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The Stendal - Salzwedel - Uelzen - Bremen line crosses under the Hannover - Hamburg main line just south of Uelzen and curves north to serve the west side of Uelzen station. A new direct curve (the Veerßer Kurve) from the Stendal line to the east side of Uelzen station, giving a non-conflicting connection towards Hamburg, was opened in November 2013.
Most trains between Stendal and Uelzen use the original line to and from the west side of Uelzen station. However, ''IRE'' services from Berlin to Hamburg (introduced on 15 April 2014) normally use the Veerßer Kurve in this direction only to call at platform 102 on the east side of the station.
===Osnabrück Schinkel and Löhner Curves: Osnabrück ob Bf – Wissingen (Bbf Lüstringen)===

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