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These entries are based on the timetable from 12 December 2020 to 10 December 2021. However, it should be noted it is completely reissued about four times per year with "adjustments" due on 14 March, 13 June, 29 August and 7 November 2021. In addition, there are frequent amendments within timetable periods.

Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information.

Map references for each route entry are given in parentheses ( ). References prefixed "ERA-E" refer to the European Railway Atlas (All-Europe Edition) by M.G. Ball. References prefixed "ERA-R" are to the European Railway Atlas (Regional Series - Poland) by M.G. Ball. References in italic are to Mały Atlas Linii Kolejowych Polski 2011 by M. Stiasny and R. Stankiewicz.

Obscure services: Lines with regular use

Suwałki - Papiernia - curve 517 - Las Suwalski

[530] (ERA174A2, B12) PL21/500

The March 2019 PDF for table 530 showed increased running time between Plociczno kolo Suwałk and Suwałki between 3-8 June 2019, the same scenario that happened in mid March 2018 when this diversion previously occured. In 2019/20 there is one northbound and one southbound with extra time in this section but the Journey Planner and Map view confirm these are purely crossing related delays. There is no evidence of use of this curve in the 2020-2021 timetable.

Kętrzyn - Węgorzewo

[536] (ERA173B3/B2, B10/A10) PL21/501

Private operator SKPL has run summer services on this 33 km branch. The Shortlines website reveals that they did not run in 2020 and their website did not include this line as at December 2020 for the 2020-2021 timetable period, though it may appear later.

Białystok - Wałily

[534] (ERA179B5, C12/13) PL21/502

This 36.6km branch had a summer weekend service introduced in 2016 and in 2020 this is increased with one pair FSSuO and the other SSuO, running from 1 May until 27 September 2020. Trains continue in 2021 but with summer weekday service as well. Timings on 534 PDF

Hajnówka - Siemianówka

[541] (ERA179B4, D13) PL21/503

Trains ran in summer 2019, but not in summer 2020 despite Siemianówka being in the table heading. Two train pairs are shown to run in summer 2021 on a daily basis.

Hajnówka west side platform connection to Siedlce line

[541/543] (ERA179B4, D13) PL21/504

Hajnówka is a two sided station with the platform for Siemianówka on the east side and the platform for Lewki on the west side. The Białystok to Hajnówka services introduced on 13 December 2020 terminate on the west side, but trains continuing to Siedlce use a 370 metre connection south of the station to access the Siemianówka - Siedlce line. Three train pairs use this connection in the 2020-2021 period.

Note A PR10874/75 Siedlece - 10:04 Czeremcha - Białystok
Note B TLK15104/5 Warszawa Zachodnia - 11:35 Czeremcha - Gdynia Główna
Note C TLK10100/101 Warszawa Zachodnia - 21:29 Czeremcha - Białystok
Note B TLK 10110 Białystok - 06:29 Bielsk Podlaski - Warszawa Zachodnia
Note A PR108272/73 Białystok - 14:29 Lewki - Siedlce
Note C TLK51104 Gdynia Główna - 15:45 Bielsk Podlaski - Warszawa Zachodnia

Note A: 1 January 2020 to 11 December 2021 Note B: 14 June 2021 to 11 December 2021 Note C: 13 June 2021 to 11 December 2021

Chełm – Dorohusk – Jagodin (Ukraine)

[550/M401] (ERA184C5, F13) PL21/505

Two unelectrified parallel lines cross the Poland/Ukraine border between Dorohusk and Jagodin, standard gauge line (1435mm) and broad gauge (1520mm). Only the standard gauge currently has a passenger service with PKP operating a long standing Warszawa - Kyïv overnight service on the 1435mm gauge tracks to/from Jagodin, where gauge changing takes place by means of bogie exchange. The train uses PKP diesel traction for the short cross-border journey and note this is the only passenger service east of Chelm to Dorohusk.

