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Austria - General Information

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'''Threatened passenger lines''' (position at September 2016 with updates)
The Achenseebahn (T311: Jenbach - Achensee) is potentially in danger of closure at the end of the 2019 tourist season owing to poor track condition. As it is a tourist line, the Tirol region does not wish to subsidise it.
However, if it had a daily passenger service, the region would be required by law to do so. The closure threat is no doubt the first stage in an attempt to gain funding for renovation.
In late 2011 OeBB presented their plans for the period to 2025, which included a wish to give up some 700 km of branch lines - either by handing to regional authorities or complete closure. Based on failing to reach a minimum threshold of 2000 passengers per day, the passenger lines identified were as listed below. Entries are preceded by their table number, and a note is given of any overt action towards closure that has been reported subsequently.

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