Poland (South West) - Lines with Obscure passenger services



This list is based on the timetable from 9 December 2018 to 14 December 2019. However, it should be noted it is completely reissued about four times per year, the current version covering from 9 December 2018 to 9 March 2019. In addition, there are frequent amendments within timetable periods. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information. Map references relate to the Polish Regional version of the European Railway Atlas 2016 published by M.G. Ball ISBN: 978-0-9955070-1-2 and the Mały Atlas Linii Kolejowych Polski 2011 published by Eurosprinter ISBN: 978-83-931006-3-7

Obscure services: Lines with regular use

Dąbrowa Oleśnicka – Oleśnica Rataje – Oleśnica

[200, 321] (ERA181B5, F5) PL19/200

Most trains between Ostrów Wielkopolski and Wrocław Główny take the direct route via the north to west curve (Dąbrowa Oleśnicka – Oleśnica Rataje – Borowa Oleśnica (p.odg. Łukanów)) avoiding Oleśnica. However some take this north-to-east curve into Oleśnica station and reverse. Either a timing or > against Oleśnica indicates which route is taken. Note this curve and the north to west curve consist of separate single lines between Dąbrowa Oleśnicka and Oleśnica Rataje.

Krotoszyn – Grabowno Wielkie

[200, 321] (ERA 176B1-181B5, E5-F5) PL19/201

Regional services shown as resuming from 11 February 2019 after a long term engineering work suspension even though some ICs were diverted via this route between 20 March to 28 April 2017.

Ostrów Wielkopolski avoiding curve: Czekanów (podg Stary Staw) – Biniew (podg Franklinów)

[200, 320] (ERA176C1, E5) PL19/202

In recent years some IC services are diverted between Lodz and Poznan via this curve owing to engineering work on line 3 (table 300). For 2019 two southbound locals are shown using this curve.

IC7302 Poznan Główny - 08:16/08:24 Pleszew - Krakow Główny
Note A IC8120 Szczecin Główny - 11:11 Pleszew - Warszawa Wschodnia
Note B Os71110 Poznan Główny - 17:34 Pleszew - Kalisz
Note B Os71112 Poznan Główny - 22:26 Pleszew - Kalisz
Os71119 Kalisz - 05:19 Nowe Skalmierzyce - Poznan Główny
Note A IC1821 Warszawa Wschodnia - 16:24 Kalisz - Szczecin Główny
IC3703 Krakow Główny - 18:52/19:14 Kalisz - Poznan Główny
Os77101 Kalisz - 20:10 Nowe Skalmierzyce - Gniezno

Note A: 9 June - 14 December 2019

Note B These do not appear in Table 200, details from table 320.

Nysa - Kamieniec Ząbkowicki

[235] (ERA181A3-B3, G4,G5) PL19/203

A two pair SSuO service continues into 2019, now running all year. It had resumed at Bank Holidays from 28 April 2018, then daily from 23 June to 30 September 2018.

[Wałbrzych Główny] - Boguszów-Gorce Wschód - Mieroszów

[240] (ERA180C3, F3) PL19/204

A service across the Czech border to Mezimesti and Adrspach continues SSuO from 27 April - 29 September 2019. It had recommenced on 28 April 2018.

Zgorzelec avoiding line: Jerzmanki (p.odg. Krysin) – Zgorzelec Miasto (p.odg. Zgorzelec Miasto)

[255/260] (ERA180B5, F2) PL19/205

Indicated in tables 255 and 260 by a < next to Zgorzelec.

Trains between Węgliniec and Lubań Śląski previously ran via Zgorzelec to unusually reverse in service west of the station, calling twice, [there are none in 2018] or used this Zgorzelec avoiding line. Just one as opposed to three services run via this curve in 2018-2019. Note all services to/from Lubań Śląski in 255 continue by footnote beyond Zgorzelec cross border to Gorlitz [DB].

Os69842 Węgliniec - 05:23 Zgorzelec Miasto - Jelenia Góra

Węgliniec - Bielawa Dolna - Horka Gbf [DB]

[260] (ERA180B5, F2) PL19/206

Reissued PDFs for 260 shows this in use to mid March but not by all Pociąg do Kultury services connecting Berlin Lichtenberg with Wrócław Główny. This follows occasional 2018 diversions and note Interrail tickets etc are not valid on these services.

Note A FO P5834 Wrócław Główny - 20:16 Legnica – Berlin Lichtenberg
Note B P5832 Wrócław Główny - 18:50 Węgliniec – Berlin Lichtenberg
Note C P5835 Berlin Lichtenberg - 09:53 Cottbus - Wrócław Główny

Notes: A 25 January - 8 March 2019 FO B 17 March 2019 only C 16 March 2019 only.

Note Hafas shows Notes B & C running via Forst as at early February 2019

Wrocław Muchobór - Line 757 - Signalbox WS - [Wrocław Grabiszyn]

[260] (ERA180A1, R13) PL19/207

This is an alternative route between Wrocław Muchobór and Wrocław Grabiszyn primarily for inbound services. There is no intermediate station for a < marker, and in the December 2018 PDFs the shown train is given 9 minutes as opposed to the usual 6 so any report would be appreciated by the Compilers. Note the physical junction is north of Wrocław Muchobór station platform.

SSuO Os69520 Legnica – 12:23 Wrocław Muchobór - Wrócław Główny

Note: SSuO

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Obscure services: Lines used on an occasional basis

Wrocław Nadodrze (Wp3 Ląki) – Line 752 – Wrocław Gądów – Wrocław Kuźniki

[200, 265] (ERA180A1, R13) PL19/250

2018 Woodstock festival services ran via this combination of freight lines to avoid Wrocław Główny.

Wrocław Grabizyn - Line 753 - Wrocław Gądów - Line 751 - Wrocław Zachodni

[240] (ERA180A1, R13) PL19/251

This route through Gądów yard is used if there is engineering work between Wrocław Grabizyn and Wrocław Zachodni. Last used between 30 September and 14 October 2017.

Legnica - Lubin Gorniczy - Rudna Gwizdanow

[267] (ERA180C5, F3 - E3) PL19/252

Used by Woodstock specials in 2018. Reopening to regular passenger services is proposed.

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