Standard gauge line

Used by the Warszawa – Kiev (and v.v.) overnight train pair. Trains exchange bogies at Jagodin.

Note A 68 Warszawa Zachodnia - 21:33 Chelm - Kiev Passajirskii
Note B 67 Kiev Passajirskii - Dorohusk 03:49 - Warszawa Zachodnia

Note A: 1-17 January, 25-31 January and 9 February to 13 March 2021 Note B: WThX 2-17 January 2021 plus 6-7 January, 1-7 February, 10 February to 13 March 2021 and SO 20 March to 11 December 2021

NOTE: These were suspended due to Covid-19 but by 30 August had resumed running at least as far as Iagodin. However, no service was shown in November 2020. The 2020-2021 timetable shows periods where the Warszawa train start/finish at Chelm or Dorohusk, and a strange operating pattern in much of 2021. Table M401 has disappeared from the International pdfs.

Broad gauge line

No current service. A daytime pair of Ukrainian cross border DMUs commenced on 12 June 2017, initially successful and increased to two pairs, but subsequently reduced to one in December 2018. Then allegedly due to a Customs dispute with the Polish Authorities concerning fuel duty this pair only ran cross border to Dorohusk with a bus to/from Chelm from 9 June 2019, but even this was withdrawn after running on the 18 June 2019.

[Warsaw] - podg Stojadja - Minsk Mazowiecki avoider – Line 13 - Pilawa

[550, 613] (ERA178B2, D10/E10) PL21/506

Regular use resumed in Autumn 2019 when the Dęblin - Lublin main line reopened following long term engineering works since 1 September 2018. Running via this route is indicated by an entry in table 613 and < markers at Minsk Mazowiecki.

This was previously the main route for fast trains between Warsawa Wschodnia and Pilawa due to capacity limitations on the single track line via Otwock. The Otwock doubling has now been completed and most services run that way, but there are still several trains running via line 13.

Rejowiec avoiding line: podg Rejowiec Zach. – podg Rejowiec Płd.

[550a/554] (ERA184B2, F12) PL21/507

This reinstated west - south curve (line 563) resumed passenger use on 9 June 2019.

TLK82105 Kołobrzeg/Piła Główny - 18:41/19:06 Trawniki - Hrubieszów Miasto
TLK28104 Hrubieszów Miasto - 08:38/08:41 Krasnystaw Miasto - Piła Główny/Kołobrzeg

Łuków – Parczew Kolejowa (– Lublin)

[551a] (ERA179A1, E11/12) PL21/508

This 52km section had reopened on 11 June 2017 for diverted Warsaw - Lublin services due to those long term engineering works. Even though the direct main line via Dęblin is now fully reopened, two pairs of TLK's remained scheduled via this route in the 2019-2020 timetable and use by dated TLKs continues in the 2020-2021 timetable

Dęblin – Stawy

[553] (ERA178C1, E11) PL21/509

There are two passenger routes approaching Dęblin from the Łuków line which connect to either the north or south ends of Dęblin station forming a balloon loop. The normal mode of operation for some years as confirmed by the Journey Planner map view is for trains from Łuków to Dęblin to arrive at Dęblin using the southern route, [even if they are continuing south and need to reverse in order to do so]. Trains from Dęblin to Łuków use the northern route.

Chełm - Włodawa

[558] (ERA185B5/C5, E13/F13) PL21/510

This otherwise freight only branch has had a sponsored summer weekend only service in recent years. 2020 dates were SSuO starting on 27 June until 27 September inclusive. dates for 2021 are not yet available.

Obscure services: Lines used on an occasional basis

Siedlce avoiding line: Białki Siedleckie (podg Doły) – Stok Lacki (podg Ujrzanów)

[541] (ERA179A2, D11) PL21/550

If additional time is allowed between Siedlce and Stok Lacki, it may be due to the train being required to reverse around the Siedlce avoiding line (line 520). Last scheduled use in 2017 TT period.

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