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Border Crossings: Greece - North Macedonia

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==(Thessaloníki -) Idomeni OSE - Gevgelija MŽ (- Skopje)==
[E] Generally, OSE operates to Gevgelija. This route carries one daily train pair on the "Hellas Express" route Thessaloníki - Skopje - Beograd. '''However''', with effect from 21 August 2015 until further notice, the train ran only between Beograd and Gevgelija and did not cross the border, owing to issues with migrants. The service between Gevgelija and Thessaloniki was provided by bus. However, a daily Beograd <> Thessaloniki train reappeared from 10 December 2017 but with the note that, until further notice, the section between Gengelija and Thessaloniki will be operated by bus Monday to Friday. The situation in 2018 is not confirmed.
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