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Bosnia-Hercegovina - General Information

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* Bihać - Martin Brod - Knin (Croatia)
With passenger services reduced to routes between the major cities, further withdrawals would seem unlikely. However, the railway uses outdated rolling stock to compete with modern coach services, mostly using air-conditioned vehicles, on improved roads. The planned introduction of Talgo trains between Sarajevo and Ploče is a first sign of improvement. The European Commission's [ West Balkans Investment Framework] includes provision for upgrading railways, including the border crossing from Croatia at Samac Šamac to Ploče, Novi Grad to Zwornik Novo and Brčko to Tuzla. The ŽFBH line through Bihać does not feature in the plans and, with only limited freight traffic, its future must be in doubt.
==Special Notes==

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