Poland (Warsaw Area) - Lines with Obscure passenger services




This list is based on the timetable from 9 December 2018 to 14 December 2019. However, it should be noted it is completely reissued about four times per year, the current version covering from 9 December 2018 to 9 March 2019. In addition, there are frequent amendments within timetable periods. Standard abbreviations are explained in General Information. Map references relate to the Polish Regional version of the European Railway Atlas 2016 published by M.G. Ball ISBN: 978-0-9955070-1-2 and the Mały Atlas Linii Kolejowych Polski 2011 published by Eurosprinter ISBN: 978-83-931006-3-7

Obscure services: Lines with regular use

Łódź Kaliska avoiding line 539

[601/200a B110] (ERA177B2, R11) PL19/600

Regular use recommenced on 1 September 2015 by roughly 2 hourly through Warszawa – Wrocław TLKs and use continues in 2019

Gałkówek – Żakowice Południowe – p.odg. Zieleń – Koluszki

[601, 114] (ERA177C1, R11) PL19/601

A December 2018 traveller advised his through Łódź – Opoczno service [12341] ran non-stop through Żakowice Południowe so there are many more services using this route than indicated by the PDFs. These entries use line 535 and cross over the Częstochowa main line to/from the east side platform III at Koluszki but note not all similar services use this route. Trains 10695 & 10697 from Łódź Fabryczna or 10682 and 10690 ex Tomaszów Mazowiecki via Koluszki use a different platform so must run via the main line.

They were previously identified by either a * against Żakowice, a Timetable footnote or by partial entries in PDF Table 114 but this no longer applies so these entries are taken from both the Żakowice Połudnowie and Koluszki station sheets.

SSuX R10675 Łódź Fabryczna - 06:43 Żakowice Południowe - Tomaszów Mazowiecki via Koluszki
Note A ŁKA11583 Łódź Fabryczna - 07:04 Żakowice Południowe - Skierniewice
Note C R12341 Łódź Kaliska - 07:58 Łódź Andrzejów - Opoczno
R10671 Łódź Kaliska - 11:50 Łódź Andrzejów - Tomaszów Mazowiecki
SSuO R12343 Łódź Kaliska – 14:47 Łódź Andrzejów – Opoczno
SSuX R12345 Łódź Kaliska – 16:01 Łódź Andrzejów – Opoczno
Note B SSuX R10695 Łódź Fabryczna - 16:48 Żakowice Południowe - Tomaszów Mazowiecki
R12347 Łódź Kaliska – 18:47 Łódź Andrzejów - Opoczno
Note C R10701 Łódź Kaliska - 19:47 Żakowice Południowe - Skierniewice
R21340 Opoczno - 06:11/06:17 Koluszki - Łódź Kaliska
R21344 Opoczno - 10:29/10:17 Koluszki - Łódź Kaliska
R10680 Tomaszów Mazowiecki – 13:33 Koluszki - Łódź Kaliska
R21346 Opoczno - 17:20 Koluszki - Łódź Kaliska

Notes: A 9 December 2018 - 6 January 2019

B 28 January - 8 February 2019

C 9 - 23 December 2018 & 26 December 2018 - 9 March 2019

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Ustanówek (p.odg. Czachówek Płd Czp 11) – Czachówek Wschodni

[604, 605] (ERA174B3, E10) PL19/602

This north <=> east curve connects the Warszawa to Radom line with the southern freight ring and is used by services running direct to Góra Kalwaria from Warszawa which can be identified from table 604 by a '<' against Czachówek Południowy.

Czachówek Południowy – Czachówek Wschodni

[604, 605] (ERA174B3, E10) PL19/603

This south <=> east curve connects the Warszawa to Radom line with the southern freight ring. In recent years a few Warszawa to Góra Kalwaria (and v.v.) services continued to Czachówek Południowy to reverse and use this curve but this ceased in December 2018. Use resumed from 28 January 2019 but shown in PDF as only running until 8 June 2019.

KM 19900 Warszawa Wschodnia - 04:55 Czachówek Południowy - Góra Kalwaria

Czachówek Wschodni - Góra Kalwaria - p.odg Jaźwiny - Pilawa (p.odg Żolnierka)

[605,606] (ERA178B2, E10) PL19/604

No use in 2019. This is a 29 km section of the eastern end of the Warszawa southern freight ring, avoiding Pilawa used by a 2018 summer overnight train until 1 September

Warszawa Zachodnia - [Line 46] - Line 20 - Warszawa Główna Towarowa - Warszawa Gołąbki

[606] (ERA174B5, R7) PL19/605

Trains between Warszawa Zachodnia and Sochaczew with a < against Warszawa Ursus Północny. None scheduled in 2019. Used during 2018 from 11 March by a number of services.

These were routed along line 20 past Odolany carriage sidings and Warszawa Główna Towarowa freight yard to join the Sochaczew line at Warszawa Gołąbki. Inbound and outbound services use different routes between Warszawa Zachodnia and Warszawa-Czyste. Westbound services with a < marker at Warszawa Ursus Północny plus calls at Warszawa Centralna [i.e. not on the local lines through Warszawa-Srodmiescie] should use an unnumbered line on the north side from Warszawa Zachodnia Peron 7 to Warszawa-Czyste to join line 20. Services towards Warszawa should run via line 20, Warszawa-Czyste and line 46 underneath the normal main line to reach the eastbound platforms at Warszawa Zachodnia. Either route is a 7km diversion.

