Poland (North East) - Lines with Obscure passenger services



This list is based on the timetable from 10 December 2017 to 8 December 2018, but it should be noted it is completely reissued around four times per year, the current version covering from 11 March to 9 June 2018 plus there are frequent amendments within periods. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information. Map references relate to the Polish Regional version of the European Railway Atlas 2016 published by M.G. Ball ISBN: 978-0-9955070-1-2 and the Mały Atlas Linii Kolejowych Polski 2011 published by Eurosprinter ISBN: 978-83-931006-3-7

Obscure services: Lines with regular use

Suwałki - Papiernia - curve 517 - Las Suwalski

[530] (ERA174A2, B12) PL18/500A

Close examination of the timetable shows most services on certain dates in mid March and part of May have greatly increased journey time between Suwałki and Plociczno kolo Suwałk so may run via the above route and reverse at Papiernia. Download the 530 PDF for details. NOTE: Trains reported NOT doing the curve on 8 May so the Engineering work appears to have finished early. The curve was used in March.

Kętrzyn - Węgorzewo

[536] (ERA173B3/B2, B10/A10) PL18/500

Private operator SKPL has run summer services on this 33 km branch for several years. If they run again in 2018 then times should appear at the Shortlines website

Białystok - Wałily

[534] (ERA179B5, C12/13) PL18/501

This 36.6km branch had a summer weekend service introduced in 2016 which continued, with an extended season, in 2017. They are running from 28 April 2018 to 28 October with timings on 534 PDF

Chełm – Dorohusk – Jagodin (Ukraine)

[550/M401] (ERA184C5, F13) PL18/502

Two lines cross the Poland/Ukraine border between Chełm and Jagodin, a standard gauge line (1435mm) and a broad gauge line (1520mm). Each has a service.

Standard gauge line

Used by the Warszawa – Kiev (and v.v.) overnight train pair. Trains exchange bogies at Jagodin.

68 Warszawa Zachodnia - 22:32 Chelm - Kiev Passajirskii
67 18:30 Kiev Passajirskii - Warszawa Zachodnia

Broad gauge line

Used by two train pairs

754 10:55 Chełm - Kovel Passajirskii
752 17:35 Chełm - Kovel Passajirskii - Zdolbuniv
751 Zdolbuniv - 08:37 Kovel Passajirskii - Chełm
753 15:17 Kovel Passajirskii - Chełm

Łuków – Parczew Kolejowa (– Lublin)

[551a] (ERA179A1, E11/12) PL18/503

This 52km section reopened on 11 June 2017 for diversions of Warsaw - Lublin services as part of the usual main line via Dęblin is closed for long term engineering works. This is expected to last until at least the December 2018 timetable change.

Dęblin – Stawy

[553] (ERA178C1, E11) PL18/504

There are two passenger routes from Stawy, which connect the Łuków line to the north and south ends of Dęblin station, forming a balloon loop. However, only the line at the north end line is shown in the Quail map. The normal mode of operation is for trains from Łuków to Dęblin to arrive at Dęblin using the southern route, even if they are continuing south and need to reverse in order to do so. Trains from Dęblin to Łuków use the northern route.

Chełm - Włodawa

[558] (ERA185B5/C5, E13/F13) PL18/505

This otherwise freight only branch has had a sponsored summer weekend only service in recent years. 2018 dates and timings are SSuO between 23 June and 30 September with departures from Chełm at 07:40 and 16:25 and from Włodawa at 09:32 and 18:22.

Obscure services: Lines used on an occasional basis

Siedlce avoiding line: Białki Siedleckie (podg Doły) – Stok Lacki (podg Ujrzanów)

[541] (ERA179A2, D11) PL18/550

If additional time is allowed between Siedlce and Stok Lacki, it may be due to the train being required to reverse around the Siedlce avoiding line (line 520). One train pair was timed to do this in 2017, but there are no such trains in the current timetable.

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