tczew station, and a single track at ground level (line 727) to the west side. All platforms can be reached by arrivals from line 727 so it is not possible to know what route they take but departures from platforms 1 & 2 must use line 727.

D1 TLK58110/111 Gdynia Główna - 13:02 Tczew – Piła Główna
D1 R 55207 Gdynia Główna - 17:03 Tczew – Chojnice

Note: D1 Not 8-27 May 2018

One train from Chojnice to Tczew arrives at peron I, so to avoid conflicts will probably also use the rarer line 727, R50714 arriving at 18:52 or 19:16, the later timing between 8-27 May 2018. Reports would be appreciated by the Compilers.

Click on the thumbnail for a full size map.



[429, 424] (ERA171C1, too detailed to be shown, B6) PL18/406

Some Czerk – Wierzchuchin services run to Śliwice to reverse so use a connection to/from line 743 and Table 424 at the south end of Szlachta station.

Gdańsk Osowa - Rębiechowo

[440] (ERA172B4, A6 not shown) PL18/406A

With opening of the lines serving Gdańsk Port Lotniczy, the direct Gdynia Główna - Kościerzyna service via this third side of the triangle is significantly reduced to a maximum of three northbound and two southbound per day.

Gdańsk Wrzeszcz

[442,443] (ERA172B4, R2 not shown) PL18/407

A flyover has been built as part of the reinstated junction for the new services via Gdańsk Port Lotniczy which should be used by the limited through services from Gdańsk Główny. Note crossovers also allow use of the non-flyover route but any departure or arrival using Peron II is more likely to use the flyover.

Gdynia Stocznia

[450/451 & 452] (ERA172B4 not shown, R2) PL18/408

The SKM local and main lines take separate routes with Gdynia Stocznia station on an elevated section flying over freight lines leading into the docks.

Gdynia Główny – Rumia via line 202

[450/451/452] (ERA172B4 not shown, R2) PL18/409

1. All local services plus northbound main line services run on the north side of Cisowa EMU Depot, only towards Gdynia Main Line services run on the south side as per the second diagram. 2. If a main line service is on the local lines approaching Gdynia Główny, mainly those from Hel in previous years, it would use a separate connection from the north side lines to link in with routes from Gdynia Docks and cross under the SKM lines between Gdynia Grabówek and Gdynia Glówna. Likewise for Main Line Departures onto line 202. These normally use the higher numbered platforms at Gdynia Glówna but there are crossovers allowing access to/from the lower numbered platforms so none can be listed although the Summer 2018 PDFs have < markers against a number of inbound to Gdynia services suggesting these would use this alternative route. Reports of use would be welcomed by the Compilers.

Diagrams of the relevant parts of the route are available here:

Gdynia 1.jpg

Rumia 1.jpg

Żuławskiej Kolei Dojazdowej

[457] (ERA172B3, A7 not shown correctly) PL18/410

This system worked by the Pomorskie Towarzystwo Miłośników Kolei Żelaznych (PTMKŻ) is a preserved ex PKP narrow gauge line from Nowy Dwor Gdanski to Sztutowo and Prawy Brzeg Wisły.

Stegna Gdanska

This is a triangular station with platforms on all three sides. In 2017 there was a limited service over the south to east curve for the first time since 2013, but there is no such service in 2018. The operating dates in 2018 are 1 - 6 May, 31 May - 3 June, 9/10, 16/17 June and daily from 23 June - 1 September. Details are here on their timetable.


If travelling to/from Sztutowo on either a loco hauled train or a railcar towing trailers it will reverse around a triangle on arrival or departure from Sztutowo as there is no run round loop.

Obscure services: Lines used on an occasional basis

Prabuty - Kwidzyn

[415] (ERA172B1, B7) PL18/450

This 33km freight only line 218 has been used occasionally for diversions.

Maksymilianowo - line 201 - Bydgoszcz Wschód

[430/430a] (ERA176C5, C6/R3) PL18/451

Bydgoszcz Glówna avoiding line used on one night by one train in 2017. May be used in conjunction with PL18/452

Bydgoszcz Wschód - line 201 - Nowa Wies Wielka - [Inowrocław]

[430] (ERA176C5, R3/C6) PL18/452

Used if the main line is closed between Bydgoszcz and Nowa Wies Wielka, or, in conjunction with PL18/452, to avoid reversal at Bydgoszcz for northbound trains. Used on one night by one train in 2017.

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