Chotomów – curve 511 - Legionowo Piaski – (Tłuszcz)

[609, 608] (ERA174B5, D9) PL19/606

Regular use by a limited through Sierpc to Tłuszcz service which avoids Legionowo that commenced in 2017 and continues. Note the separate track starts before station Legionowo Przystanek so timings shown for the stop before.

KM 51700 Sierpc - 12:53/12:48 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki - Tłuszcz
KM 51702 Sierpc - 20:37/20:57 Nowy Dwór Mazowiecki - Tłuszcz
KM 15700 Tłuszcz - 14:27/14:34 Legionowo Piaski – Sierpc
KM 15702 Tłuszcz - 20:00/20:28 Legionowo Piaski – Sierpc

Warszawa Wschodnia – Warszawa Wschodnia Towarowa – p.odg. Warszawa Antoninów – Warszawa Goclawek – Warszawa Wawer

[614] (ERA174B5, R6, R8) PL19/607

No booked use in 2019. Alternative route between Warszawa Wschodnia and Warszawa Goclawek used by TLK trains booked via Otwock with a > against Warszawa Olszynka Grochowska. Note the routes split at Warszawa Rembertow with the inbound as a separate track until Warszawa Wschodnia approaches.

All trains between Warszawa Wschodnia and Pilawa via Otwock took this route between 4 August - 1 September 2018

Wrzosów (p.odg. Stojadła) – p.odg. Kędzierak - podg Żolnierka - Pilawa

[550/613] (ERA178B2, D10&E10) PL19/608

Scheduled use will resume from 10 March 2019 when the engineering work closure of the main line onwards to Lublin ends. This part of a freight ring route round the east side of Warszawa, this north-to-south line is a link between the Lublin and Terespol lines, and normally used as the main route for fast trains between Warsawa Wschodnia and Pilawa due to capacity limitations on the single track line via Otwock. It was used by two locals until 1 September 2018 as well as an overnight TLK.

Obscure services: Lines used on an occasional basis

(Koluszki –) Bedoń – Łódź Widzew or Łódź Olechów – Łódź Chojny (– Łódź Kaliska)

[601] (ERA177B1, R11) PL19/650

There are two routes between Bedoń and Łódź Chojny: a northerly route via Łódź Widzew or a southerly route via Łódź Olechów. Services running via Łódź Olechów could be identified in the table 601 PDF by either a footnote advising of a call at Łódź Olechów Wschód or a < marker against Łódź Widzew plus a timing or | at Łódź Chojny and/or Łódź Kaliska but there have been none scheduled since 2016.

German sources suggest PR services will be diverted using this route between 29 April and 15 May 2019.

Skierniewice avoiding line: (Bełchów) - podg Skierniewika - line 530 - [Koluszki]

[603, 602] (ERA177C2, E8) PL19/651

This has been used by summer overnight trains to/from the Baltic coast in previous years, and by one train from May to June 2017 but no use indicated in 2018 PDFs.

Warszawa Gdańska – Warszawa Jelonki – Warszawa Gołąbki – Piastów (podg Jozefinów)

[606,300,100] (ERA174B4, R5) PL19/652

This route allows trains from Warszawa Gdańska (see PL18/612) to reach the CMK - the high speed line from Warszawa to Katowice, as well as being a diversionary route if the line is blocked between Piastów and Warszawa Włochy.

It saw use for two weeks in 2016, but there was nothing in 2017 other than a few Woodstock services, and no trains use it in the current timetable.

Warszawa Gdańska – Warszawa Jelonki – Line 507 - Warszawa Gołąbki - (Sochaszew]

[606,300] (ERA174B4, R5) PL19/653

No use in 2019. This route allows trains from Warszawa Gdańska to reach the main line from Warszawa to Sochaczew and Poznań. The short connecting line 507 towards Sochaszew splits to run either side of a flyover on the main passenger route east of Warszawa Gołąbki. Note this route is 95% duplicated by PL19/652.

Last used by one local train between 12-16 March 2018.

(Warszawa) - Bednary - podg Arkadia - Łowicz Przedmieście - (Zgierz - Łódź Kaliska )

[602, 606] (ERA177C2, D8) PL19/654

Not scheduled since 2016 and no trains take this line in the current timetable.

(Warszawa) - Bednary - podg Arkadia - line 533 - (Belchów)

[606, 603] (ERA177C2, E8) PL19/655

A train pair was scheduled to use this line from 4 May to 16 June 2017, but there has been nothing since, and there are no services over the line in the current timetable.

(Warszawa Gdańska –) Warszawa Zoo (p.odg. Jagiellonka) – p.odg. W-wa Targówek – p.odg. W-wa Michałów – Warszawa Rembertow

[608, 613, KM2] (ERA174B5, not correctly shown, R6, R8) PL19/656

No scheduled use in 2019. The west <=> east curve east of Warszawa Zoo consists of a very large grade separated junction and between p.odg. W-wa Michałów and Warszawa Rembertow this route take totally different alignments east and westbound. The curves allow east - west train services to bypass the three main Warszawa stations to the north. Two westbound Woodstock service used this route in 2017, and may have done so in 2018.

Skierniewice – Line 531 - Łowicz Przedmieście

[601, 602, 603, B110] (ERA177C2, D8) PL19/657

None in the current timetable, last saw passenger use in 2016.

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