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Austria - General Information

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===Projects under way or planned===
Electrification of the Gailtalbahn (Arnoldstein - Hermagor) commenced in July 2018 with a planned completion for December 2019; Hermagor – Kötschach-Mauthen closed to passengers in December 2016. Of note are two lengthy closures with bus substitution; between 9 July and 11 November 2018, and from 9 July to 14 December 2019. The Kärnten Land government envisages that all remaining lines in Kärnten will be electrified by 2025.
Wien ''U-Bahn'' Line U4 is to be closed between Längenfeldgasse and Karlsplatz in July and August 2019 for modernisation. Preliminary work has started on rerouting line U2 and transferring part to a new line U5 - see [ plan here] - with target date for implementation of 2023.
[ Regiobahn] have aspirations to restore regular all-year service to the Korneuburg – Ernstbrunn branch.
Electrification of part of two branches Klagenfurt – Weizelsdorf was agreed in early 2016 by ÖBB and Kärnten Land, although it is not known when this is to be completed.*660 Klagenfurt – Weizelsdorf – Rosenbach*670 [Villach -] Arnoldstein - Hermagor – Kötschach-MauthenThey will be electrified as far as Weizelsdorf and Hermagor respectively (about half their length), and were closed to passengers beyond these points in December 2016. It is not known when the electrification is to be completed.
Electrification of Gänserndorf - Marchegg is part of an upgrade of the Wien - Bernhardstal - [Breclav] line to be completed by 2026.
The plan to convert part of the Murtalbahn (Unzmarkt - Tamsweg) to standard gauge and electrify it has been abandoned. However the Unzmarkt - Murau section line will be reconstructed, with some four realignments. It is unclear as at August 2018 whether or not electrification is still planned Unzmarkt - Murau will be done in 2019 - 2022 and what the intentions are for the line further west but this should become known Murau - Tamsweg in 20192022 - 2026.
Construction started in March 2014 of a new connecting line from the site of the relocated station at Gmunden Seebahnhof (between Gmunden Traundorf and the old Seebahnhof) to Rathausplatz. The initial section from Seebahnhof to Klosterplatz opened in December 2014. The closed section of the Gmunden town tram line from Rathausplatz to Franz Josef Platz is to be has been rebuilt, providing a through route between Gmundem Gmunden Bahnhof and Vorchdorf-Eggenberg, which is expected to open from June opened on 1 September 2018. A [ sketch map] is available.
Information (in German) about ÖBB's major infrastructure projects an be found at their [ website]. The major project to improve service between Wien, Graz, Klagenfurth, Villach and Tarvisio [IT], the [ <i>Südstrecke</i> project], is due for completion in 2026. As part of this project, work continues on the <i>Koralmbahn</i> element, to link Klagenfurt and Graz: the 32 km Koralmtunnel is its centrepiece and target completion date for this section is 2023. The first section between Werndorf and Wettmannstätten (table 550) opened on 12 December 2010.

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