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Austria - General Information

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The Kammer-Schoerfling branch was cut back by around 500m in June 2014, thus eliminating 2 level crossings. A new terminal station was opened on the west side of the current line at a slightly lower level, involving around 200m of new alignment.
The Wien Liesing – Waldmühle branch, which had no booked traffic other than excursions operated by [http /clubdesk/www Verein Pro Kaltenleutgebnerbahn], was legally closed in January 2014 but the preservation organisation are to resume have resumed services, including some through trips to and from central Wien, on since 3 September 2017. It is not known when further services will run.
The Deutschkreutz to Oberloisdorf line, which had a limited passenger service as far as Neckenmarkt-Horitschon, was expected to close in December 2012. In the event the passenger service was briefly reprieved and final trains ran on 28 June 2013.

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